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Between Master and Disciples

The Fallen Angels, Part 1 of 8, Feb 7, 2021

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“A long, long, long, long time ago. You cannot imagine how long it has been. There were two angels. They are serving God, close proximity. Close, very close, like attendants. Two of them, serving God. Both of them have a very high position in Heaven, and very, very powerful. One of them takes care of the water element, and the other one takes care of the wind.”

(Hallo, Master. Hi, Master.) Hi, girls, boys. Everything OK? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) I’m going to read you a story just to cheer you up. (Thank You, Master.) Too much work, all the time. Sometimes for a change. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Also, I am getting older now, I’m worried you might forget me, how I look like, so… I have to update you, my look. What if I don’t talk to you for a long time? And, I’m getting older and older and when I appear again you thought, “Who are you? ID please.” I just happen to open this, and then I thought I’d just read it. (Yes, Master. OK, Master.) I didn’t choose it. It just happened to be there, so we just read it. OK. (OK, Master. Yes.) (Thank You, Master.) Are you ready for bedtime story? (Yes, Master.)

The story, from the same book, we have this Aulacese (Vietnamese) book, because I’m thinking if I read in the English book, maybe similar, same or not, I don’t know yet, I have not had time. I just turn some pages and I don’t know how to find the story. It’s a different arrangement. (Oh.) And yet, we also have not contacted that person in order to ask for permission. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s better we just stick with the Aulacese (Vietnamese). (Yes, Master.) Just I have to work harder, that’s all, until I have time maybe to check out the English book. (OK, Master. Thank You.)

Now it’s like this. This is a story about the fallen angel. You heard that in the Bible as well? (Yes, Master.) Some angels are supposed to be fallen. Fallen, right? (Yes, Master.) Just like some of your brothers or sisters. Some. They are coming back a lot nowadays. I told you last time already from my diary. But you can tell by new applications for Supreme Master TV. Some people have been initiated, I don’t know how many decades ago. Now they show up. You can see that. Right? (Yes.) If you arrange it, you can see that. Do I look different today or the same? (You look good Master, today. Every day.) How do you know every day? I’ve never been with you everyday. (Beautiful as always, Master.)

“A long, long, long, long time ago. You cannot imagine how long it has been. There were two angels. They are serving God, close proximity. Close, very close, like attendants. Two of them, serving God. Both of them have a very high position in Heaven, and very, very powerful. One of them takes care of the water element, and the other one takes care of the wind.” Well we need both of them. The water especially. “One day, both of them came in front of God. They normally were in front of God, on both sides of God. One day, they came to kneel in front of God, and said to Hirm, ‘Sire.’” I mean, they say here like “Sire”, in Aulacese (Vietnamese). But it could be like, “Your Almighty” or something. Or “Your Majesty.” Or “Your Most High.” Or “Your Most Majestic High.” “‘We have been serving You loyally, all day, all night, but You have even demanded both of us to have more effort.’”

It’s our time to meditate. Today we meditate by this story, the Jewish. OK? (Yes, Master.) We can make it up later. (Yes, Master.) We cannot always go by the book. (Yes.) I cannot always go by the time because I feel very oppressed when I have to go with the… with the clock. (Understand.) Except when we meditate. (Yes.) I am old now. I want to have a little bit more freedom. (Yes.) Because like that, I have more inspiration. (Yes.) If I am forced to work the way we have to go with the clock, then I cannot. I cannot. Not always, not always. (Understand.) Before, when I have to go out, mostly on Sundays, to talk to your brothers and sisters, sometimes I have to force myself. (Oh.) Though I love to see them, but sometimes I don’t feel like it. Not inspired. Not spontaneous. And not natural. (Yes, understand.) (Yes, Master.)

We, the practitioners, we love to be more natural, more free. Is that true? (Yes, Master. That's true, Master.) Except the time for meditation, and except when we have to run because of deadlines. We would love to have freedom. Is that correct? (Yes, Master. Correct.) But when I am having a conference, do you prefer to go out, have freedom instead? (No, Master.) You can, but then it will look bad for both of us. Because I don’t always have time for you, so when I have time, you should accommodate, correct? (Yes, Master.) Not every day. Thanks God, for me anyway, for me. For you maybe… (Yes.) We need a break sometimes.

“So now, the two of them are kind of complaining.” Yes, it’s typical, of disciples also. And I wonder why. I wonder why. “They say…” They compare now. “They say, ‘You always…’” God. He means God, “‘…always demanded them to put all their effort and be good and be kind, be loyal, be all there, all there is, and be good, be virtuous and be obedient, and everything that you expect from Heaven people, or from angels. But meanwhile, the humans, they are very vicious, and they committed all kinds of sins. They are not having the loyalty and whole sincerity and respect for you at all. But then, not only you forgive them all the time, but you even prepare all kinds of necessities for them so that they can have a comfortable life. They have nothing lacking. We would like to ask You to destroy them, all of them.’” (Wow!) “‘And then after, that maybe You make a new kind of human.’” Because these two angels, they complain. They think the humans are not worthy of God’s benevolence, attention and attentiveness and generosity and all that. And forgiveness, even. They want God to destroy the whole humankind, and make a new one. It sounds familiar to me in this recent period of our lifetime on the planet. (Oh.)

So now what did god reply to them? “God said to them, ‘About your proclamation that you have put all your heart, your mind, your soul to serve me, it’s simple, easy for you, because I used fire to create you. And fire is the most pure, the purest of all elements.’” I think god means the material elements. I mean the things that we could see. Yes? (Yes.) God doesn’t mean the things that we cannot see. There are two things in the Universe. Right? Some material substance and the nonmaterial substance. So in all the material substances, the god in here… I’m not judging what kind of god is this. It could be maybe Almighty God. But I do not think so because Almighty God doesn’t have only two angels around Hirm. Hes has better than that. Or Hes has nothing that you can imagine. Because God Almighty doesn’t really need us or anyone – holy or not. So the one who created the universe, I mean the material kind of life, like on Earth here, so this is the Creator then. It could be Brahma. All right.

“So he said that, ‘Fire is a purer material. The humans are weak and fickle.’” Fickle, means changing all the time. Fickle, the word right? (Yes.)

Remind me if I forget the English as well. Lucky, I read you some stories sometimes. If not, I probably won’t speak anything anymore and then I forget. I already forgot much Aulacese (Vietnamese). I mean, I don’t forget, it’s just not easy for me to immediately express, (Yes.) as if I do it in English when I’m in a lecture, or seeing your brothers and sisters on a Sunday or retreat. I already forgot a lot of Chinese. It takes some time to think now. If I have to talk to a Chinese person, I “um... ah... oh...” all the time. Long time I don’t speak Chinese. Actually, not much. Just mostly English. And working with English for Supreme Master TV. And reading English books and all that. So, lucky that I read books sometimes for you. Yes. (Yes, Master. Thank You.)

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