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Happy Third Anniversary, Supreme Master Television, Part 1 of 2

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Tomorrow, October 3, 2020 marks the third anniversary of Supreme Master Television’s relaunch. During the current global pandemic, we’re blessed more than ever to have Supreme Master Television, a source of light and positivity. We tune in for tips on protecting ourselves against Covid-19, for up-to-date news and developments, for information on environmental protection and veganism, for shining examples of good people, for soothing music and art, and for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s warm words from recent conferences and lectures. As we self-isolate to lower the curve, our Association members around the world celebrate the third anniversary of Supreme Master Television from their homes and personal spaces, sharing their virtual greetings and well wishes to help brighten everyone’s day. “For the past three years since its relaunch, Supreme Master Television has always been delivering the hope of a rainbow, imbued with the immense love of God. Like a heavenly bird, you graciously carry the olive branch, gently dance with dazzling wings, bringing peace and love here on Earth, blessing the hearts and souls of all beings. We are forever grateful to our beloved Lord of All Universes, Who’s woven the majestic dream, and made it eternally bloom.“ “You bring us joy, you bring us love, Supreme Master Television. You advocate peace, you lift us up with Supreme Master’s blessing and guidance. Good People, Good Work, Good Governance, Kids’ Wonderland, Model of Success … Broadcasting all our favorite shows 24/7 to save our only home, Planet Earth, to bring positive changes to the world, to brighten our vision with Noteworthy News, to nourish our soul with Words of Wisdom.” “Erecting a temple out of the sky, weaving a rainbow flag in praise of Thee, setting up Thy throne on the highest mountain, I sing the praises of the Most Compassionate One. I worship the Purest and Greatest of All. Decorating with the canopy of all the stars with a gust of love-filled wind, singing melodies and playing the castanets, I sing the praises of the Eternal Immortal and Imperishable One.”
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