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Between Master and Disciples

Experience Downfall to Appreciate Upliftment (Part 1 of 6) Aug. 10-11, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文),Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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I don’t care who says what. At least we should tell other people to be veg. Then we can talk about other things. Yes. No matter how well you talk. Eloquence belongs to the Second Level only. If someone’s speech can make other people cry, become high, jump around and sing hallelujah, etc., that person is at the Second Level. Or the First Level, when he/she touches our emotional part. That’s why people cry and jump around singing hallelujah to support, etc. It doesn’t mean he/she is someone great. In contrast, spiritual practice is different. Spiritual practice is different from outer performance. Yesterday, I watched a movie because it’s about animals. I saw that in Africa, a long time ago, they killed those silverback gorillas! Oh! Terrible, terrible! I wonder how can we as a human race, who has such a beautiful heart inside, could do such things to helpless and beautiful animals who only eat leaves in the jungle. They don’t even eat your vegetables. They don’t harm anybody. And they lived together so nice, and they even recognized their adoptive mother when their mother was killed by poachers. So when they took her away from the adoptive mother, oh, she cried, cried and she was stretching her hands to call the human mother. And I could not bear. I almost wanted to leave this world immediately. I really wanted to. I thought, “This world is really too much.” Too much for anybody to bear, killing each other, killing animals, killing the same religious believers, same religions, brothers and sisters, etc. And killing anybody, children, innocent children, women, anybody, old or young alike. And I also cried a lot. Nobody needed to preach me anything. So, this is the emotion part. Okay? Also the compassion part. It depends, it depends. This is the compassion part. And the emotion part is when they talk about humans’ drama, husband and wife, love, separated lovers, and separated family members, etc, etc. And then, it touches our emotional quality, the loving quality within us. And that’s also very good. But the most important, the most important of all is enlightenment. If no enlightenment, at least loving kindness to all beings and animals, meaning tell people to be vegan, at least vegetarian. So it doesn’t matter who says what. If it’s not about being kind to each other and being kind also to animals, then I don’t care too much. It’s all political. Understand? Politics. It’s easy to side with the governments and tell everybody to be good citizens or whatever. Then, the government will let you go everywhere, maybe give you money even to go, because it’s good. But that doesn’t mean it can help much, spiritually or in the long-term. Of course we love our fellow humans, but we have to also love animals, otherwise we are not really a real hero and a real human.
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