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Between Master and Disciples

To Help the World Is Our Duty, Part 1 of 3, Dec. 28, 2019

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Cheers! Happy Christmas! (Happy Christmas!) Merry New Year. Love you. (We love You.) Love you and thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you for working for the world. In the names of all humans, and animals, and trees, and planet, I thank you. Good health, long life!

Same like yesterday, huh? Hallo, if possible sit down. SMTV (Supreme Master TV)? (Yes.) Oh, what are you doing? Why do you want to sit here, Why you want to sit here, so grand?

Everybody, please thank God, thank all involved, and then offer to the Buddha, offer to all the Saints and then pray that all beings have all they need, and then thank you again and eat. Go ahead. I have to work. Go ahead. Enjoy your meal. Enjoy your meal. Thank you. You eat. Hungry. Eat.

Cheers! Happy Christmas! (Happy Christmas!) Merry New Year. Love you. (We love You.) Love you and thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you for working for the world. In the names of all humans, and animals, and trees, and planet, I thank you. Good health, long life! It’s all good? (Yes.) Enjoy. I know you don’t expect anything, but it’s nice to sit together sometimes. (Yes, Master.) You work very hard at home? All of you? (Yes.) Too hard? (No.) A little hard only, right? It’s worth it, right? (Yes.) Even for me, I feel it’s worth it. (Yes, Master.) Continue.

There was a joke about a couple. His wife left him, and then he asked his friend to come help him quickly to move all his things out of his house. He rented another apartment somewhere. He said “Why? Your wife left you, all alone now, why do you have to move?” He said, “In case she comes back.” Good excuse to just be free.

I don’t know who is doing what job for Supreme Master Television, but I thank all of you. I am sure you have devoted all your time that you have, all your heart and all your love into the work. And I thank you. I really thank you. Some Taiwanese (Formosan) are here also, right? Taiwanese (Formosan), raise hand. Very good.

It’s very difficult to work together, for me, to work with anybody. That’s why I always have to work alone. Also, my work, nobody can replace anyway. But I’m very… It’s just sometimes, people nearby, they want to help you, but they make more trouble. For me, it’s like that. For you, it’s different, maybe.

Something inside just doesn’t mix. They brought their karma with them and made more trouble. And if I cannot bear their energy or their karma, I yell, then it’s me, I’m the bad one, always. Because you don’t see anything else going on behind the physical appearance.

Many people don’t look their part, but sometimes they are very harmful. Like yesterday, you heard the story of your brother. (Yes. we did) When he first told me something, he didn’t say the story but he said… I told him, “Why cannot you make it up together? If you had love before, maybe you can rekindle that love again. Try to make it up and just let it be all for peace sake and for the children’s sake.” So I didn’t know whom to believe so I told him to make it up with each other so make a family again. And I said, “So even if the children stay with the mother, it’s OK also and you can also share the responsibility like some of others divorced couples. One week is me, one week is you. But then…”

Yeah, sit there if there’s empty. No, that’s his seat. Get me a chair. Sit here. Oh, sit here. We were just gossiping about you. Sit down. You can have my food. Bring my food here. Now. You can have my food. They’ll bring it here. The food you brought to me to eat, give him first.

So remember I told you, try to… There! Try to make it up with your wife, remember, your ex-wife? (Yes.) I even coached you how to talk to your wife. (Absolutely.) I just tell them the story because I say you cannot judge from the outside so that I make you as an example. Not that we gossip. You please eat. (Yeah, I’m going to eat.) Here you are, my love. There. I am not eating. You eat. (OK.) You eat. You take everything. Don’t worry about it. Here. For good disciple. You are just like me. Same.

(May I mention) Yeah. (about Your photos that You sent. You know, baby Jesus.) Yeah. Not my photo. Not my photo. (Master said the power’s behind it, don’t worry.) Yes. (And my children we still have them and) And keep them. (and they keep, yeah. My children when they came to me four years ago, they were two years behind in education. And so within 10 months of being with me. Because Master said, “Put the photos above their desk where their laptops are or where they do their homework.” Mary and Child.

(And within 10 months, they caught up to all their education. And then they are now advanced in every single subject matter in school.) Advanced, even. (And a week before I came here, I got several emails from my son from the school and from my daughter from the school stating that they are now the top 15% of the top elite of the school. All because of the power of these photos that Master gave us. So, Master just… And Master’s detail… I’m thinking when all these messages were coming through, it was like Master has children. Well, She does, but it’s like Master has Her own child. She knew everything to such fine detail of how everything had to be.) Just this case. Your children are just like my children. They talk to me inside. I talk to them inside.

But as I told you already, I have many worse kinds of disciples direct from hell and all that. And my enemies, really fatal enemies and all that, came into my circle as disciples because I went out and opened. And now we have a little bit more selection, they have to be vegan for three months and all that, but still… Before, it was just like, up for grabs, and they released the negative, the maya released so many from hell, to come up to be my so-called disciples, to make trouble for me. And I don’t have a good name all over the internet I also have been accused of things that I did not do, for example.

We have enemies when we are famous. Do you understand what I’m saying? (Yes.) Even your own people might not even like you because they’re jealous. Did you see the film called the, “The Bodyguard,” right? (Yes, Master.) Whitney Houston? (Yes.) Is that called “The Bodyguard?” (Yes.) I forgot. You see her own sister wanted to kill her. (Oh, yes, yes.) And she went through lengths. She cut out newspapers for threatening letters. And she hired (Assassin.) an assassin to kill her sister, threatening her every day. Let her live in fear even. The fear tactic was already killing her. And then finally you know, almost killed her son. You saw that? (Yes.)

Some people in this world are so driven by jealousy. Anything you do, you pay for it. I mean, anything you do for your success even. There are many people that are rich and famous, they have their own bodyguards and their alarm systems, all the time. You understand? They even put up a policeman statue in front of the house. I saw some of them in Hollywood. Just to let people know that we have, we’re prepared. We have security in the house or something like that. Everybody knows it’s a statue, still, but it’s something. You know what I mean? (Yes.)

I feel all my so-called disciples are my family. I trusted all of them, until something happens. I never have any doubt about anybody. Even now, I’m still very trusting. And that is my problem. But I’m not ashamed of that. It’s better than distrusting, better than always thinking bad about somebody before they even do anything to you. So, it’s OK. And now I just trust Heaven. Whatever They tell me, I check if it’s true or not, and then I just do it. I don’t check people. I still don’t. So, it’s very difficult for me to… Anybody can fool me, that’s the conclusion. Anybody can cheat me, anytime. But never mind. What can I do? They don’t change. I cannot change either. How can the sun change? Just like that. Hey, continue eating guys. That’s it? You eat, man. Too excited, don’t eat, huh?

I was thinking if you (would) ever come. I was thinking (about) how it’s going on with you guys, but then I don’t have a lot of time. I think this and then it’s gone to the next. I have the next business to do, and many things I want to take care (of), I cannot. I have to keep putting it off, putting it off, until the next day, next week, next month. Even to brush my teeth, I have to consider, should I brush them now or after the urgent documents are done? But that will take some time. Half an hour later, one hour, two hours, and then the next. When I work, I just forget to stand up to do other things. I forget to eat, forget to drink. Even if I want to go out to get a drink, I forget immediately. I continue working, and then I forget. And the doctor gave me some medicine to strengthen a little bit of my bones, old bones, and sometimes I forget, sometimes I remember. I just take (it) whenever I can. I forget. I wanted to go take the medicine, and then some telephone rings or documents come, and then I’m buried inside, and I forget. I’m a very bad patient, but at least I do take whenever I remember, and it helps me, the physical aspect, because I work a lot, and if I don’t take care, it might not last long. This car, this old car.

Sometimes, in the morning, I normally, I leave the door open so that the girls can come in. The gate’s closed, the door’s open, so that the girls can come in and bring the dogs out in the morning, when I’m still in meditation or doing my work or in the bathroom somewhere, so it’s convenient. But I always lock it without knowing! I always turn the knob and lock it or hook it. It’s just automatic. And every time they come, they wait there, wait there, and I don’t know they’re waiting. And then the dogs run in and out, in and out. I say, “What’s wrong with you guys?” And then I hear a very faint voice outside, “Master.” Because the door’s locked, I cannot hear much. “Master.” I say, “Who’s there? Why? What?” “Master.” And I come near the door, “Who? Why are you bothering me?” “Master, we cannot get in.” I say, “Why can you not get in? What’s wrong with you?” “It… it’s locked.” I say, “I did not lock it.” “You did, Master. It’s locked. Please open.” And I check, really, it’s locked. All the time, many, many times.

Sometimes, I scold them, and then I scold myself. I say, “You stupid woman! You stupid woman! You locked yourself in, and you scold other people.” And I said, “Sorry, sorry.” I said, “I’m sorry. It’s just automatic. I didn’t realize I locked the door.” I really did not. Truly like that. It’s just so automatic. I come into the house, immediately I turn around, lock the door. There’s a bolt or something, I immediately lock it. And even then, before I go to sleep or meditate, I go around checking again, to see if it’s all locked. So, nowadays, because I have women helpers also, but it’s not very reliable. So, I let the dogs sleep in the outside house next to my house, nearby, in the same yard. It’s just not in my house anymore, so I don’t have to open the door every morning for the boys.

The boys are taking care of the dogs now. They don’t take care of the dogs. They just bring the dogs in, bring the dogs out. So, the women take care of the other parts. I just lock my door all the time. Oh, dear. Immediately, if I come inside the house, immediately, even if I’m coming out again the next minute, I always turn around and lock it. I made it like a habit to protect myself, at least my peace of mind. (Yes.) Here, we have guards everywhere, but I still do that automatically.

You please eat, guys. Yeah. Eat all of that and that and that. You ate downstairs already? (I had a little bit downstairs.) A little bit only? Then you eat what you can. And like, whatever you can take with you like (vegan) spring rolls, you take them with you and eat later. (Thank You, great idea!) And you eat these things that you cannot take. (Now, yes. Good idea.) You can just wrap it up with some papers or put in your bowl, I don’t care. Here, you do what you want, for the (vegan) spring rolls. OK.

Oh, my God. In this world, the humans will surprise you all the time. Surprise me all the time. Some people I trusted, even initiates, even sometimes threatened me. If sometimes I trust them, let them go near and drive my car or something, whoa, they’re sometimes scary. Luckily nothing happened, and I discarded them as soon as I knew, but still, it could have been something else. Scary, my God. It’s my job. I expose myself. That’s why I risk running into some situations that are not expected or unfavorable. It’s my trouble, my job, and my trusting heart. Everybody looks good, until they do something, and that surprises you no end.

But I remember, you always had very big faith in me and that touched me. I am helping you because you are a good kid, like a good son. (I’m a good… You mentioned, yes, that I’m a good father.) You’re a good father also. (But, only because of Your teachings, Master. Your teaching made me a better person.) Yeah. Yeah. (More loving and understanding person, all of us.) Yeah, yeah. You… (Your teaching makes us a better loving, caring being. And it’s only through Your…) Yeah. Yeah. It’s also, you need to rest in order to be recharged and be a good person. Of course, (Yes.) but always have to watch over them because they are kids. They are kids. (Of course. But it just helps me watch over them, gives me more wisdom on how to bring them up.) Yeah, it’s good. It’s so good. (Thank You. Yes, Absolutely, thank You.)

Sometimes, you think you are helping Master, but you never know. You might be helping yourself. It comes out sooner or later. Even if it doesn’t come out, you know, if you do good things, you’ll have good results, good merit. I’m telling you. So actually, I’m thanking you from the human standpoint. But in the spiritual sense, you really have to thank me, because you have a chance to do a great job, the best job in the world. (Yes.) So go on, thank me then. Come and thank your Mom. It’s OK, I don’t care. I don’t care. Good.

I'm just telling you logically, spiritually only, but I don't really care if you thank me or not. As long as you work for the world, you have your own merit and your upliftment, and I thank you for that. I thank you for helping yourself through helping the world, that you’re wise enough to do that, that you’re good-hearted enough to do that.

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