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S.M. Celestial Clothes – Fashion of the Golden Age, Part 1 of a Multi-part Series

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Today, April 3, we commemorate the fifth anniversary of International Artist Day; a day dedicated to a special group of people on Earth, as declared by our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. Clothing designers are among the artists who have devoted their lives and talents to adorn the physical body so that our outfits not only give us warmth and comfort but also become a form of self-expression.

Unknown to some people, Supreme Master Ching Hai is a highly sought-after fashion designer who created Her own fashion brand, S.M. Celestial Clothes. She debuted Her designs to the world through a fashion tour from April 15 to May 5, 1995, with fashion shows in four major cities including New York, London, Paris, and Milan.

“Good evening. I’m your host, Joan Baker, and tonight we’re pleased to welcome you to a metaphysical fashion show, an exhibition of heavenly Fairy Clothing designed by the Supreme Master Ching Hai. She uses the letters ‘SM’ to remind us that we all have the power of the Supreme Master within us. The red and gold SM logo. Red symbolizes the physical body and the gold symbolizes the radiant Kingdom of God within. The fabrics for the garments are hand-picked by Master Ching Hai Herself and each is carefully lined for comfort. The signature innovation for these designs is the revealing of the bright inner lining through the outer fabric. This gives the ethereal impression that the clothing shines from within. And even when the outer fabric is plain, they become beautiful with the luminescent material within. This is to remind us that our inner brilliance is the source of our true beauty.”

Cotton and Linen Knee Length Tunics: A serene and elegant looking cotton and linen tunic, with loose-fitting tailoring, makes everyone look pretty. Random combinations of cotton and linen fabrics result in a carefree look. The wearer feels lively and unrestricted, as if returning to nature.

Clothes for Shopping: This collection of casual wear is for going out to tea or shopping. The styles are relaxed and comfortable, with a touch of elegance. Suits with pants or skirts designed in sand-washed viscose or agate velvet with brilliant and yet harmonious color combinations give a romantic and graceful look.

Viscose Wear for Working Women: The unique tailoring of this suit jacket lends character to the owner. Finely embroidered floral patterns decorate the vest. A lace lining extends just below the pleated knee-length skirt. This style comes in a variety of contrasting colors.
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