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Take the Plunge and Swim to Fitness

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Among nearly 200 internationally recognized sports, swimming is one of the most popular. Swimming is a full-body workout that involves numerous muscle groups, whether you’re moving in the water using freestyle or breaststroke. Besides being a total body workout, many people choose swimming because of its low impact on the joints. People who have arthritis or have difficulty moving their joints find water a supportive environment for their condition. It allows them to use their arthritic joints without putting more weight on the affected areas, preventing symptoms from worsening.

Swimming is also recommended for people with back pain. The temptation to rest is a natural thing to do when people suffer from lower back pain. However, the recovery outcome may just be the opposite of what they expect. Therefore, experts recommend swimming as an effective method of rehabilitation. The buoyancy of the water can let people walk in it without putting stress on the spine and joints. Moreover, it allows them to strengthen the muscles to support the spine gradually.

In addition to toning muscles, swimming works on the inside too. It is an excellent workout for a stronger cardiovascular system. Just like many other forms of cardiovascular exercise, the heart has long-term benefits when you swim regularly. Swimming also reduces the risk of strokes and other circulatory problems. Research has found a direct link between cardiovascular health and the amount of swimming activity. A 2012 study discovered that the participants' systolic blood pressure decreased after they had started to swim a few times a week. For people who are working on weight management, swimming is a great way to give you an extra kick in burning off additional calories.

The soothing sound of splashing water, a cool sensation all around you, and a pressure-free atmosphere where your body can let go - all compound to make swimming one of the most relaxing experiences. When you swim, your brain releases endorphins, the so-called “happiness” hormone, and serotonin. Both aid in stress reduction and provide positive feelings. When people swim regularly, even spending just half an hour at a time can help lower the incidence of depression and anxiety.
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