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PEACE: The Bigger Picture of Public Service, part 1 of 10, Sep. 16, 2020

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Taiwan has been always independent since a long time. Many decades. So the good and smart Chinese government would not risk their reputation and morals to invade the little island. It’s not much of interest to China anyway, that’s what I’m thinking.

(Hallo, Master!) Hi, handsomes! (Hallo. Hi, Master.) How are you guys? (Good. Thank You, Master.) I have to talk to you sometimes. (Thank You, Master.) I miss you guys. (We miss You, Master.) A little bit, sometimes. Thinking of how you work very hard and how you try your best to help me to help the world. Thinking like that, I miss you. (Thank You, Master.) (We miss You.)

I think you guys are awesome. No matter what reason you came, they’re just catalysts. Truly, your soul must have wanted to help the world. (Yes, Master.) Even if you don’t know it, even if you think you came just, I don’t know, whatever reason. Sometimes we don’t even know why we are doing what. So, what’s up?

(How are You, Master?) I’m good. I’m good. I mean as good as it gets. I mean I’m very fortunate always. (Yes, Master.) Whatever circumstance, I’m always thinking I’m fortunate. (Yes, Master.) Because everything happens for some reason and good or bad, we are not here long anyway. We won’t be long in the world. We will go back Home. (Yes, Master.) So, any garbage on the road, or any left wallet on the road, we return anyway (Yes, Master.) to the world. So, anything I can do for you to make you happy? Anything more I can do? (We have some questions, Master.) You do. (Yes, Master.) I reckoned because long time we haven’t talked. (Yes, Master.) I heard that you organized like a page or like a space so anybody who has questions can deposit there and then everybody knows. (Yes, Master.) That’s good.

Before we start it, (before) I forget, I want to tell the girls in the center there that they should buy some beds or sofa. Because winter is coming, they should not always sleep on the floor. (Yes, Master.) Buddha was in India. That’s a hot country. (Yes.) Even winter there is not as cold. (Yes, Master.) But where you are, it’s not just cold but damp. This is for the girls. For you guys also, but I think you guys are set, right? (Yes, Master.) For the girls who have no sofa and no bed, just get some. One each. So, when it’s winter, you can have a more comfortable and warm place to lie down. (Yes, Master.) If you lie down. If you don’t lie down, even you should sit on the higher setting because the air from near the floor is colder and damp. (Yes, Master.) It’s not good in the long run. (Understood, Master.)

Maybe that’s why the Buddha said only men should be monks, because they were ascetic. (Yes.) It’s not because the Buddha didn’t want. Like in one of the precepts for those who came in for some days for practicing meditation in the presence of the Buddha, He said, “No large and high bed.” (Yes.) But that is because they didn’t have enough space. (Yes, Master.) And they’d be there for a while only. Also, India is warm. (Yes, Master.) But He allowed, they call it “hanging bed.” That’s what we call hammock nowadays. (Yes, Master.) So you can hang it on the tree and lie down. (Yes, Master.) But in your office… I imagine all the hammocks hanging everywhere. And you sit on one side and put your computer and all this incredible equipment on the hammock, I don’t know how. So the girls can do that. Can also buy a hammock to relax sometimes if we have a few minutes. (Yes, Master.)

I tell you what. I also have one hammock, but I never thought I had any chance at all. (Yes.) And it’s only good for summer; winter it’s kind of cold if you hang a hammock. Oh, it depends. If you buy a thick hammock, like with the padding, or the thick kind of material, then it won’t be too cold. But if the normal hammock, like a net, (Yes, Master.) it’s quite cold, it’s quite cold. It’s good for summer. I tried that before. (Yes, Master.) Before the mosquitos invaded my privacy. Before, I didn’t know what a mosquito is and now they make themselves known. The more disciples, the more mosquitos love me. I think it hangs together in that.

So, tell the girls that for me. (Yes, Master.) Or if you send them this conference, then… You’re recording, right? (Yes, Master.) Always do that. In case somebody misunderstands or something, can listen again. (Yes, Master.) Now, you have some questions. Just one minute, (see) if I have forgotten anything else. Tell them to sleep on the higher platform, higher raising kind of surface. (Yes, Master.) Or at least about 15 centimeters or 10 centimeters is fine, 20. (Yes, Master.) Fifteen, 20 is good. Don’t have to be very high, in case you meditate too well, you’d fall off. I’m not worried about your head, I worry about the floor. Oh, I’m just joking. I worry about you. You know, right? (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.)

They say you have a hard head, but not that hard. I mean, you try your best. I mean, you are already doing something. Everybody is doing their best. But you do have some defects. But it’s not your fault. It’s already implanted there before you were born. (Yes, Master.) Also, DNA, or background, or education, habit. That’s difficult also for everyone. (Yes, Master.) But I do appreciate your sincerity in your work. And God bless you. (Thank You, Master.) God bless you all the time. God protect you in your work. Be careful, because when you’re doing the work for Master, the maya, whatever leftover, they will try to make trouble. So, you have to discern what is your intention and what is infused into your head. Like somebody tried to put some idea into your mind, (Yes, Master.) which wasn’t there, and it’s not your original ideal. (Yes, Master.) All right. Now you can ask your questions, please.

(Yes Master. In August, one of the highest-ranking US officials to visit Taiwan (Formosa) in decades met with business leaders and government officials, including the President of Taiwan. China denounced this meeting. During and since this visit, China has carried out military exercises, and has flown numerous war planes crossing Taiwan’s airspace over the Taiwan Strait. Last month, China has also carried out missile tests in the South China Sea. Master, should Taiwan worry? Will China make war with Taiwan?)

Maybe they just do their military exercises, just like many countries they do that. Now and then they have to test their own army equipment, or the trained personnel, or trained soldiers, just to be ready in case. Just like Switzerland, even though they are a neutral country and they don’t want a war with anybody and they also never have any war made with them, but they always train their staying-home soldiers. So everybody is ready anytime. Just like a reserve army.

Because I don’t believe that the government of China under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, would want to start any aggression. What for? Because President Xi is a faithful Buddhist, and he even taught his people to adhere to Buddhism. He says that China is originally believing in Buddhism anyway, so we should continue this tradition. And the Buddhist teaching never advocates war. That’s why I said to you before, when I read some stories to you guys, I said, I like Buddhism because it’s peaceful. It teaches peaceful. Ever since the Buddha was alive and preaching to His disciples and followers in India up to now, the Buddhist people, hardly ever heard them making war anywhere, or incite any war or provoke any war with anyone. That’s what I like about Buddhism. And President Xi, he knows all that, so I don’t think he would instigate a war.

And the Taiwanese (Formosans) don’t give them any good reason to do that. The Taiwanese people are peace-loving, generous and kind, and just very content with their life and they never want anything much. They’re just happy with what they have. Very peaceful people. Quiet, gentle. There’s no good reason for the Chinese government to make war with Taiwan (Formosa).

Even if the American government officials or high position officials came to Taiwan, that’s not the Taiwanese’s fault. They wanted to come. The Taiwanese people, they just welcome them. They’re very hospitable people. They welcome thousands of Chinese to Taiwan every day. You know that, (Yes, Master.) and I always say that. They are very welcoming, very generous people. So the government also cannot refuse if any of the diplomats or envoys from any country come to visit their homeland. Any country’s envoy, not just Americans. Of course they want to also expand their diplomatic relationships to all. So, it’s not Taiwan’s fault that they visit Taiwanese country. The President Xi is a very smart man, very serious, and he’s an upright person, I think, I feel that way. So he would never want to damage his own reputation as well as his moral standard and the principles that he upholds as a Buddhist to wage war, just to take over a small island, because China has big, big, big land already. They wouldn’t want to take any other little small island anywhere. (Yes, Master.)

(But China is taking control of Hong Kong, Master, so shouldn’t we worry about a similar situation in Taiwan?) Ah, Hong Kong. Well, that’s another story. You see, Hong Kong is a so-called SAR – Special Administrative Region. And it used to belong to China, so now it’s returned by the British government after over many decades of lease, more than 90 years something. So also, the young Hong Kong people kind of also gave China an excuse to do so by being so restless for many months and causing a lot of trouble for normal people. Business going down and people scared to go to invest in Hong Kong and all that. I’m not saying the young people in Hong Kong did not have the right to demand things. But to keep on-going like that, you give an excuse to the Chinese government to interfere, to intervene. Because if the Hong Kong government asked them to intervene, then they would intervene. But Taiwan (Formosa) is different. Because Taiwan has been independent ever since a long time already.

So Hong Kong is a different story. Hong Kong also belonged to China, officially. And also the Hong Kong young people are very enthusiastic and very patriotic and also worry too much about some law that might make them feel threatened, their freedom. That’s why they have been demonstrating for many months, and it caused a lot of suffering for businesses and normal people. But Taiwan (Formosa) is different. Taiwan has been always independent since a long time. Many decades. So the good and smart Chinese government would not risk their reputation and morals to invade the little island. It’s not much of interest to China anyway, that’s what I’m thinking.

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