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A Dazzling Vegan New Year Celebration , Part 7 of 8

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"Next performance is a dance by our Association member. The title is 'Spirit of Peacock.' One of the various versions of folklore on the Peacock Dance says that the Shakyamuni Buddha would sit high on the lotus seat during the Pala Festival, and a peacock which resided in Mount Tianzhu would rush to offer a dance to the Buddha. Since then, during religious festivals and celebrations, people will perform a traditional folk peacock dance to pray for good fortune."

"I just remember our beloved Master used to say: 'We have a lot of people with good intentions, truly many. But good intention only is not enough. We spiritual practitioners absolutely should not have ego. We should have wisdom, concentration, good heart and love.'" "Yes. If we only have good intention and love without wisdom, we will often do more harm than help. Master said we spiritual practitioners are very pure in our actions. We want to realize our True Self inside while helping sentient beings on the outside. We hope we will all practice diligently to find our wisdom and follow Master to help our Earth to become better." "Yes, indeed. Our next performance is called 'Beautiful World' by Seoul Center, Korea. It is a song in praise of Master’s unconditional love and compassion for all beings, which will create Heaven on Earth. We are so grateful for being with Master in this beautiful world."

"Now, we’d like to invite all the performers, Athena, and the bearers of the sacred flame from the five continents to return to the stage. We’d also like to invite Master and everyone in the audience to join us to sing the 'Pomp and Circumstance March' together. 'Pomp and Circumstance March' is a majestic song that the entire nation of England sings at New Year countdowns or important events. It symbolizes unity and oneness of heart. May the world join hands to create a resplendent vegan world. Now, may I ask you to please place your right hand over your heart as a gesture of sincere prayer for a brighter future." "Now, we earnestly and respectfully invite Master to come up onstage and cut the vegan cake with us."

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