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A Day in the Life of Vegan Creators with Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart and Prabhat Gautam (both vegans), Part 2 of 2

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On today’s show, we will continue with the dynamic vegan duo, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, the “Gamechanger of Vegan Fashion,” and Prabhat Gautam, the “people collector,” who share their vegan entrepreneurial endeavours, and discuss their new video series entitled, “A Day in the Life of Vegan Creators,” they co-created.

“When I realized that no one had really tried to reinvent the winter dress coat, I thought, it's always been wool with silk. And I thought, this is a great opportunity to innovate for people who don't care about animals because this product is inferior, a wool coat with a silk lining is not very warm, and the other coats that are warmer are not very dressy. So, here we have an opportunity to innovate. And if I can figure out how to do it without using animals, that will save a lot of animals and will also inspire people to realize that they don't have to wear animals.”

“So, what put me on the map was 2007. I did this series called 30 days of going vegan. And so, every day, the month of September 2007, there was at least one vegan event in Los Angeles that I produced. And that was a lot.” “And then, the other thing that I did was I created this series called No Meat and Mingle, where every Wednesday, it was a different meetup. And it would be different parts of Los Angeles, and we'd have different people host it.”

“One of the new projects that Prabhat and I are working on together is a video series called ‘A Day in the Life of Vegan Creators.’ And it just follows along a daily life with someone who's created something really amazing, with specifically who they are to help animals, from vegan entrepreneurs who are creating art, to vegan entrepreneurs who are inventing new foods, so that we don't eat animals.” “So, we really were looking at this as let's shine a light on these entrepreneurs, let's spend a day with them. Let's learn, all these wonderful things about what they're doing.”
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