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Fusion of East and West – The Dynamic World Musician, Teema

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The beautiful song we just heard is based on the profound poem by the venerated Enlighted Master, Kahlil Gibran, with music by Faran Ensemble and vocals by the talented musician, Teema. Growing up in Morocco in a Turkish family in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and having travelled all over the world, Teema is at ease with both traditional Arabic music as well as with modern western jazz.

Supreme Master Television team members had the pleasure of interviewing Teema in 2019, during her world music tour. She graciously discussed the role of music in her life. "I am a musical advocate for uniting cultures for peace. I make music with Israeli musicians. I performed also a song for Syria. I was in Jordan, I was giving workshops to refugee children in refugee camps in Zaatari, Marka and Zarqa, where I made a song about peace together with the children. I think the most important thing in music is to give hope for our children and stop injecting children with fear and hate. And I think the only thing that can connect us all in this universe is really music, and of course spirituality."

She recorded the song 'Maktub' expressing the message of 'Uniting Cultures with Peace' with Israeli singer Noam Vazana in Hebrew and Arabic. Teaming up with the Israeli electronic ethnic Reggae band Anna RF, Teema recorded the song “Aji.” The song was performed in Arabic, English, and Hebrew and is about positivity and peace.

"Personally, music is my religion. I can really connect with music every day, and the sound of nature, I can get inspired just by the sound of waterfalls, for example, and then have a melody in my mind and automatically I get like a revelation to write a piece about peace, eventually." Teema, thank you for sharing your beautiful voice and compositions that transcend cultural boundaries in the world. May you continue to bring joy and understanding among people of all races and nationalities, with your God-given gift.

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