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Appreciate the Gift of Spiritual Life (Part 1 of 6) Aug. 31, 2013

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Without the worms, many places cannot be cultivated, cannot plant vegetables for you to eat. And the little bee, he also makes food for us, makes everything grow accordingly. Even nowadays, like some of the farmers, they could even pollinate themselves, but they even brought the bees in to do it because the bees do it better. They admit it like that. The pollinated fruit that they make is much better than the one that’s humanly made. So nature is always the best, by the way. And those little bees, they are workers for us. The little worm that we look down upon, that could not speak for himself, could not defend himself, they are benefactors of humans and animals and this planet. But they never claim they are grand or great or anything. The sun never claims his greatness. 
(Today, I would like to share with You again some more of my experiences. On Monday, when I sat inside the Heaven gate, Master, I saw many Heavenly beings coming down. They flew down. There were flowers which did not exist on Earth. But they could talk and had very bright colors. And there were stars emitting pink light. And also there were rays, almost like light rays arranged into beautiful shapes, and they flew toward me, for example.) (I saw a goddess, but I didn’t see her face clearly. They flew close to me and looked at my face. Then they started to fly away. I saw them wear beautiful and colorful dresses. That is one experience. The second one was when I sat underneath the spiritual tree. It kept moving around me, like kissing me.” “It was a spiritual tree, which blessed me a lot.) (This afternoon, with the sisters sitting around me, the spiritual tree seemed happy, too, and it emitted light that made me feel euphoric. One more thing, when we were meditating, I entered and saw something that looked like grass but not grass. The ‘grass’ was waving and stood tall, maybe like my height. It emitted light and performed a dance before me. Next to that appeared a waterfall. The water was crystal clear and so beautiful.)
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