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In the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Relief News from Germany…

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In July this year, major storms and resulting floods devastated large parts of Europe, with more than 220 casualties. The most deaths were in Germany, where the flooding has been described as one of the worst weather disasters that the country has seen since the 1940s. Emergency workers responded by rescuing people trapped in their homes and stranded on rooftops. Scientists said that this is an indication of global warming intensifying rainstorms. Speaking of the catastrophe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “What I could see, however, is also incredibly comforting – how people are sticking together, how they are helping each other, the solidarity that is there.” 
Our Association members from Düsseldorf, Germany, travelled to the hard-hit town of Stolberg, where they provided vegan food to victims, rescuers and other relief workers. The public was also gently reminded of the urgent need to adopt the vegan diet to curb climate change. Our Association members reported: “We provided new vegan dishes every day. The people were so grateful, enjoying the vegan food and feeling Master’s Love. Because of Master’s blessings, our food was made with love and good wishes for a vegan world.” 
With gratitude to our Most Beloved Master, who always teaches us to do our small part in difficult times as these, we thank our Association’s relief team as well as all the dedicated relief workers involved. We pray for the comfort and speedy recovery of the flood-affected humans and animals in Germany and Europe. May the world quickly adopt a vegan diet to bring balance and harmony to our Earth, in God’s Grace. 
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