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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Determination to Save the Animals, May 9, 2021

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Host: On May 9, 2021, during a work-related phone call with the Supreme Master Television team members, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, once again, lovingly shared Her deep care and ceaseless concern for the world, especially our gentle and intelligent brethren, the animals.

I need to concentrate. I need to keep all my strength in order to help the world, to help the animals. (Yes, Master.) Because my heart aches every day for them. Sometimes I have no more tears to cry. I just sit and hold my head on the table. Then my dogs would come if they were there.

I owe my life to all the animals, the wild animals. They keep telling me all day. And then even the bees, they come out at night to warn me. (Wow.)

I’m lucky that the animals warn me, because the bee just goes straight to my face and stands still like a helicopter, stands in mid-air and tells me that, in the dark, midnight already. (Oh, wow.) Right now, I need to concentrate on more meditation. At least it helps to have peace. But I want more peace for the animals, not just humans.

You see, I can trust the animals. (Yes, Master.) Even the wild animals that have nothing to do with me. (Yes.) I fed some squirrels and skunks and all that, but not because of that. Maybe because of that also, they are grateful. Just some morsel of food and some fruit, vegetables, and they are indebted already. They want to give their life to you. Even the bees, they never fly in the dark. (Yes, Master.) A big bee came right into my face and stood still there and told me things. And then flew away. There’s nothing the bee can want from me at that time, midnight. I did leave water outside for the bees, though. I leave shallow, very little water, and I put some sponge or something in the middle so that she won’t wet her wings, so they can come and drink. Wherever I go, I try to do that. And I give food and water for other animals, and the birds also. But I didn’t do that to get any reward or gratitude or protection, I did that because of love. (Yes, Master.) And because I love them, they respond. (Yes.)

Love touches all beings except humans, I’m sorry to say. The humans are blocked, terribly, from inside out, so they don’t see much. They don’t see the logic of not killing animals and torturing them for food.

We can see so clearly. What’s so difficult to understand that you don’t kill, you don’t torture the innocent beings? (Yes.) And even it says all in the Bible that they so believe in. They go to the church every day, they listen to sermons, they read the Bibles, they sing psalms and all that stuff. (Yes, Master.) Cannot say that they did not read it. Never mind about it!

Just still continue to condone this torturous practice of murdering billions of animals every year. Just like blind, deaf, and dumb. Understand nothing.

I’m determined to live for the animals. The way they torture them, I cannot just ignore and say, “No problem.” (Yes, Master.) Because one day I saw them skin them. My God, imagine if they tie you up onto some machine and skin you by that machine? From top to bottom. You saw that on our Supreme Master Television. (Yes.) And I saw that a couple of times, one is a big cow and the other time it’s just a very small calf or dog. Oh, I then swore to Heaven and Earth, I said, “I will live for the animals.” Even just for them. That day, I was so angry.

“God,” I was so anguished, I said, “please, just punish me alone and let the animals free.” I was crying as usual. Then I swore, “I will live for you.” I told them, “I won’t forget you.” I cannot shake all this suffering out of my head. When I edit, I have to see. Just like you had to see. (Yes, Master.) All these horrible clips of torturing animals. (Yes, Master.) I had to see, and I just swore to Heaven and Earth, I said, “I have to live for the animals.” Before, I couldn’t care less if I live or die. I mean, I’m not looking to commit suicide or anything, but if I die, I die. That’s my attitude. You see what I’m saying? (Yes.) But that day, those pictures really forced me to awake.

And I said, “My life is not just my life. It belongs to suffering beings, especially the animals.” I said, “I will have to live. I will live. I will take care of myself, protect myself. I have to live for you. I will live for the animals. I’ll live for you. I would not forget you. I will not forsake you, as long as I breathe.” And I really meant that and I’m determined still.

I don’t really need anything. I just need to be alive and strong. Just to work for the animals until I die. I live really just for them now, I know that. I really am determined and my heart just wants to do that. Truly. I mean, definitely and very strongly and intensely, for the animals I shall live. I would treasure my life, whatever leftover of my life, just for them. (Yes, Master.) So we just continue to do Supreme Master Television and pray for them and do what we can. (Yes, Master.) When I’m in retreat, I feel stronger than when I’m talking to everybody in the public like before, every Sunday. (Yes, Master.) I talk by my soul anyway, from my heart, so I don’t even need to go out, people hear me. Their souls hear me. (Yes.) Every day I talk to Heaven and Earth, say, “Please help me. Please help me to help the animals. I don’t want anything else. I really don’t.” I just do what I can until the end of my life. Every day I suffer so much because of them, because I suffer with them. (Yes, Master.) Like if I’m them. I feel it. Humans have become so demonized that they know nothing, feel nothing anymore. If I’m here, there is still hope. (Yes, Master.)

Host: Upon mention that it was Mother’s Day as celebrated around the world, Master expressed Her heartfelt message for the mothers, including all species.

Happy Mother’s Day to all your mothers and all the mothers in the whole world. Happy Mother’s Day to the animals also, who are mothers or going to be mothers. Please keep praying. Keep praying until your last breath, even if you’re suffering. Even if you’re tortured, don’t forget God. Don’t forget me. I’m with you. I suffer with you. And I’m trying very hard to end all this.

At least the animals. My God, they’re so sweet, innocent. They’re so kind to humans, more kind to humans than humans to each other. Talking about that, I really have pain.

And doesn’t seem like people in power are doing anything. The so-called religious leaders, and national leaders, and all these. Whom are they leading? Where are they leading? Where are they leading people to? They’re useless.

Host: Most Loving Master, Your readiness for self-sacrifice moves all Heavens and Earth, as Your unending empathy for the suffering innocents touches and awakens us. We pray that Master’s wish for all living beings will be soon fulfilled and that we humans will open our hearts and adopt the compassionate vegan diet; only then shall there be real and lasting peace on Earth. May Master be always in sound health, safe and protected by all the Godses.

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