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Whatever You Do Is All for Yourself, Part 6 of 9, Jan. 21, 2022

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Ego is something everybody has. Even from the saints, before they are truly enlightened, they had a lot of ego also. Ego is the one who motivates us to be better than others. In the competitive society. (Yes.) In a very strenuous and challenging job market, and in the highly-valued academic field. (Yes, Master.) So, you have to have the ego in order to be motivated. If you don’t have ego, you don’t have pride, you wouldn’t want to do anything.

So, we have to praise God first, before anything else. (Yes, Master.) Of course, if you are not there, it’s also no good. But if God doesn’t help us, then we can’t do anything. (Right. Yes, Master.) Just like many people who study in the same school, medical school and all that, graduate with the same grade, but they cannot cure patients as good as the other one, other colleagues. (Yes, Master.) Somehow, he has luck or he’s more humble; he prays before he treats somebody, who knows.

In India, I went into some doctor’s office and they wrote a big slogan in front of their door, of their medical clinic. It says, “I prescribe but YOU heal.” You is written big like in capitals. That’s GOD. (Yes.) So to let the patients also know to thank God, OK? (Wow.) So, the doctor is also thanking God and reminding himself that he is not the doer. It is God or his Master who heals the patient. It’s also true like that. (Yes, Master.)

That’s why I keep telling the humans that they should be humble, grateful, (Yes.) and have benevolence for others, like for the animal-people. Then they will be saved. Their lives will be saved and their souls will be saved as well. But how many people listen, I wonder?

Any question? Don’t know? That’s not for you. You have Quan Yin method, you don’t have to go to that. Any question by the way? (Yes, Master.) Tell me, love.

(Talking about ego, sometimes something might happen and then our ego goes up very high.) yeah. (At that moment, how do we control it, how do we reduce it?) Just pray to God or Master Power, “Please, please cut my ego.” (Yes.)

There is one of my poems, I wrote. You guys did not read. It says something like, “I follow you for the life of renunciation and enlightenment and holiness,” and all that, and something like, “Master doesn’t ask anything except my ego.” (Yes.) And it’s a very high price for me. Yeah, that’s the poem, something like that. I can’t even remember my own poem. I didn’t read it for long time. It’s in “Silent Tears.” (Right, yes. Yes, Master.)

Just put it in front of your computer. That poem, just a few sentences. It’s a very short poem. Most of my poems are short. (Yes, Master.) Some are long, but it’s needed. Mostly they are short like that. Just four sentences, I remember.

Ego is something everybody has. Even from the saints, before they are truly enlightened, they had a lot of ego also. Ego is the one who motivates us to be better than others. In the competitive society. (Yes.) In a very strenuous and challenging job market, and in the highly-valued academic field. (Yes, Master.) So, you have to have the ego in order to be motivated. If you don’t have ego, you don’t have pride, you wouldn’t want to do anything. (Right.)

It’s alright. Just check it, that’s all. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Whenever you feel too proud or too excited about some little achievement of yours, sorry, you just scold yourself before I have to scold you. (Oh, yes.) If you don’t trim yourself, I will. (Yes, Master.) And it will hurt. (Yes.) It’s better you trim yourself. And then you know how much and when, and slowly and gradually. If I trim, I don’t have patience, you know that. (Yes, Master.) I go straight. (Yes.) Go straight and don’t know.

I know you hurt, but I had to do it. (Yes, Master.) I don’t have time to mess around. (Yes, Master.) I’m trained for that reason. (Yes, Master.) I’m trained to do that. If a doctor has to operate on you, he can’t just take his time. (Yes, Master. That’s right, Master.) The anesthesia will wear out. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And you will wake up and it hurts more. (Yes, Master.) And if he gives you another anesthesia dose, you might die. It may be too much for your body. (Right. Yes, Master.) So, the doctor, the expert, the adept had to cut it quick. (Yes, Master.) On time.

It’s like that in every field. (Yes, Master.) If you have to do it, just do it. Alright. (Yes, Master.) When you’re hungry already, desperate, you don’t sit there and sissy sassy, chewing a little bit at a time. You have to go back to work also. (Yes, Master.) Same like what we do now; we run back, go to the kitchen quickly, grab something in a big bowl altogether, throw it in there, and then sit in front of the television and work. In front of the computer. (Yes, Master.) This is the thing we should not do. But we all do that. Just time requirement. (Yes, Master.)

And sometimes, if we don’t do that, then we keep pushing, pushing until we’re truly so hungry. I don’t know about you. I do that. Pushing. Keep pushing it back. (Yes. Yes, Master.) “Later, later, later.” And then after I finish the show, suddenly some news comes up automatically, because I sometimes push the wrong button, and the news comes out. And I thought, “Huh? What?” And then I glue on that. I take photo and all that for you. (Yes, Master.) And I forgot again, I keep pushing. (Oh.) So, one time a day is absolutely perfect. If you can have time for that.

Oh my God, if I told you now, maybe tomorrow I will eat three times. I never know. Always the same, I forgot. I should not have told you. Too late, huh? (OK, we pretend we didn’t hear it.) Now… (We pretend we didn’t hear it.) Oh, don’t hear anything. Don’t know. (Don’t know.) I told you, I lost the Swiss knife, after I told you. With all the nails and the hammer and screwdriver and pliers, altogether in one small box. You know, my working toolbox. (Yes.) It’s not all professional. It’s just a… Oh, I’m talking a lot.

It’s a tea talk, because I was so sleepy and drowsy, I had to drink a lot of tea for last night already. This morning, because I didn’t sleep the whole night – working – (Woah.) so this morning, I felt drowsy. I said, “No, no, no, no. The work is coming.” I drank tea again. (Oh. Wow.) That’s why I talk so fast now, and I’m full of beans. It’s OK. It’s OK. I won’t die, I’m tough, I’m a big girl. What was I saying?

OK. I told you that, and then I lost the Swiss knife. I just boasted about my Swiss knife, handy and all that, and I used the nails and all that. I covered the wall myself. (Yes, Master.) I lost everything. (Oh, God.) Of course, they can buy me again, but it’s not the point. (Yes, Master.) I talked about the Swiss knife, but there’s another knife. I just boasted to you, I said I have a small knife, remember? (Yes, Master.) To cut fruits for myself and the animals. And I lost that small knife as well. (Oh. Wow.)

Whatever I tell you. How come I did not lose all these books? So I don’t have to even talk to you. How come I don’t lose any of this work? And all the karma from the world. Just some little thing that I need for practical use. Whatever I told you, I lose. I lose many other things, I can’t remember even, when I told people or tell you guys. (Yes.) Never mind, never mind. It’s good. They’re just small things.

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we say “của đi thay người.” Meaning, if you lose some material things, it is a replacement for your wellness or your life. (Oh. Wow.) Instead of you losing or you’re harmed or your body is harmed, or your body is injured, or anything, or dead, you’re losing material property or possession. (Yes.) At least, I lose only a knife. But telling you now, I’m not sure what I will lose next. (Hopefully nothing, Master.) Huh? (Hopefully nothing.) Nothing. Don’t know. Don’t know anything.

I told you vegan will come quick; within a few years. And it didn’t. (Oh yes.) I forgot I was in a different level at that time. Three years. It’s not three years on Earth. (Ah.) I forgot what level I was. I forgot. Sometimes I forgot. Between the reality and the Heavenly Realm, it’s a very thin border. (Oh, right.) Invisible. (Yes.) The threshold is very, very thin. Like, even thinner than your hair. (Oh.) So, if you are in some special situation, you’re in Heaven and on Earth, and back and forth at the same time. (Wow. Yes.) At the same time, or just at the threshold. At the border. Then the times and the vision is different. (Right. Yes, Master.)

Oh, I remember. I remember I told you I went to your old office before, and I looked at your lousy sofa, like the one I did not like. But I saw it in white, and sleek and slender and long and comfortable. Remember that? Not you? (No.) Nobody was there? (Yes, yes. Yes, I remember.) And I kept asking you guys, “Why didn’t you buy that?” I kept standing in front of that sofa. And I said, “Wow, this is a beautiful sofa.” (Yes.) And I kept praising that sofa. Honestly, I still have this in my head. And then later I called. I said, “Why didn’t you buy the same thing for me?” They said, “But we have the same thing Master, the green… the green sofa that you did not like.” I said, “What? No! It was white, sleek and elegant. The way I like it.” And then I asked all of you to find that white sofa. Maybe you put it somewhere and you forgot. Remember? (Yes.) And all of you were looking all over. (Yes.) There was a story I asked everybody. “Do you know where the white sofa is?” And I asked them, “Maybe you put it somewhere. Go have a look.” And they said, “No, don’t have.” How about in your other office?” “Don’t have.”

Nowhere has that! Because it doesn’t exist! But it was right in front of my eyes! (Right.) And then another time, remember, I sat in my old office and I called many people asking, “Where am I?” Because it looks like Europe to me. (Oh.) And then they disappointed me. They said, “You are in your office.” I said, “No way! Really? While I’m calling, I still see Europe! (Oh.) (Yes, Master.)

Or the story about the three bottles I put right in front of the door but I couldn’t find them. If you walk out, you will see them right away because they were lined up at the door, so that I won’t forget to take them out. But I didn’t see them, I couldn’t find them. (Yes, Master.)

So, sometimes I’m in different levels of consciousness. Sometimes difficult to come back to Earth. Sometimes I’m in between. Sometimes it’s all mixed up. (Wow.) It’s OK. It’s no harm to anybody. (Yes, Master.) It’s just a few hundred years apart, that’s all. If I say three years, it could be thirty. (Yes, Master.) If I say, “I’ll be a second,” it could be, how long? (A month. Many years.) Yeah, many, many years. A million years or something. It depends. It doesn’t matter. It’s OK. It’s just difficult to live in this world when you know so much about other worlds. (Yes, Master.)

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