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Ahead Hotel: Vegan Wellness and Sustainability in Germany, Part 2 of 2

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Today, we invite you to discover the varied amenities, services and activities this vegan hotel offers its guests. We’ll also learn more on the growth envisioned by the hotel manager, Mr. Jonas Mog, as steps are already underway to expand the plant-based fare on their menus and in the gastronomy industries of the region.

“We thought long and hard about a suitable name and came to the conclusion that ‘Ahead’ is very suitable for us. Ahead in English is ‘ahead.’ We want to be pioneers; be ahead in the field of sustainable and plant-based gastronomy and hotel industry; and want to show that tourism is also possible without animals suffering and with empathy, and with, yes… pure vegan food.”

“In addition to the topic of organic, regionality is important to us, because we think that instead of buying a product that is certified organic but has traveled thousands of kilometers, it is more important to buy locally. We have our own orchards and our own herb garden here and it's even certified organic.

It was important to us that all products, not only the food, but also the products in the rooms and the leisure activities, are also obtained from sustainable resources, including the bicycles. Our bicycles from the brand My Boo from Kiel are made of bamboo and are produced under fair conditions in Ghana.”

Mr. Mog believes that the world’s population must become vegan in order for our planet to avoid famines and wars, and that a plant-based diet is not just a trend, but the only way to a sustainable future for all of Earth’s inhabitants. “I think veganism is definitely the diet of the future. I believe that without adopting a vegan diet, we cannot go on like this. We can't keep going like this not only because of the climate, but also due to the ethical aspect, which is the main reason for me.”

We are grateful to Mr. Jonas Mog and all involved in operating the fully vegan Ahead Hotel in Germany. We thank them for introducing the innovative, sustainable and compassionate choices the hotel offers, that make for a memorable stay.
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