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Positive Changes in Countries

Positive Changes in Countries Part 30 of a Multi-part Series – Innovative Governments, Innovative Citizens: Israel, Italy, Jamaica

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Blessed Israel has been honored with several Shining World Awards, including the Shining World Leadership Awards for Humanitarianism and Caring, the Shining World Caring Leadership Award and the Shining World Leadership Award for Peace. Israel has also been striving for advancements in peaceful relations. Thanks to the mediation of former US President, His Excellency Donald Trump, Israel established full diplomatic relations in 2020 with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco. Furthermore, efforts are being made in several areas toward the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Veganism and vegetarianism have continued to rise, with Israel’s capital, Tel Aviv, now being listed as one of the top vegan-friendly cities in the world. In June 2021, Israel also banned the sale of fur!

A Shining World Leadership Award for Public Health Protection recipient, Italy’s fascinating boot-shaped nation extends into the Mediterranean Sea. As a part of a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Italy’s renewable energy development is on the rise. Additionally, in 2019, Italy became the first country to require climate change education in all schools. As a trendsetter in world fashion design, today, Italy is leading the world towards cruelty-free vegan fashion. Better yet, plant-based eating is growing rapidly in Italy. What’s more, the northern Italian city of Turin is striving to become fully vegan.

An island country in the Caribbean Sea next to Cuba and Haiti, Jamaica is famous for our verdant rainforests, spectacular waterfalls, lagoons, caves, and beautiful reef-lined beaches. To protect citizens’ health, the Jamaican government has sponsored a plant-based eating campaign. Its slogans include, “Say Yes to Fresh” and “Eat What we Grow, Grow What we Eat.” Last but certainly not least, a majority of Rastafarians and Seventh-Day Adventists, who account for around 13% of our total population, are vegan. The number of vegans and vegetarians, as well as plant-based restaurants, are sprouting up everywhere in Jamaica!

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