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A Dazzling Vegan New Year Celebration , Part 8 of 8

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“Bring all the baskets of money out here, OK? At least I can give it to the performers. It’s not much, it’s just symbolic. It’s a coin. We get on with the best job. Like this. Come here, everybody. Each country, one person come. Korea, India, Âu Lạc (Vietnam), Mexico, China, Mongolia, Hungary. Come nearby. New Zealand. UK, Mongolia, US. Huh? Indonesia, and you? China. Anybody just hold my arm wherever you can. Yeah, hold my arms. We’ll do it together. One, two, three, happy New Year. Happy Vegan New Year OK. Now we say “Happy Peaceful World.”

“Normally I don’t like (vegan) cakes, but this (vegan) cake is so good. You know, without so much ado, I’m really happy that we have rescued so many souls during our retreat. It did help, it did help. I’d love to feed all of you. Just in this world, we are short of time. A New Year. Christmas and New Year are close together. (Yeah.) And this is the symbol of your desire. High level. Fifth Level only. It's not much. We have to make more levels. We have more (vegan) cakes. They told me. Be careful. They have more (vegan) cakes, so maybe you, each one, can just… Better than nothing, right? Good job. Good job. Well done. Really beautiful. I really enjoyed. We enjoyed, right? Thank you, all of you, for trying your best. You meditate and you cook and you go out and you host television and you even can dance. The best part is that we liberated many, many souls.”

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