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Selection from “Spiritual Gems” by Baba Sawan Singh Ji (vegetarian), Part 1 of 2



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Baba Sawan Singh Ji, also known as Hazur Maharaj, or “The Great Master,” was a devoted practitioner and enlightened Master. While still fulfilling His worldly duties, Baba Sawan Singh Ji’s longing for God was His true motivation in life. Ultimately, He was led to the enlightened Master Baba Jaimal Singh. Following Baba Jaimal Singh’s passing, Baba Sawan Singh Ji became the second Satguru of the organization Radha Soami Satsang Beas, founded in northern India. Followers of His teachings came from all religions and also from many countries. It was said that He initiated some 150,000 people, the largest number in history at that time, into the spiritual practice of inner Heavenly Light and Sound. Thus, He spread the Light of God Realization into all corners of the world. Today, we are honored to share with you excerpts from Baba Sawan Singh Ji’s letters from “Spiritual Gems,” a collection of letters written to practitioners living mainly in Europe and the United States.

“It is only when you go up, see what happens inside and how things are managed that you really understand these things.” “As long as there is any worldly attachment, it is no use. If you want Love and Grace, then use all your energy in going up. Such people are not non-existent, but they are few.” “The soul goes in and when the flame of love bursts forth within, it goes up immediately, and there is only one way. The inner design is not the result of any human effort. It is the design of God.”

“The Real Form of the Guru or the essence of Guru is Shabd. Only those people who are extremely fortunate get the opportunity to follow the practice of Shabd. When they enjoy it thoroughly, then lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride are destroyed. When you control your mind and senses, you enjoy Shabd all the more. Then you have attained salvation in this very life. ‘Not until you love the Shabd, will there be an end to your coming and going.’ Now this is a universal law and is for everyone without exception.”

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