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A Message from Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) to the Children, Feb. 20, 2022

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Hallo to you all, beautiful young angels. I just want to give all of you a huge, giant, big group hug to show you how much I really love you and how sorry I really am for the world that you have to live in. You deserve a better world than this. But due to many adults’ mistakes or inconsideration or wild ambitions, mismanagement, that bring so much suffering, fear, anxiety, worry to your life, this world is threatening, frightening to you in some ways. I pray Heavens, I pray God Almighty, to give you that feeling of love, comfort, and protection – now, in the future, and hereafter.

Please take good care of yourself, really take good care of yourself. Learn some ways to do it, through the internet, through the wise parents, friends, elderly, or grandparents. I am very sorry. I apologize for all the suffering you have to go through – now, during your life, and maybe after life as well, due to the leftover karmic consequences of this life, which is not entirely all your fault. I pray for a better world for your future, with all my love and tears of remorse that I could not help you much, because the adults do not listen. I can only pray for your safety, happiness, and wellbeing, with all my love.

Please, you pray every day to God, and you try to be vegan if you are not already. Just try to be vegan. That will give you much of the safety that you need. Thank you. God Loves you kids, and I love you forever.

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