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Between Master and Disciples

Pray for World Liberation, Part 1 of 5, Jan. 24, 2023

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And they (dog-people) are very endearing. Like, before they go out for a walk with the assistant, they always come first to me to say, “So long.” Making some fuss, like, kissing my toes or prostrating or jumping. Just very endearing. And one of the dog-people, the smallest one, kept running back and forth, back and forth, between the assistant and myself. She couldn’t make up her mind to stay or to go.

How are you? (I’m good, thank You, Master. How is Master?) Happy Lunar New Year. (Oh, thank You very much, Master. Happy Lunar New Year to You too!) To you and everyone. (Thank You, Master.) Hopefully, the people on this planet will be more protected and continue to survive. (Yes.) Everything is going smoothly over there? The project is going OK? (Yes, Master. Everything’s good, thanks to God. Thanks, God, for things going smoothly.) Yeah, it’s good. (Thank You, to Master. How are You, Master?) Yeah, I’m OK. I’m OK. It’s not much of a New Year for me, being alone. (Oh, right.) But it’s quite cool, I don’t have time to think too much about anything. Just very busy, very busy – that’s it. (Right, yes.) Very busy. (Wow.) I will send you a photograph I just made, I mean a selfie, and then you can show it to your brothers and sisters, so they will know how I am. (OK.)

Anyway, the brother, he’s doing well? The brother who helps. He should be. (Yes, yes.) He owes me something from the past. (Oh, I see.) He doesn’t remember, but he will be willing to do things to make up for it. (Oh. OK.) Not that I wanted anything from him. (Yes.)

Anything that’s more uplifting? (Yes, we have a couple of things. Master, could You please tell us more about your dog-people?) My what? (Master’s dog-people. Could you please tell us more about your dog-people?) Oh, they’re just lovely people, they are just lovely beings – and very loyal, very protective. (Oh, right.) Very respectful in any way. I just do wish that a lot of humans would learn from dog-people – to be good, to be more in tune with Heaven’s Will. They are truly… Maybe other dog-people are different. My dogs are very in tune with Heaven’s blessing power, and they are very protective. They do whatever they can, and are very, very obedient. I can’t say obedient, just very cooperative, very respectful.

For example, if I say, “OK, that’s it now, petting time’s over. I must go continue my work,” for example, like that, then they will just lie down, absolutely quiet, that you could drop a pin and hear it. (Wow.) Or they go to their beds, and they know immediately. If I say go to bed, they know it’s their bedtime – they go. Even if maybe it’s a new situation, a new home, they would know where their bed is and they will go there and lie down – at least for a while. (Oh, yes.) And then maybe sneak back into my place again. But if I’m still busy, if I’m concentrating, like maybe meditating or maybe concentrating on my outside work, (Yes.) on computer or telephone, then they just lay down, quietly. (Wow.) Very, very quietly. No demanding. My God, it’s so quiet that you feel like there’s even no air in the room. (Wow.) Yes.

They sometimes wake up also very late in the night or very early in the morning to come down in a troop or alone to tell me that I should not work anymore, “It’s too late now.” Because some group of demons may be passing by very near and will disturb my peace. For example, like that. Sometimes I don’t notice. And then they risk being scolded by peeing or pooing even in some room or in front of me so that I will have to notice and listen to what they want to say. It’s not pleasant, of course, but what can they do if I’m too busy and not listening to their grand advice? Like, “Don’t work too late.”

Oh, I forgot, there are so many things, but I cannot say everything. (Oh.) Like, a long time ago, another group of dog-people – there was a dog-person named Happy. (Yes.) One time, I didn’t see her for a long time. Not long… just like one or two hours. I went shopping. I was alone and taking care of five dog-people, and it was a new place… and I always had to move for some reason and for some security stuff. And when I came back, I opened the door. Oh, she didn’t jump on me, she didn’t bark, she was just singing in her voice, and she danced the most beautiful dance that I have ever seen by a dog-person. (Oh, wow!) And I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen that on humans either. (Wow.) I wonder where she learned that? She danced all over, from one corner to another. Not in a hurry, not hectic, nothing – just so gracefully, so beautifully. (Oh.) And she looked at me whenever she turned in my direction. And she kept dancing, dancing… I was just standing there. (Amazing.) I also could not move, because I was watching her, (Yes.) so mesmerized with her dance movement. (Oh, wow.) And then finally… I can’t remember how long – maybe 15 minutes or 20 minutes, more or less – and she came to me and put her paw on my hand. (Yes, wow. Amazing.) And then, I kneeled down and I hugged her and kissed her, and then we went down. I said, “Oh, thank you so much for this beautiful dance.”

All the animal-people are just so protective of humans. I wish all humans will know this and be grateful. Even all the bird-people around, wherever I go, they are always around. And sometimes I work until very late at night, 3-4 o’clock in the morning, and the whole sky is dark, because I live where there are no lights around and I don’t keep the light on to save electricity, and do whatever I can. (Wow.) And I opened the door to walk out into maybe a yard or something just to have some fresh air, (Yes.) a little exercise, and they all somehow woke up (Oh.) and were telling me things or singing things. I was so astounded. I said, “You cannot be singing at this time.” And then I listened, listened, and then they always gave me some encouragement or some advice or some comforting words or some loving messages. (Oh. So nice.) So touching, all the time. And even if they’re far away from my place, (Yes.) like, they’re hiding in some forest edge far away, they still would sing, talk and tell me things. And I can hear it faintly. (Wow!) Sometimes I have to use the inner ears to hear because it’s too far. (OK.)

And I’m always grateful to all beings around me wherever I go. (Yes, Master.) Wherever I go, they are such wonderful beings, and they’re so loving, so kind. They’re always very protective of humans, even if I have not seen them. And that’s why most dog-people don’t like you to touch their heads, because that is where they’re connected with Heaven, Heaven power. (Oh.) My dog-people don’t like it. (Oh, interesting.) Well, I do it only to touch their third eye and remind them that they’re from the Divine. (Wow.) And they should not forget God all the time. Every time I can, I do that.

Otherwise, I rub their tum tums and rub their necks, their throats – and they always like it. And if I want to hug them, then meanwhile I use my hands… not just hug and so tightly in my arms, but I massage them, and they like that. (Nice.) Massage under their ears, around their ears, the neck, the back, their legs, and their tails. And then they just have to drop. They drop on their bed or on the floor and continue enjoying the massage. (Yes.) Closing their eyes, and like humming or… What does the cat do? (Purring.) Ah! Purring. Yes, purring. (Dog purr.) Dog purr. A little bit different than the cat, but it is still a purring type of noise. Enjoying. Enjoying. (Yes.) And when I just stopped for a while because I was probably itching, or just resting, they put their paws on my hand, drawing it to their body again. (“More, please.” That’s so nice.) Encore, encore, encore.

And they are so good, so good. Oh, I can’t remember all the things they do. They’re so endearing, so endearing. Like, I have a sofa… somewhere, wherever, if I can, I have a sofa, to rest sometimes on it, or sit there and read something, or call on the phone. They never want to go up there. I invite them. They said, “No.” I said, “Why? You don’t like me?” They said, “No, no, it’s for You. We respectfully keep it for You. We sit on the floor.” (Oh, wow.) Oh, they are so respectful. So respectful. (That’s amazing.) Yes, amazing, amazing.

And there’s one dog in the present group – she would never eat anything, even her favorite veggie bone, until I pet her, (Oh.) until I caress her and tell her that she’s wonderful, she’s good, and she’s my friend, and I always love her. Then she will eat. (Oh, wow.) Before, I didn’t know. I thought what’s wrong? Is something wrong with her – sick or something? And then when I touched her, I said, “Are you OK? I still love you. Don’t worry. Always good. This is just a snack for love.” And then she ate. Then I know from then on. And then next time, the same, the same, the same. Then I know that she needs to be shown love before she eats. Because they love those kinds of stuff. Like, I give them some seaweed. Seaweed sheet, something like that. And then a little veggie bone to clean the teeth after. (Oh, OK.) She loves to eat, but she wouldn’t eat unless she has the dose of lovey-dovey first. Things like that. (That’s her appetizer.) Perhaps so. It’s more important than the food that she loves, more than their favorite food. And then she would eat immediately, like hungrily.

Because it is her favorite food. (Oh, wow.)

But I always ask God first. Because everyone, all beings are allotted some kind of sum of food or money, or whatever possession they have. (Oh.) So, I always ask God first, “Please, even if my dogs don’t have enough merit to eat some extra food, please, it’s on me. Please bless it so that they may be able to enjoy just some little bit of extra things in life. Being a dog is already not an easy life.” (Yes.) So, I pray and I bless before I give it to them. (Wow.) Because, I was told before that dog-people should not eat too much more than they have already been fed all day – (OK.) special food and designed menu and all that already. But whenever they came to see me, I would like to give them a little bit extra of something – their favorite. (Yes.) But I always have to pray first and ask the food to be blessed. In case. And I said, “They came to me, they’re my guests. So please, I need to feed the guests something.” (Right.) “And it’s on me. Whatever. Whatever karma.” If I remember something else, I’ll tell you later. (OK, Master.)

And they are very endearing. Like, before they go out for a walk with the assistant, they always come first to me to say, “So long.” Making some fuss, like, kissing my toes or prostrating or jumping. Just very endearing. And one of the dog-people, the smallest one, kept running back and forth, back and forth, between the assistant and myself. She couldn’t make up her mind to stay or to go. She wanted to stay but she had to go to do her business. So, she was just feeling very, like, struggling. So, finally I had to say, “Go. Please.” And then she left, like immediately. She leaves immediately. Many of them are like that. Most of them, they are very, very reluctant to go out, leaving me alone, but they have to, they know that. So, they kind of struggle and always come to me and try so hard – want to stay, and all that. And I have to tell them, “See you next time. Very soon,” to reassure them that we will not be apart for too long.

They’re very, very endearing, very endearing. And whatever they ask me to do, I say, “OK, I will do that. But give me some time, OK?” Then they would kiss my face, meaning they know. “It’s OK. Take Your time.” (OK. Wow.)

And they always tell me if somebody’s not good for me, but I said, “I don’t have enough people. Good or not, I have to use.” (Ah.) Because I have no choice. I have to always move around. And whenever I go, I need to use whomever I can. Not using, but asking for help. (Yes.) And I always give them some extra little reward, or some love, or whatever I can, like snacks or whatever. (Yes, Master.) And I pay for whatever service that is done, and necessary. (Right.) I pay, like outside people. (Yes.) Dogs, dogs, dogs. They’re so endearing.

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