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A Dazzling Vegan New Year Celebration , Part 6 of 8

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"Next is a medley which will be performed by Aulacese (Vietnamese) initiates, titled 'Merry Christmas.' Let’s dance and sing to celebrate a peaceful, happy and glorious world which is coming soon." "On the day of spring, the reunion of dragon and phoenix symbolized prosperity. Let's dance, sing, and pray for a peaceful, blissful and glorious world. Next will be a joyful dance by Aulacese (Vietnamese) initiates and the song is called 'In Springtime, Dragon and Phoenix Reunite'." "New Year coming, Tết is here bringing luck to families. There are a lot of gifts. Every family is well fed. Gold and silver fill the pot The householders become wealthy. Spring is coming, we send each other all the best wishes and noble aspirations. We call each other to fly quickly home. With smiles on our lips, we wish each other good luck. May this Tết be filled with laughter. Spring is coming, here is our wish for each other: May our dreams be lofty. May we always be with our Master and thus erase the gloom of the winter night. We wish each other a Happy New Year and may every family enjoy prosperity this year." "Congratulations!" "Our next performance is a dance by initiates, called 'Awakening.' This form of dance expresses the arrival of the Ultimate Master to awaken the sleeping souls. The whole Universe celebrates jubilantly!" "What a spiritual and agile dance. Thank You, Master, for awakening our souls. Next is the 'Fohan Fan' performance. A beautiful combination of the fan and Chinese martial art. Welcome them with a big round of applause."

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