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Breakdancing: A Fun and Exciting Dance Form

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Breakdancing, an energetic style of fast-paced dancing with gymnastic elements, is inseparable from the hip hop culture. The history of breakdancing goes back to the 1970s in the Bronx borough of New York City, USA. On seeing youth in the neighborhood experience frightening gang violence, Jamaican musician Clive Campbell, known as DJ Kool Herc, used his music to encourage them to transform conflicts into dance battles.

Through its improvisational and almost spontaneous form, breakdancing combines aspects of martial arts, gymnastics, tap, and other dance styles. The fast musical rhythms of hip hop music provide the beat for dancers to challenge one another with awe-inspiring and often gravity-defying movements. In the 1980s, legendary vegetarian pop icon Michael Jackson popularized his signature “Moonwalk,” a breakdance move that creates the illusion of gliding backwards.

The winners of the 2021 Red Bull BC One b-boy and b-girl championship were Amir Zakirov from Kazakhstan and vegan breakdancer Logan Edra, or Logistx, from the United States. Logan was also a Shining World VEGAN TALENT Award laureate. Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) said these words of encouragement to her: “Wow, LOGAN! The world enjoys your awesome performance, and we vegans in particular, are so proud of you too! Hurray and high five, cool and pretty young lady! Be grateful for God’s Grace and continue your best to contribute excellence to the world! Plus to be the glamorous beacon of an inspiring, compassionate hero for our young and beautiful generations. God loves you girl.”

The popularity of breakdancing has even earned it a place in the Olympic games. Following the success of the initial event, the Olympic Committee decided to include the dance sport in the 2024 Summer Olympic Games that are scheduled to be held in Paris, France.

Breakdancing is more than just an athletic dance for entertainment; it’s good for mental health as well. Studies show that emotions can be recognized and released through movement and dance.
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