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The Young World Changers, Part 2 of a Multi-part Series

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Our world faces climate change, environmental destruction, and a global pandemic. Many humans and animals are suffering from hunger, sickness, homelessness, or other misfortunes. Young people around the world have been standing up to voice their concerns and are lending a helping hand. First, let’s meet the 12-year-old Yasmine Qubain from Jordan. In 2019, Yasmine set up her own online business, JazzBeads with the goal of “giving back to society.” She understands the hardships that many families have been through due to the loss of their loved ones. By December 2020, she had donated all of her earnings, which was over JD6,000 (or US$8,463) to King Hussein Cancer Centre.

High school students from Linda Tutt High School in Sanger, Texas, operate a grocery store that gives out free food for those dealing with COVID-19.

After hearing people in developing countries having to walk all day to fetch clean water, Finley Johnston, a young boy from Canada, set out to walk 350km and raised CAD3,000 (about US$2,400) towards building wells. Touched by his noble deeds, his sister Grace joined him and donated her own money to the cause.

In Seattle, USA, 62 year old Tony found himself homeless for the first time. The thirteen-year-old Liem Kaplan helped him find a hotel to stay in. “He’s an angel.” said Tony about his new friend Liem.

In India, a young girl voiced her concerns about her country’s new law. Like any 11-year-old student, Gursimrat Kaur spends a lot of time studying. She’s also out protesting with thousands of farmers at the Delhi border. Gursimrat is out there protesting in hope of making a difference.

The younger generation is very serious about saving the planet. They want to do everything they can to combat the climate crisis. While checking the damages caused by the wildfire in his uncle’s property in Kangaroo Island, Australia, Micah Lovegrove and his cousin discovered a group of injured koalas on the property. The teenagers loaded them into their car and drove them to the neighbor who had a permit for taking care of wildlife.

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