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The Elegant and Gifted Emperor Penguin-People

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Almost all emperor penguin-people reside in the fragile ecosystem surrounding the South Pole. During April, we leave the water and travel at least 100 kilometers to reach a breeding colony that is on stable pack ice. In the merry month of May, after a Romeo meets his Juliet, she lays a single egg. But emperor penguin-people don’t have nests where they can rest or take refuge from the wind. Dad is left standing on the ice – with the egg balanced on his feet and tucked into his brood patch.

Our movements on land may appear awkward and slightly comical, but we are natural aquatic athletes in the water. We can hold our breath for more than 20 minutes while diving as deep as 575 meters. We have an exceptional technique when we want to exit the water. By releasing the compressed air through our feathers, our entire form is lubricated with tiny bubbles, effectively doubling our speed so that we literally launch ourselves back onto the ice.

During June and July, when the males are incubating our eggs, strong winds from the polar plateau and occasional blizzards blowing at up to 200 kilometers per hour are too much for any individual to bear. Each member leans on the neighbor in front of him. Those on the inside of the huddle shift in response so that everyone has a chance to benefit from the collective heat. Studies have shown that the middle of the colony’s interior temperature can reach between 24 and 37 degrees Celsius!

A team of scientists predicted that if climate change continues unabated, more than 60% of emperor penguin-people colonies will be lost by 2050, with most of the rest disappearing by the end of the century. Over the last 30 years, the ice cover in some parts of the Antarctic has shrunk almost 70%. An estimated 10,000 or more fuzzy newborns died underwater because they could not swim. Oh, powerful leaders around the globe! I wish you would respect all life and cooperate the way we do. Do help us by enacting vegan laws and meat bans. By being vegan and making peace, you could create a Heavenly and sustainable paradise for generations to come.
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