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Between Master and Disciples

The Grace of the Ultimate Master, Part 1 of 4 Feb. 26, 2005

Lecture Language:English,Mogolian(Монгол хэл)
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For example, if you watch TV for one hour, you have like 2000 points. My TV, my video. Even if you watch the same video again and again, again. I’m not saying this so that you buy new stuff. And reading one hour is 800 points, but one hour video is 2000 points. For example.

Anybody else? Any other question or other problem? Concerning spiritual, you can ask all the time.

(It’s obviously a very rare opportunity, and I was wondering if You were in my position, what would You ask Yourself?) I don’t know, I never ask anything. What you want to ask, then ask. What do you want to ask? Just ask. Because I’m not you anyway. I cannot know what you want to ask.

(No, I mean, is there anything that would help us, probably all of us, if we asked You, and if You gave us that information, would that help us to elevate?)

Well, I have given you a lot already. (You have given us infinity already.) I have given you a lot of advice. All these three days, up to this minute even. (OK. But some of the stuff, like playing the tape all the time, and watching the video all the time.) Not all the time. Of course, as much as you can.

(But I’ve got an MP3 player, and with this thing 24 hours a day, even at night, for about two weeks, after three days, there was a change in my perception. And after one week, I was very stable in my practice. I felt lifted up.)

When you really need a strong tonic, then you do that. Otherwise, you don’t have to. You do as much as you can, because you still have to work in the world. Just for as quick as you can, all these things are available to you. Yeah? (OK.) And you use it as much as you can. Some people don’t use it, that’s why. Too busy and collecting nonsense instead. Even though they have the time, they could do it. That’s what I mean. You do your best, but some people don’t do it. So they progress slow. They could use more; they could do more, they could do more, that’s what I mean. (Yes.)

You have to put priority, have to know what’s the most important thing. Now you know everything really helps. Very difficult to tell you what is what. Because you have to also be sincere, you know? For example, if you watch TV for one hour, you have like 2000 points. My TV, my video. Even if you watch the same video again and again, again. I’m not saying this so that you buy new stuff. And reading one hour is 800 points, but one hour video is 2000 points. For example. You finished? You’re finished, baby? (Well I’ll never be finished, but for now, yes.)

(When You mentioned that we receive 2000 points, is it like we have to sit in front of it and concentrate on it?)

Of course, then you have 2000. If not, then you have less. (Yes, because most of the time it’s like, when I’m working overnight, to do my ironing and so on.) The more you concentrate, then you have 2000 points. If you sit there and watch, and concentrate and understand what it is. Otherwise, you get less. It doesn’t mean you don’t get. (I mean, OK, when I just listen to it and let it...) Yeah, it also has points. (OK.) But you don’t get 2000 altogether, my God! Can’t have everything. Better than nothing. (Yes.)

When you iron, you cannot read books. So you put the TV there, or you put the radio, and you still get points. (OK.) I don’t know how much, of course. I cannot... It depends on the individual and how you concentrate, you know? (Yes.) Maybe you get 500, maybe 200, because you’re not concentrated. But what I mean is, you sit in front of the TV, and you watch and you enjoy it, and you really concentrate on it, then you get 2000 points, one hour. (Thank You.)

Even my poems, listening to my poem, my songs, anything, or any of the things I say, jokes, whatever. Poetry even, 400 points for one song that you listen, suppose I sing it. Somebody else sings, maybe you get 200 points. My poetry, if somebody sings it, 200 points. But sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, depends, of course. But what I mean is generally. Even my song, if I sing it and you listen to it, you get 400 points per song! That lasts only 2, 3, 5 minutes. (Wow!) Understand that? (Yes.) Because the song makes you more concentrated, that’s why.

Video maybe, “Oh, She is talking. Oh, I know it already. She’s talked before.” But the song is... Music always helps people to concentrate, and to ease all the tension. And therefore, Master Power can pour more and more blessing into your being. Songs, poetry, anything that’s musical, melodious is always very soothing to the mind, and lets him go kind of sleep, so the Master can get in, and then give you a lot of blessing. Understand that? (Yes.) So, it doesn’t matter what song, even though a sad song, happy song, whatever.

But the sad songs, if you hear outside, it affects you in a bad way. Sometimes, it doesn’t give you any points. If good music, it even gives you points; outside music. Sometimes 50 points, sometimes 100 points. Depends on what song, and what musician, and what kind of music. If it puts your mind at rest a little bit, then you have points. Not because of the music, but because your mind is at rest, so the Master Power can pour in. Mostly, the mind obstructs the Master Power. It makes you think too much, and then you cannot receive it. But the music puts you at rest, that’s why music is good for you. That’s why I sing, I dance, I make poetry. All this is just work.

Now you have all the equipment to be a saint. And if you don’t use them, and you slack on the lower level, then you are a shame. All these secrets I told you already. Before, you don’t know, you think “OK, She’s just artistic.” Even looking at my painting for five minutes, 500 points. (Wow!) No, it’s true. What do you think? What do you think how all the people outside get elevated? All this stuff! Get connection, OK? Painting, music, whatever I do, it is all for you. Even the lamps. If they look at it, they also get points, 500 points, a thousand points, it depends. Just looking at it. Don’t even need to buy.

So, all kinds of means. All kinds of things I do just for everybody. And so, even people look at my picture, even outside people, just look at the picture for just a glance, maybe just one minute, or half a minute, they get like 500 points. For example. That’s how you get up. How do you think you’ll get up? Just like that, sitting the way you do, and prepare the big mattress like that, at night, and prepare to sleep on, to sit all night. And then meditate very little, and talk a lot, and eat a lot and all kinds of things you do. You even forget me all day long; you have to work, you don’t even remember me at all. A little bit, yeah. When you have time, you remember. But then somebody else comes along and talks, or calls you on the phone, and then some nice program on TV, and that’s it, Master’s gone in no time. You see?

So how do you think you get up? So, all these things are good for you, like photos and all that. I do nice photos, so people like to look; outside people. You prefer to look on a nicer-looking woman than just a nobody, right? So, it’s good to put makeup a little bit like that and look nice, so people prefer to look, no? Yeah, and it’s good for them. All this is just for working, understand? Working, working, working, working.

Sometimes I ask you to do something, it’s also working. It’s for you. For you, for something else. It’s not like I need you. OK? Everything, everything at all; I use everything at all just to lift everybody up. Got it now? (Yes.) I never told you this before, because I am worried you’d think I want to sell things, you’d think I want to sell things, or praise myself and all that.

You are higher now, so you believe me more. But if you’re lower level, you are more calculating. “She really means it? Or she just wants to make money? Or...” Because the society feeds you different information than what I feed you. You’ve been used to it since you were a kid that, anybody who wants to sell something, they will make it like you profit. Like all the salesperson, they say “Oh, these clothes will make you look slim, will make you like a model.” Things like that. “It’s really good for you,” and all that. It sounds like selling. So, I never wanted to tell you. Now I can tell you. The thing is, you don’t have to believe it. But it’s no harm to try. OK? It will not harm you. Better than listening to nonsense on TV. Or talk “Yap, yap, yap...” all the time on the phone, and pay the phone bill as well. OK, any other question?

(If we do all these things during the day, will they help our meditation as well?) All the things you do? (No, like if we listen to Your tapes, and watch Your video tapes, and look at Your pictures, will that help our meditation as well?) I don’t know. You try. Obviously, he never tried. (Not enough.) Yeah.

(I will say to You a lot of thanks, a lot of thanks, because I can be here, because it was absolutely humanly impossible that I can come here.) Come here. (Because I had a lot of obstruction; it was... You can’t imagine it. Perhaps You can. No money, a lot of work, a lot of family obstruction, and my passport was not valid. And maybe it was the day after, I have all of that. And I feel the power of Master very strong. Nobody can go against...) Obstruct you. (No more. And the only thing I know is that I have to go there. I don’t know how, but I have to. I really don’t know, but I make it as if it’s possible, and all comes, you know...) And then all possible: money, passport, paid job, everything. (When I was looking for a ticket for a flight, I only looked, I think nothing, only looked, not thinking, I have nothing. At that time, a disciple, because I’m the contact person in the center in France, she phoned and she said, “Oh! I cannot come, you know, it’s impossible for me, but I’ll give you the money for the ticket.” At the same time.) Same time. (Yes, and what is incredible also is a new passport in two hours.) New passport in two hours? (Wow!) Which office is that? (It was... all was incredible like that.) Yeah, incredible.

(And the person that first said, “You are crazy, you’ll never”) Make it. (“…crazy, you’ll never make it. It’s impossible.” Once they feel inside the Master Power also, they became smooth and they helped me.) Make it in two hours. First, they said impossible, crazy. (What makes me know that I had to go, is that I feel it, but I also had a vision- when I was calling by phone and I was telling about this gathering, I had a vision. It was a kind of butterfly, a golden butterfly, but not a wide one. It was a butterfly, but aerodynamic, with thin wings of gold. I see also the branches of trees, gold, and when the butterfly moves the wings,) The wings. (then the branches of trees fall slowly, falls slowly. And a dust of gold) falling on the butterfly. (falling in the space. And I see You go upstairs, upstairs, upstairs, upstairs. And perhaps You reached the Sixth (Level) something, I see no more. And a lot of things...)

So you know that’s for me that you come? You kind of feel it, right? (Yes.) Or you didn’t know, but you think maybe? You didn’t know that you come to see me, but you feel that maybe Master is here or something, that’s OK. (Yes.) Because of the vision? OK, good. Anybody else? Thanks for sharing with us. You all understand, right? (Yes.) Passport in two hours. Record! Should write it in Guinness Records.

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