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Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities around the World - Part 1 of 2

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There are now so many vegan-friendly cities around the world. Here is our pick of some of them that we feel are worth highlighting.

Tel Aviv, Israel. Tel Aviv was officially declared the “Vegan Capital of the World” by the Israeli Tourism Ministry. Nearly one in 10 of the city’s residents are vegan or vegetarian, and there are over 200 vegan and vegetarian eateries – among the highest number per capita in the world. Israel is so veg-friendly that its army offers vegan meals, along with leather-free boots and wool-free berets. It’s the land flowing with almond milk and date honey!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The city council plans to encourage citizens to eat at least 50% plant-based by 2030 and 60% by 2040 by supplying more healthy veg food in specific neighborhoods. Amsterdam already has more than 210 veg eateries. Meanwhile, the Dutch government proposed a €25 billion plan to reduce animal-people livestock numbers by 30% to reduce pollution. The Netherlands is a plant protein powerhouse: More than sixty groups in the country focus on alternative meat innovation, and Dutch people consume the most vegan meat/dairy products per person in Europe.

Berlin, Germany. A world leader in vegan food product launches, Germany has at least 9.3 million vegans and vegetarians – that’s 11% of the country’s population! The capital Berlin is home to the world’s largest vegan supermarket chain, Veganz, and four of Berlin’s universities offer a 96% veg menu due to student demand. As host of one of Europe’s biggest annual vegan festivals, Berlin is where vegan is also a year-round celebration!

London, United Kingdom is historically noble! When it was named Most Veg-Friendly City by PETA in 2019, then London Mayor and Former UK Prime Minister, His Excellency Boris Johnson, welcomed the honor and noted the city’s “noble history of vegetarianism.” That’s because London was a hub for vegetarian ideas – and popular veg eateries – since the Age of Enlightenment in the late 17th century! The city today is bustling more than ever with vegan restaurants, vegan markets, vegan delis, and vegan cheese shops galore!

Melbourne, Australia’s got a vibrant vegan scene. Did you know that about 2.5 million Australians, or 12% of the population, eat all or mostly veg? The country’s second-largest city of Melbourne has over 170 vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafes and hosts a large number of animal-people rights activist organizations. Plus, Australia’s Vegan Grocery Store chain flourishes in Melbourne, Sydney, and nationwide online.

And the list goes on… This is just a sample of vegan-friendly cities around the world. For more details and free downloads, please visit

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