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Be a Farmer and Naturally Feel Happy (Part 3 of 3) June 30, 2013

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New thing because it’s so powerful. The level is called Eternal Love. There was always a group of three together. No matter in which place. It doesn’t have in only one place. Maybe in one house, it has two places. It had a trio like that. One is the highest level up to now. One is called Eternal Love, the other is called Eternal Life, and the other one is called Almighty Power. That’s why it’s so strong. I don’t know if any other is stronger than Almighty Power. And I could just stay there forever. I don’t feel hungry, I don’t feel thirsty, I don’t feel tired. I don’t feel anything but just nice. Even the mind feels nice, because the soul is infusing all this energy from highest level down. Very, very comfortable. But still, I still jump back to other lower levels, because for peace, and for Karmic Immunity or Annulation. So, now and then, it’s not like, okay, I found the highest level and I always stay there. No, no, I come down also, for different reasons like for Disaster Minimizing or for what they call this Nutrition Reorientation Level. In that place, you can try to influence people to become vegetarian. Only try. You can’t interfere with people’s free will. Can only offer the power to cleanse you and to facilitate you, if you want to. Easier. And there are also other levels like Regain Love or Love Return. Also some kind of level like Healing Power, so that the people who pray, they can pray to God, but God doesn’t bring the power here. It is a physical person that can assimilate the power from God and distribute it here into the world. So, if a person is very suffering and he prays to the God power, then he can be tuned in to this power that I brought down. And then he gets healed quicker. Or easier. Or if, for example, I pray for a person, say I pray for her, then it’s quicker. If it’s not his time to go, of course. Lessens the suffering and quickens the healing process. The power is available, and I have to keep bringing more and more in, so that everyone can use it. If they’re sincere enough, they can tune in. They don’t have to know who I am and they don’t have to pray to Master Ching Hai, nothing. Because it’s a universal language. I brought it there just for everybody, so they don’t have to know me. It’s available.
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