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Between Master and Disciples

Always Be Mindful of Your Connection with the Divine, Part 5 of 6, Aug. 12-13, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Chinese(中文)
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And if you take medicine, for example, prescribed by the doctor, before you take it, you pray. You pray to the healing angels, the healing gods and goddesses, the healing councils, say, “Okay, I take this means of physical instrument, but you are the one who heals me. Please, do your best.” Something like that. Okay?
Everything you do, always be mindful of your connection with the Divine. Don’t just take and eat and... When you drink, you also thank the god of water. And thank the purifying angels to make your water clean and make it beneficial to you. When you eat some food, you thank all the fairies and gods and goddesses who tend the gardens, who tend the earth. Thank the Mother Earth. Thank the sun, the moon. Thank all. Just say, “I thank you all who were involved in this beautiful meal, and I appreciate it very much. May your blessing benefit also my spiritual practice, not just my physical being.” And then you consume it. Everything you do, you always give thanks to Heaven. Every insect that comes your way, maybe he wants to tell you something. Or the animals that come into your life. Or the trees that you are leaning on. Sometimes he’s telling you something. You just don’t hear it. If you hear it, it’s good. If you don’t hear, it’s no good. Too bad. (Scientifically, the water molecule’s structure changes when you say, “Thank you” to the water and drink it.) Yeah, yeah, they all know that. So we bless with our thanks, and all Heaven will bless you more. Yes, so whenever you eat anything like that, you also thank the trees or the plants that give you this physical enjoyment and energy while you are not high enough to take universal energy instead. So you thank them and you apologize for their sacrifice. And they’ll be happy, at least. Even if they are sacrificing themselves, they know you’re grateful. I always thank all the trees, the plants, fruits. The fruits from the tree, I thank the trees for the fruits, whatever I eat. Whatever you do, try to remember the connection between all beings, between you and Heaven and all that is created. This is also… not because to thank them and make them happy also, but it’s also for you to always remember that you are in the blessing of the whole universe, and remember that you’re connected, connected with the Divine, with the spirit of that tree. And thank all the gods and goddesses that make the trees possible. The sun god has to shine on it. The wind has to blow a seed to make it become fruit. The bees also have to transport the pollens to make it happen. And the rain has to give enough water. The earth has to give enough nutrition. And the fairies and the gods, goddesses take care of the tree so that nothing happens to it. So the fruit will be good. So we owe a big debt to everyone, almost everyone, when we eat something. So always give thanks.
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