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The True Spirit of Christmas: A Heartfelt Message from Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 2 of 2, Dec. 24, 2020



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I just want to remind you of the spirit of Christmas. If you really worship Jesus Christ, you have to follow Him by His teaching. Even if you’re not enlightened yet, you must do what you can physically to help each other and to stop all the killing, stop all the wars – stop all the war with humans, stop all the war with animals. Then Heavens will be more lenient with us and we will not suffer pandemics or any other disaster again. That is the most urgent thing to do.

Our world suffered a lot already. And now we have this pandemic. And it’s not the end of it yet. It’s not done yet. It keeps spreading around and developing more – more strains, more variants – so that the scientists and doctors are still worried whether or not the new-found vaccine will be effective. Because these many new strains of COVID-19 have the ability to spread 70, 80% faster than the one that we have been having the whole year. So, it is scary for everyone. And even the vaccine has many adverse effects on the patient, I mean, on the people who wanted to have the protection of the vaccine, but on the contrary, they have negative side effects, and it’s serious. So, it’s just like playing lotto. Maybe you go out, you might have the COVID-19 infection or not. And then you go take the vaccine, maybe you will be protected or not. On the contrary, you might not have.

My heart has been feeling pain, a lot of pain. I cannot cry enough for humanity. I cannot tell you enough how I feel…. Humans are very fragile on this planet already. Anything could attack them, even from infancy already. From the moment a child is born, he’s attacked already with all kinds of radicals or environmental virus or all kinds of things that could make him trouble, could make him sick or ill or even die. Humans are very fragile already. And then we have to give ourselves all kinds of substances, which are not really good at all for us – alcohol, meat, cigarette, drugs – all kinds of things that are not suitable for our vulnerable, fragile body.

God gives us this beautiful human body to enjoy the short stay on this planet. That’s why we are the guests here. And we should enjoy and remember God and try to be enlightened by finding an enlightened Master to teach us. But what do we do? We waste our time, our hard-earned money on war, on substances that are abusive to our fragile temple. This is a temple of God. We should treat it as thus and really take good care of it, so that it continues to function well for God’s sake, so that we can use it to remember God, and then use it to find the way Home.

We can go Home, we can go back to Heaven, that is for sure. It’s just that we forget. But we could find a Teacher, Friend, Guide to help us, to bring us Home. But we did not. Instead, we waste our time in all kinds of frivolous activities and bring disaster upon ourselves, upon the planet, upon all beings on this planet.

This is a beautiful planet. We should have just enjoyed it, or continue to enjoy it, instead of damaging it by deforestation, by fishing, by killing others: human fellow beings or other beings, like animals, innocent, helpless. We should reflect. This is not the teaching of any Prophet. It’s not the teaching of Jesus or any Prophet on Earth.

As Jesus said, we could do better - than Him even. How more humble can a Prophet be? And how wiser can He be? How much wiser can the Lord be when He said we can do better? He meant physically, like we can feed the poor, can heal the sick, cure the blind. That is a physical thing first. Because if you’re physically sound, then the Master or any Teacher can bring good things into your mind. He can teach you benevolent things, or the Holy Spirit will descend into your body and help you to be more enlightened. So physical soundness is also very important.

In this world, nobody ever had to go hungry. We can give them financial assistance so they can start their own business. We can give them land, whoever needs land, to cultivate vegan food. We can change all these animal farms into organic vegan farms. The structure is already there, just change something. The land is already there. The employees are already there. Everyone can change into an organic vegan farm anytime.

I remember when I was in Europe; I can’t remember where I was though. I was in a hotel waiting to go somewhere, and I happened to read a newspaper from England. It told a story of a boy in Africa somewhere, that all he needs is just £30. Then he can take care of his whole family, meaning he can cultivate the land. He can have enough money to buy seeds to cultivate his land or some equipment for farming. That’s all he needs. So, I sent him a check of £100, or more than that, I can’t remember. What I mean is, it doesn’t take much for people to take care of themselves. And it’s a pity that these hardworking people, sincere people, still need to be hungry because they don’t have the means to take care of themselves.

Meanwhile, we, in big societies, have too much, too much! We waste it on anything at all, and buying drugs and all kinds of toxins, and call that pleasure. We spoil ourselves with many things that are really unnecessary. The more we want, the more we are dependent, and then we just get worse and worse, physically, mentally and spiritually as well. That’s a pity.

For example, I’m just saying something very stupid, like toilet paper. Whenever there’s a pandemic, it’s printed everywhere that people are rushing to the supermarket and emptied all the shelves of toilet paper. Don’t care if the neighbor will have it or not. We don’t even need toilet paper. Since ancient times, nobody even heard of toilet paper. And then we chop down billions of trees every year just for that. Damaging our environment. And these chemically-laden toilet papers also damage our environment and our water system. And then it affects each other, affects many things, and then affects the weather. And then we have drought, we have flood, and we have all kinds of extreme weather. We have been showing it on our Supreme Master Television. You can have a look again. Our planet is also as fragile as our body. It’s our extended body, and we keep damaging it.

I know it’s Christmas and it’s not a nice story to tell, but look around you. People are locked down like prisoners. People don’t have work, don’t have money. Not every government can afford to give people money when they don’t work. Even the richest government, we cannot do this forever. We cannot give people monetary assistance forever.

Toilet paper, you don’t even need. Our group, we don’t need it. I taught them just to use water and soap. It’s even cleaner and protects more the environment. You don’t have to depend on even toilet paper. It is funny how we are dependent on anything at all and don’t even think twice about whether or not we need, and how about the environmental need or not. This is the thing.

We keep being more and more dependent on material things and busy ourselves to work to earn money, to save money, for all material need, and we don’t even remember our spiritual need. Our spiritual need is that, like Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” We should be one again with our Father, with our Heavenly Father, with our Original Heaven, our Original Home. That’s the purpose of our human life.

We are here shortly even. So during all this short time, if we don’t try to make use of it to remember our Holy Original Selves, then we will be imprisoned here on this planet or elsewhere forever, in the material world, in the shadow world, instead of in the real world, in the Heavenly world, as God intended us to be. We have been imprisoned here long enough already and we still have not learned anything much.

Jesus has died for us and we have not made use much of His teaching. His teaching is not just material things, not just material lecture, because what He said, other Masters have said already before also, more or less, before Him or after Him. What He gave is something not spoken by humans’ language. Many Masters used that to teach and uplift Their disciples. Jesus did that as well.

It’s not just for material comfort or the language of teaching that Lord Jesus has been loved and worshipped by people. He brought to this world spiritual treasure as well. Nowadays, we still can find it. Because the treasure of our Father, of Heaven, is not something material that it could be depleted, it could be used up. No! It’s the lineage of a holy, unspoken teaching that anyone wise enough would try to seek it through someone who already knew that.

I’m not trying to advertise for myself or anything. But this is the way any Master should teach Their disciples. And that’s why the disciples are so much in love with the Masters, not because of Their appearance, not because they give them anything. Some Masters give nothing because He doesn’t have things to give, I mean materially, but people still love Them. They love Them more than anything in the world because They have this treasure within Them, just like you all have it. It’s just you need somebody like a Master, a Teacher, who knows how to reawaken it, who knows how to open this inner eye for you, so that you can see the real world, the real treasure – the Heaven within you – and you will have Heaven on Earth.

Meanwhile, we can make this world into a Heaven by helping each other, by stopping murdering innocent animals. The more we kill the animals, the more we will be in disaster. You can look back and see. And the more hospitals we have to build, the more patients will fill it up to overwhelmingly full or more than full. Many hospitals cannot accept patients anymore, even pandemic urgencies, because they’re full. And the doctors and the nurses are over-exhausted by working day and night for these emergency patients from the pandemics, not to talk about other emergency cases from other diseases as well, which every day is happening anyway. OK. I think I talked long enough.

I just want to remind you of the spirit of Christmas. If you really worship Jesus Christ, you have to follow Him by His teaching. Even if you’re not enlightened yet, you must do what you can physically to help each other and to stop all the killing, stop all the wars – stop all the war with humans, stop all the war with animals. Then Heavens will be more lenient with us and we will not suffer pandemics or any other disaster again. That is the most urgent thing to do. And for enlightenment, you have to seek a Guide, a Master, Teacher, truly, the one who can lift you out of this world and the next. Because the lower Heavens are just only the beginning. There are better places for us to exist.

Because we will leave this planet sooner or later. It’s just that we have children and other children will be coming after us, so we have to take care of it for them. We don’t want them to be living in a burning inferno. We don’t want them to live in the planet that is having nothing anymore, or not enough food, not enough security, not enough water – have to even drink recycled water, use recycled water. In many so-called civilized, developed countries, still people must drink or use recycled water, even from sewage. This is something that is not right. We have to fix it.

And the New Year’s coming, we should start a new style of life: be vegan, be kind, be generous, be good to others around us. All right. Thank you very much, and I wish you the best. May God bless us all until we change for the better. We have to change for the better. Christmas and New Year, make a promise to yourself and to God that you will change for the better: more benevolent, more compassionate, more considerate for all beings on this planet. Amen. Bye for now, until next time. Thank you.

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