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A Tribute to Art in the Name of Love: The 2021 International Artist Day Celebration, Part 3 of 5

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Today, we will present Chai Found Music Workshop, a traditional orchestra that reaches beyond a mere musical performance.

“When we were first established, we already identified that we were a local orchestra. In the last three or four years of operation, we’ve come to realize that the more local we are, the more international we will be. Our local characteristics, or our emphasis on them, have created a good ‘brand‘, or ‘totem‘ on the international platform.”

“We do all this to tell everyone that a traditional music performance is not limited to just string and wind instruments, it can be expanded to other fields. We wish that with these expansions, the younger generation will join Chai Found, so that they can express their passion for traditional culture through innovation. These innovations can help us leave some footprints, step by step, on the soil of Taiwan (Formosa), and also let people know that our traditional instruments are actually a vital aspect of contemporary culture. Through continuous innovations, we can develop our passion and imagination for traditional music.”

By incorporating drama, acting, and dancing into their performance, the Chai Found Music Workshop offers the audience a new theatrical experience. For the 2021 International Artist Day, they performed “Journey to the West.” The story is adapted from a classical Chinese adventure epic that symbolizes humanity’s spiritual journey to seek enlightenment. Let’s watch an excerpt from their program.

“Through traditional oriental instruments, we demonstrate the beauty of Taiwan's (Formosa’s) tradition. We also hope every country can bring its traditional magnificence to the same stage, to a platform such as International Artist Day. Everyone can present the beauty of people from different regions and different cultural circles. I think it is very meaningful. It’s very meaningful to hold this International Artist Day celebration.”

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