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Life on Earth: From “I Have Come to Take You Home” by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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The book, “I Have Come to Take You Home,” presents a collection of spiritual teachings from Supreme Master Ching Hai. The book’s theme centers on the journey of the soul’s awakening and enlightenment, which is only possible with the compassionate assistance and wise guidance of a living Master. Through the Master’s transmission of the Quan Yin Method of meditation, we can all discover our true inner Nature and attain ultimate freedom from the cycle of life and death.

“Our life is like a dream that we haven’t awakened from, and when our spirit is awakened, we discover our real Nature, no matter how long we have been asleep. During enlightenment, we enter into higher levels of existence, and we see life from a very different angle.”

“There are many levels of existence, and the first one is the physical level. Most people live their life on this plane, where the search for sensual pleasures is the main goal, be it loving to eat, to sleep or to have all kinds of physical happiness, and we tend towards laziness too.

The second level is what we call the emotional level. These people have very strong opinions, and we can say that they are domineering or authoritarian. They are always right and expect others to do as they do. Many dictators or so-called great leaders of extremist movements belong to this level.

In the third level we live in the intellect, in the physical mind, which is, I am sorry to say, only a computer, an excellent one that can record everything and sort it without any intelligence and judgment. But without the intelligence of the soul, the mind is only an automatic machine.

The next level is that of the soul, of self-realization, because we identify ourselves with the soul. We know that we and our soul, the source of inspiration and happiness, are one and the same, and we know that we are not the body. We try to help the world and to help ourselves.

Then comes God’s Level, God consciousness and realization. God is nothing but ourselves. While in the previous level, we thought that God was separate from us. It isn’t easy to explain, but for the first time we act without thinking, without even knowing what we are doing. We become the author of everything without collecting karma.”

Our Purpose on Earth “Each one of us is given human life only for the purpose of realizing God. If we forsake this duty, we will never be happy in this life or in any other life.”

“Because God wants to bless the Earth through us, we came down to be a link between Heaven and Earth. But because we have been exhausted and tired for so long, we have forgotten our great mission. This is why a Master comes once in a while to remind us of our true Nature. This is why we are here.”

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