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Getting Spud Fit with Coach Andrew Taylor (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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In the previous episode, we learned that Mr. Taylor discovered the benefits of an all-potato diet when he’d hit a very low point in his life. Although the Spud Fit diet is very easy to follow, as with any new diet, expert guidance should be sought and caution should be taken according to each individual’s health condition.

“In the first couple of weeks, it was pretty hard. I craved all sorts of things. But after the first couple of weeks, and especially, after the first couple of months, it wasn't really a problem anymore.” “The major advantage of the whole thing, from my point of view, was that it forced me to look at food in a whole new way and re-evaluate its position in my life.”

Mr. Taylor was right to re-evaluate his relationship with food. We need to examine our relationship with the food we eat, especially when we are paying such a high price for eating animal-people. In following our palates without much thought, we have traded our health, the planet's health, our moral compassion, and humanity's future for devastating natural disasters, ongoing COVID outbreaks, and more pandemics yet to come.

Mr. Taylor’s new relationship with food echoes what our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai has taught us. She has spoken on several occasions about the true purpose of eating. “Don’t eat because of greed, that’s all. Eat enough to practice (Spiritually).” “We should not eat too much. physically and practically speaking, we can last longer. The more we eat the less we will have, and other people will be hungry. And spiritually speaking, we should not eat too full, even with vegan food.” “During the time of initiation, I have told you to eat not too much, like 80% full and then 10% water and leave another 10% at least for the Light to enter your being.”

Mr. Taylor has compiled his story into two books, "The DIY Spud Fit Challenge" and "Spud Fit: A whole-food, potato-based guide to eating and living." He also continues coaching others through the Spud Fit diet, with many successful weight-loss stories now under his belt.
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