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A Dazzling Vegan New Year Celebration , Part 3 of 8

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"Next up is a traditional Russian dance called 'Kalinka,' prepared by Ulaanbaatar Center, Mongolia. The story describes a farmer who stumbles across a group of dancing snow maidens, in the midst of an enchanted Siberian forest. Then together they greet a spirited New Year, just as we are about to do." "Please give a round of applause for 'Dancing Snow Girls' brought to us by saints from Mongolia." "We are confident that through Master’s guidance, the world will progress immensely, and all beings will be elevated to the New Land. Our next performance symbolizes our flight to the New Land. It's called 'Fly Me to the Moon.' This is a song that Master and Association members have sung together in the past. Today, our Formosan (Taiwanese) initiate from Tainan will play it on his melodious violin." "Next are two songs by a professional Mongolian signer. The first song, 'Thank You Master' is based on a poem written by Master in Her youth. The second song is My Parents." "Tonight, we are delighted to welcome the year of 2020 with Master and all the saints here. I remember Master once said that New Year is more than just a joyous celebration, we should be more determined to move forward to a new life and to improve things that are unsatisfactory in the past year. We must reaffirm our determination to improve ourselves every day." "Additionally, Master said that we should remember how we feel on New Year’s Eve. Wish every day we should be as joyous and positive as we are today. We must renew our faith in the Almighty God and the path at all times. We should be diligent in meditation and help those in need, not merely through physical assistance but also spiritually. By spreading positive news and the noble way of living, we can truly uplift this world." "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Happy Vegan New Year!" "Happy New Year!! Happy Vegan New Year! All the best! All the best!" "Master, happy New Year! All saints, happy New Year!"
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