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Between Master and Disciples

May the Righteous Triumph, Part 3 of 6, Dec. 24, 2020

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(What would happen if Mr. Biden were to become President?) Well, what would happen? Well, it’s very difficult to pinpoint. But America will lose trust from the international community. (Oh, wow.)

And you ask me how come he has such personality. (Yes.) I tell you something about physical influence first. OK? (Yes.) There are three reasons why he has such a personality, that people don’t like. (Yes, Master.) Because he tells straight things. He tells things no-nonsense. (Yes.) And he also does things not like a conventional politician would have done. OK? (Yes, Master.) But even though it helps the country and helps the world.

There were three reasons that he has such personality. Number one, it’s the background. He’s American. (Yes.) And you know the American film, “Culture.” Yeah? (Yes, Master.) Anything goes on the screen. All kinds of cursing and swearing, and all kinds of slang, and all kinds of that, he’s grown up with it. (That’s true. Yes.) And then the peer influence, they all say like that, or most of them say that, or many of the students are saying things like that. Or kids are saying that even. Younger kids, little kids are saying these kinds of things all the time already. You see what I'm saying? (Yes, Master.) Calling names and judging and all that. And then so, he’s used to it. No? (Yes.) It just comes out. Yeah?

When I was in America, sometimes it comes out something that I was surprised myself. Because I would not even… until now, never dare say that in Aulacese (Vietnamese) or Chinese. You see what I'm saying? (Yes, Master.) When I say that, it means too much. But when I was in America, I could say something not too bad, but bad enough for me in English. Yeah? (Yes.) It’s terrible. I could say it in English, because it’s so used to it. But I cannot say it in my own language or in Chinese. You see? (Yes, Master.) I could say that in German language also, or in French even. Excusez-moi. Sometimes with the “M” word in French. (Oh, yes.) (Yes, yes.) But it’s not like every day or often. It’s just some occasion, it just comes out. It just jumps out at me, somehow. It goes deep inside, every day you hear it, or often you hear it, and then it just jumps out someday.

So, that’s the background. (Yes, Master.) Influenced by all the films, and all the culture, and all the society of America. (Yes.) So, you cannot blame a guy alone because he is not born into the political arena. (Yes, Master.) He was a businessman. (Yes.) And somehow, they have picked him to become a president candidate. So, he has to do it. And he wasn’t trained and trimmed as a professional politician. (Yes, Master.) If you were to join the party since young and you train as a politician, and you have a political agenda or motivation, (Yes.) then you would try to learn to be like everybody else. Talk smooth, try not to offend everybody. Always be on the gentle side, stuff like that. (Yes, Master.)

But there is no law in America saying that a President, a politician, should be more different than anyone else. Many of them are not different. You can see they have taken bribes, they are corrupt and they…. You see what I mean? (Yes, Master.) So, just a few strong words mean nothing much really. It’s not a crime. When he said some strong words that everybody says every day, it’s not a crime, it’s just personality, (Yes.) just a habit. Even then, of course, it would have been better if he had learnt to be a diplomat. (Yes.) But the American law doesn’t prescribe that a President has to talk like a diplomat. There’s no law saying that, right? (That is true.) And there is no law that forbids a president to say some words like other people say outside. (No, Master.) I don’t think any laws like that. You lawyer tell me. (No, there is not. There is not, Master.) Yes or no? (No.) No, of course, people expect that, or maybe they prefer that way. Of course, we all prefer people sweet talk. But that doesn’t mean sweet talk is a foundation for a good person. (Yes, Master.) So, people don’t like him because of that, maybe. There’s somebody who said that in the newspaper or in the news that I read.

Now, number two. Number two is frustration. (Oh. Yes.) Being in his position you can see how frustrated he would have been. (Yes, Master.) He must have been. (Yes.) Because you can see that even the Supreme Court doesn’t listen to the President. (Yes.) Not to talk about he is also one of the citizens who has the right to claim what he believes is good. (Yes, Master.) And what he believes is wrong, especially, when it comes to the fate of the whole nation, (True. Yes, Master.) as well as international affairs. So, he probably let out a few words (Yes.) that he shouldn’t have, maybe. I never heard it. But, anyways, the media are calling him names also. I read that. Before I used to like one of the main stream television news very, very much. (Yes, Master.) I don’t watch it often, but when I was watching it before, I used to watch that. (Yes Master.) Really a favorite kind of reporter, main reporter, senior reporter calling his President names, you see? (Wow.) (Yes.)

What’s that got to do with his ability as a President? And even then he’s a President. (Yes.) You should respect his position, his title, (Yes.) because he represents the constitution, the democracy of your country, the honor of your country. (Yes.) You call him these names that bespeaks the low level of your own… personality. (Yes, Master.) I don’t agree with that. So before they criticize the President’s personality, they should have looked back (Yes, Master.) into their own personality. So it’s very frustrating for a President to work with all kinds of egos and bad-mouthing and criticizers like that for nothing. (Yes.) And overlooking all the good things he does. (Yes.)

So he must feel very, very frustrated. He didn’t even think of running a second time even. (Oh.) He said he didn’t remember why he had to run for a second time that means he didn’t want to. You see what I’m saying? (Yes.) But then of course his party urged him and others, his followers, his supporters and good people and he thinks of the things he has to do for his country, for the world, so he continued to run for President a second time. (Yes, Master.)

But then it’s become like this with the machine. You know, it’s so easy to make fraud by machine. (Yes, Master.) They do all kinds of things with the computer, not to talk about the other kind of machine, which is a stranger to everyone else already. (Yes, Master.) And that machine, I heard that it already has… On the news, it said that it’s designed so that you can play with it and make fraud. (Oh, wow.) It’s designed intentionally, and also has some bad reputation elsewhere in other countries for enabling… (To hack.) Huh? (To hack into and to…) Yeah, yeah to hack into or to change or to do anything you want. (Yes, Master.)

You only have to know some tech. I don’t know any tech… I couldn’t even handle my computer already, you know all that. But many people are high tech. (Yes, Master.) So high tech. We already go to the Moon and we are going to Mars or Venus next. See what I’m saying? (Yes. Yes, Master.) And we can see hundreds of millions of light years away; other planets, other galaxies already. (Yes.) To tamper with the machine is maybe a piece of cake to some of the high-tech people, right? (True, true.) If they already intend to do that, they can. (Yes.) And also, you can count more, you can count less… nobody’s there to really check you. Right? (Yes.) Even if they checked, they did not go and look what you are writing and what you are doing next to you, no? They just sit like six meters away or something and sometimes not even allowed to sit that close to observe the election, the counting or the voting system. (Yes.) That is all according to your newspapers, yes, all the bad news. But there is some truth in it.

And another one, more important is his contract before he came to the world. Remember I told you I have to also sign a contract (Yes, Master.) before I came to the world that such and such things I cannot do. (Yes, yes.) I cannot use magical power and I cannot obviously use any power to heal people, for example like that. (Yes, Master.) Because everybody would follow me then. (Yes.) Apart from the natural phenomena that exudes from my being, emits from my being, or radiates from my being, I cannot intentionally show any of my power or magic or anything like that to seduce people. (Yes.) You know all that. (Yes.)

So the same. He was destined to do a great good for his country and for the world. So he has to sign a contract. (Yes, Master.) He cannot be outwardly looking too perfect. You see what I am saying? (Oh.) And like speaking smoothly like a diplomat. (Yes, Master.) Stuff like that. That’s maybe one of the prices he has to pay. You see? (Yes.) (Understand.)

So that his family members, one or two of them, even went against him. And also, the frustration of working with many incompatible people, or incompetent as well, or not the same ideal. (Yes, Master.) Like he is all for peace. And his Defense Secretary was wanting to bomb everybody, that’s what he said. for example like that. It’s very frustrating. Yeah? (Yes, Master.)

So even for COVID-19, his gut told him that people should wear masks and then the highest officer, the highest position of the medical advice in the country, Dr. Fauci told him, “Oh don’t need.” You see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) And then Dr. Fauci, was praised sky-high and even they made a day in Washington DC for him, called Dr. Fauci Day, one day. (Wow.) The first day of something, I’m not very interested in this, so I don’t remember very well. You guys can check. (Yes, Master.) And also said, we should worry more about the flu, the normal flu that we have, the common flu we had before? (Yes, Master.) He said like that!

(Dr. Fauci: “So, right now, don’t worry about it, be more concerned about influenza which is going into a second peak for the season, than coronavirus…”)

According to all the newspapers, they quoted his saying that we should worry more about the flu than these little bugs. (Yes.) Yes, you saw that? (Yes, Master.) Yeah!

(Interviewer: “I’m seeing all these reports about the coronavirus, should I wear a mask?” Dr. Fauci: “Oh Absolutely not. I mean there is no reason for anyone right now in the United States with regard to coronavirus to wear a mask.”)

So that means, he discouraged the President. The President already ordered a lot, a lot of masks to give to everybody! And then he just says like that! (Yes.) And that also deluded Mr. President, and made him sick! And he and his family all got sick because of believing Dr. Fauci saying it’s nothing. (Oh.) Dr. Fauci said COVID-19 it’s nothing, it’s just bugs, the flu is even more worrisome. You see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) But the flu, people were already used to it, and it wasn’t much anymore, so if he told Mr. President that it is not as bad as the flu, of course, he wears no mask. He didn’t want to do anything more. (Yes, Master.) Until later, then he saw that it’s bad, bad, bad! Then he had to put personal effort to sign a lot of money for a company to research into the vaccine. (Yes, Master.) Everybody told him, everybody said that it takes five, six, seven years or more. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) He made it in five, six, seven months! (Yes.) Nobody praises him much! You see any praise? Anything? No. (No, no.) You see any newspaper print, “Oh! Bravo, Mr. President!” Nothing! Yeah? (Yes, Master.) Oh no! Maybe one or two. Just say, “Oh, it’s very good.” Just say, “Oh, good boy,” like that. (Yes.) Oh man. I am frustrated also, even if I am not the President. I feel so frustrated that people are like that!

And a good person like President Trump, and people try to cast him aside. (Yes, Master.) And someone involved with corruption and fraud, and wants you to vote for him. You see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) Involved, with money laundering or whatever it is. But, of course it’s not like he did it himself, the ex-vice president. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) Maybe not, because maybe they didn’t come to that yet, but his name was everywhere. (Yes, Master.) In the business, in the business office, in the business meeting and all kinds of things, and because he was a vice president, therefore his son has such a lucrative business doing nothing. (Wow.) Get many, many millions. OK? (Yes, Master.) (Yes.)

And in the old times, I don’t know if America has the law like that now, but in the old times… because at the moment, since a few years, the Chinese has become a so-called enemy of America. You see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) Competitors, and enemy, and a threat to America. That is what they are saying nowadays. I read it in many newspapers. So if you collude, shake hands with the enemies, they would prosecute you for treason. (Yes.) Even not just money laundering. (Yes, Master.) Even if you are just a suspect. That’s why the French party didn’t vote for Mr. Sarkozy. Because if you vote for a suspect, that means you also encourage or you are an accomplice. But in America, it’s too free, or what? (Yeah.) They took freedom too much for granted. They don’t know many other countries. Whatever they did like that, or the way they talk to their president like that, they could be imprisoned already. Long time. (Yes, yes.) Even if they don’t do it openly, they would find some other excuse to jail you, because of talking bad about the president. You know what I am saying? (Yes, Master.)

The Americans are so spoiled. So spoiled! I hope they continue to keep their freedom, because if you take anything for granted, that thing will be taken away from you. (Ah, yes. That’s true.) That’s the law in the Universe. What you don’t need will be taken away, what you don’t appreciate, will be gone. Sooner or later. Something like that. So I hope you are happy, thank you for trusting me. (Thank You, Master, for Your answer.)

And you agree with what I say? (I do agree, Master.) How about the lawyer? (Yes, I agree. Agree, Master.) You think I said anything wrong according to the law of America? (No, Master.) I guess it’s like that, right? (Yes, Master.) And anybody who votes for or sides with the suspect, normally the law would also investigate them in many cases, in America as well, right? (Yes, Master.) Because you are suspected to be an accomplice. Yeah? (Yes.) They are together with that suspected person. A suspect is not guilty yet, (Yes.) until proven, but he’s still a suspect. OK? (Yes, Master.) That’s why Mr. Sarkozy cannot be voted for president again. Because people don’t want to vote for a suspect. (Yeah.) You see what I am saying? Until he is clear. (Yes, Master.) Maybe, if he is ever cleared. It depends on what’s the situation and what’s the crime or what’s the thing. But in America, I don’t know if that’s allowed. So, you ask me. I also don’t really know how to answer correctly. I mean, 100%. (Yes.) I can just laugh at it. And I feel also very sad at the same time. OK? (Yes, Master.) Because everybody looks up to America as a good example of democracy. (Yes, Master.) Of justice. Of protection. But here they are! They are not protecting the righteous and good, excellent President. Their own President. Who has proven that he is really worth his position, more, many times over. (Yes, Master.)

(What would happen if Mr. Biden were to become President?)

Well, what would happen? Well, it’s very difficult to pinpoint. But America will lose trust from the international community. (Oh, wow.) Because such a dismissing of justice and respect to the top country leader, (Yes, Master.) and such deliberate kinds of actions against him (Yeah.) in many ways. And people will also distrust the media, the mainstream media. That’s what I worry about. (Yes, Master.) I just hope not. But it’s too obvious. It’s too obvious.

If the justice system doesn’t work, then people don’t trust it. (Yes, Master.) If the media do not report the truth, just report fake news and bias articles, then people don’t trust the media. (Yes, Master, understood.) It is very simple as that. (Yeah, understood.) So if the people in America also cannot trust the justice system, then how would the international community trust America. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) That’s what I’m worried about.

Yeah, hope everything goes well. (Yes, Master.) All right. We pray for the good President. (Yes, we pray, Master.) I’m doing it, still. Every time. Every time I can. So that’s all I can tell you. OK? (Thank You so much, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. May God bless America. May God get them out of the mess. May the righteous triumph so that your country will continue to prevail, to excel as a good, just, democratic country for all the world to emulate. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) (Amen.)

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