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Loving The Silent Tears: The Musical, Part 21 of a Multi-part Series

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THE EXHIBITION OF SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI’S ART WORKS. Featuring works & designs by Supreme Master Ching Hai: Longevity Lamps, Celestial Clothing, Celestial Jewelry, Fans, Paintings, Photography and The Celestial Art Exhibition. “The diversity of which the jewelry and clothing and artwork – it’s just beautiful and elegantly displayed. It’s a class act. Everything…”

“(Master, we would like to know what inspired You to write the poetry anthology ‘Silent Tears’?) It’s just the empathy to humans’ struggle to achieve the impossible. We all go through this, saints, sinners, mortals, all alike. If you want to seek your true Self, this is a struggle like that. Even the non-practitioners, they also have moments of despair and the moments of need to turn inward, to pray to some power that they don’t even know what, to pray to the God that maybe they do not even believe. Always there is a struggle within the humans’ heart. So, my poetry, the ‘Silent Tears,’ is just the reflection of that.”

“(Master, could You please explain the meaning of the verse, ‘Loving the Silent Tears,’ which the creative team chose to be the title of the musical?) Crying relieves the longing emotion, the choking emotion of frustration of not knowing God, of the so-hard-to-find God, so-hard-to-feel-connected-with God.” “So, the practitioner feels some comfort while struggling to achieve the impossible – I mean the almost impossible, like the higher level of enlightenment. That’s why I said ‘Loving the Silent Tears.’ Because at that time, you are so desperate to feel connection with God, to want to see the Master inside you, want to see your real Self, even if people offered you diamonds, you would not care!”

“(Master, many people in the audience, they shed tears when they heard the song You composed, ‘Talking to a Stone Buddha.’) I feel the world, they are just so, so much misguided, so much in darkness. So… the tears just come out, feeling sorry, sorrow for the whole world. Maybe that’s why people shed tears, because it’s a real emotion, real experience, yes, real feeling.”
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