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A Positive Spiritual Channel That Spreads Blessings and Happiness (Part 1 of 3) Nov. 12, 2017

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文),English
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“…Getting old – just let it be. We can’t help it. I’ll let you feel young. I don't mind feeling old. Just that I don’t look as beautiful as before. And my health is not that good. That’s all. There is too much work and no time to exercise. So it makes me less healthy. Sometimes I do push-ups. You know how to do push-ups? Put both hands and both feet on the floor. Then push up and down, up and down, and breathe like this. I do it once a year. It’s better than nothing. You just started to laugh now? OK. OK. No. I don’t remember doing it. Too many things to worry about. Sometimes, you see in some movies, the hero has magical power, right? But sometimes, he is still hotly pursued. Why is that? He doesn’t have time to use magic power. He has to keep running, and he can’t think so fast. To use magic power, he sometimes has to recite a long mantra. But when he is being chased, he is nervous and runs for his life. He can’t think of reciting any mantra. It happens. It happens to me too.” 
“For us spiritual practitioners, even if we have merits, authority and power, if we are too tired, we will… They seem to work. Fatigue causes problems too, right? (Yes.) If you have nothing urgent to do, please adjust your time for more meditation. OK? Otherwise, you would get old like me. I mean you'd get old faster.” 
“There is a lot of magic in this time. The magic can help a lot of people simultaneously. For example, the computer and Supreme Master TV. We are broadcasting it from just a few places. Everyone is happy, except that the staff and I are so busy. But we are willing to do it because many people receive blessings and become happy. We remind people to think about more beautiful realms, instead of swimming in a material place, and suffering without knowing where to find spiritual comfort. So it’s worthwhile with so much work.”
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