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Supreme Master Ching Hai's Quotes: Urgent Plea to Ban the Crime of Meat

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If you really love your children, you would do anything, right? You would even lay down your life. But you don’t even have to lay down your life, you will be even more healthy. You just lay down that piece of animal’s meat, which is poisonous and bad for you, bad for the environment and damaging the planet anyway, the planet that they want their children to inherit.

It’s just still giving me pain to know that animals and humans still suffer due to the climate steadily rising. And people, the humans don’t do enough to stop it. I mean to stop it quickly. It’s like some wound is bleeding and the doctors who have the equipment and the knowledge to do it, don’t do it. Just, “Oh never mind, it’s just bleeding.” The humans, they are the doctors. They have equipment, they have knowledge, they have the power to stop this bleeding wound, which is the running climate change. And I don’t know why they don’t do it.

I really don’t understand, I truly don’t understand. I truly don’t understand why even the governments, they have so much power, why don’t they use their power, resources and tax money to spread more veganism, to spread more of this news, and to make more laws, to make more… not just recommendations, but laws, because if it’s harmful to your citizens, then you should just forbid it.

If it’s something harmful to somebody, and you know it’s harmful, then you forbid, no? (Yes, Master.) The leader is supposed to lead, and the people will listen. (Yes, Master.) Like, if somebody committed a wrong, then they call them a criminal, and put them in jail to protect the other innocent citizens. Meat is killing people! It’s a crime! Why don’t they just stop meat? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, put meat in jail and lock it up forever.

They should make it against the law to harm people. And so, if the governments already know meat is harmful, then classify it as a crime, and stop meat forever. Just like stopping the criminal, so they don’t continue harming other people. So, I don’t understand this. I really don’t understand.

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