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Humanity’s Leap to the Golden Era: Washington, D.C., Climate Change Conference, Part 8 of 17, November 8, 2009

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Mrs. Hazel Henderson: “And we need now to really restore our vision. And so, let us now learn from our children and the vision that all children in the world share. And they know that we can build a happy and harmonious and just and peaceful and sustainable future. So, we have to thank all of our children for their wonderful vision. And I have worked all of my life in the belief that we humans are standing at the brink now of the Solar Age. And this is the great transition, if we move to more vegan, vegetarian diets, we would go a long way to reducing the carbon on this planet.”

Akiane Kramarik (vegetarian): “My story began at the age of four. I grew up in a family that did not believe in God. We didn’t pray. And one day, I started having these visions and dreams about Heaven, about different people, different cultures, and I didn’t think that my parents or my family were ready to hear it, so I decided to draw them. And the more I drew the more my parents started believing me and they started supporting me and my gifts. So, I progressed into painting. At the age of seven , I started to write poetry and I wrote many books but I’ve published two books.” “I was so honored that everybody could know my message. And my message is to bring people together, to unify them and to realize that love is the answer to everything, if we really look at it, at that perspective. And I actually wrote a poem that is about that. And this is called “Love.”

‘Love is never alone, Love is always crowded, Love is a shared self, We cannot own our love,We cannot teach our love. The longest breath of love, Is the shortest distance to Heaven. The deepest life is love, The deepest love is an embrace. Love is not rest. Love is peace, Love is a purpose.’

And right after I wrote that poem, I knew that I needed to show people that if we just live together in harmony and… live better! Myself, I am a vegetarian because there is no need to actually take another life. And I feel better. My artwork is inspiring me each day and inspiring people each day. The future has so many surprises. And I can’t wait till I show the world what my message is.”

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