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Between Master and Disciples

The True Meaning Of Monkhood, Part 1 of 9, Dec 26, 2019

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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Our work is global. It’s not only a couple of people that are responsible for one part. It’s global teamwork. I really do think that it’s very amazing. They’re doing a really wonderful job. They work as a team. Can you imagine?

I’m sorry for being a little late today. I was busy with other work, the inner work. Hallo! If you, working staff, don’t have things to do now, can you come here to sit? You don’t have to stay outside. Keeping two guards outside the gate is enough. You all come in and sit here. Kitchen crew can also come in since there’s no one eating now. If they don’t eat, it doesn’t matter. They are spiritual practitioners, after all. Yes. They’ve often said that they don’t feel hungry when seeing Master. (Yes.) Don’t feel hungry. Don’t feel hungry or cold or anything. That’s why you can come in and sit; sitting in the back is also fine. I don’t think there’s any space in the front. Or else there’s plenty of space over there for you to sit. Just come in and sit wherever you can. Yes, no problem; they’re on retreat.

(Hallo, Master.) Hallo. You don’t have to eat when you’re on retreats, do you? Only they and I work a lot and feel hungry. Why are you hungry after sitting for the whole day? No. I’m sorry. Hallo, everyone. (Hallo, Master.) Sorry. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo. I’m coughing a little bit; it’s nothing. I cough like this whenever there’s dust in the air. This time you’re warm. You don’t cough anymore; I cough for you. Hallo! (Hallo, Master!) Do we have more people today, or have you just changed the place? The number is the same? (The same.) Amitabha Buddha. No need, thank you.

Today I came late. Very sorry. It’s your time to eat. I just want to say “Hallo” actually, so if you want, I can go, and then you go eat, (No!) and then I see you later, maybe. (No.) No? Yes, no? (No.) I don’t hear anything from the men. They want to go, they can go. You want to go? (No.) You already are a very small group number, so if you want to go, we’ll miss nothing, actually. If you don’t want to eat just now, it’s OK also. Even if you miss your meal today, I am not really sorry for you. I just feel happy for you. You owe the world a little less.

Chinese? Are there all mainland Chinese today? I’m sorry. Mainland and small land Chinese, and I’m “middle land.” I’m stuck in-between. Then I’ll speak some Chinese. I don’t know if they can translate it into English. It’s quite difficult. Maybe Chinese can understand English. But some of you are from Mongolia and Âu Lạc (Vietnam), etc. How do you say, Korea, Spain. I don’t know if they can understand. What to do? Do I still have to speak Chinese? (It’s up to Master.) Huh? It’s right to let Master decide. (Yes, it’s up to Master to decide.) But it’s not up to Master. We’ll have to see what is better for others. Yesterday, I was talking about selfless dedication, and then today, you still want to do it your way. How many times do I have to say to make you understand? How many times?

If I speak Mandarin, not everyone can understand. Some don’t understand Mandarin. Is it not so? And some of you speak Sichuan dialect, Heilong (“hei” meaning ‘black”) River or Bai (meaning “white”) river dialect, or even Kafei (meaning “coffee color”) river dialect. They speak all kinds of dialects. Is it so? (Yes.) Do all of you understand Mandarin? Raise your hands for me to have a look. How many of you don’t understand Mandarin? Raise your hands. You don’t dare now. Keep the Five Precepts; be honest.

Those who are late sit in the back. There’s no prohibition. Come in, if you’d like. If you don’t like it, don’t come in. It’s so simple. It’s warmer inside, anyway. All working staff, if they don’t have to stay outside, then don’t. Let them in. I’m waiting. It’s special sales. I’m waiting. It’s special sales. I say, on sale. It’s a sale. I am waiting, so don’t worry. Come in, everybody can come in. Don’t worry about the customers, they will eat later. Every time they tell me when they see me, they’re not hungry, they’re not thirsty, they’re not cold, nothing. So, it’s OK. Understand? (Yes.) Each time you see Master, you always say that you’re not hungry, not cold and not what. You’re not anything.

Anybody can come, just quietly. Anybody can come in and sit behind. Give them translation machines, if possible, OK? (OK.) What if I speak Greek? In England, sometimes I heard people say, “Oh, he sounds like Greek to me.” Meaning, he doesn’t understand. He speak a very unfamiliar language that I don’t understand. Greek and Russian are similar. We’ll all give in. Are the kitchen people here? Thank you all. Today, you have a seat and listen. OK? OK, OK, very good. I stand up to be a few more centimeters taller, for you to have a better look. The high-heels help. The high heels. Do you, the Westerners have enough translation? (Yes.) We have Greeks here. And we have Spanish, Chilean, as well as people from other countries. I can’t remember that much.

Does it matter if you eat at a later time today? Join the club. I’m like that normally, and you might experience it only once here today. Usually, when you come here, you sit and wait for mealtimes. But today I couldn’t make it in time. First, I wanted to see you yesterday, but I ended up having too much work to come here. Second, I felt sorry for the guards, kitchen crew and security people, etc. If I came out, everybody would have to come out, too. They have been working all day. Yesterday, we worked almost all day. And that’s why we should let them rest a bit more. They have work outside, too. They’re not just working as guards here. Once I come out, they’d all be nervous. They’d not be able to rest and sit for a while. I thought, if I give you time, they should also have some time. We let them rest and meditate to recover their inner strength. That’s what I thought. There’s no hurry now that we’re in the retreat. There are no fixed rules of when Master will come out, or rules that guards have to stand all day. You try to stand and see if you can bear it for a few minutes. They stand for a long time. And they have to ask for days off from work for the retreat. They also have to negotiate with their wives. Or negotiate with their girlfriends in order to stand here. It’s not that easy. We should give them some time to meditate and rest. Is it OK? Understand now? (Yes.)

Also, if Master is often with you and talks to you all day long, you’d not digest well. Even for vitamins or goodies, you cannot take too much, right? (Yes.) So just a little bit is enough. We don’t need many goodies, do we? You see, in the old times, kings didn’t feel like eating, because of too much food. Can you imagine that a king also eats three meals a day? Three meals are all right, but each meal had too much food. And the food was already cold when it was brought to him. It got even colder after the court eunuchs had tasted it first. He always had to eat second-hand food. What kind of king is that? He could only eat the “leftover” food. Those eunuchs were also very pitiful. Sometimes their stomachs were already full from tasting all kinds of food all day long, but they still had to taste the food. And in case the food was poisoned, then they died first. It was not that easy to be a eunuch. However, it was probably just symbolic. If somebody truly attempted to kill the king, he’d not put the poison in the food, since he’d know that the eunuch would taste the food first, right? Chefs would also taste it first. Maybe they wouldn’t be so stupid, except if they hated the eunuch. They would poison the eunuch.

I speak English more fluently, but it’s all right. Just speaking some sentences to make you happy. Translation is very important. I’m just afraid that we don’t always have talented people to translate. Not all languages can be translated. It’s even more difficult to translate from Chinese. You still didn’t learn English even though I’ve told you to do so. You can’t even learn one language. How am I supposed to use my magical power to translate so many languages for you? And Chinese is very difficult to learn. For example, for a Greek to translate from Chinese into Greek, can you imagine? Can he do that? Very difficult. Even if he has learned Chinese, he probably can’t understand everything. It’s good that I only talked in plain language. I didn’t use profound language to make you feel that I’m amazing. In the end, you don’t understand anything and don’t remember what I talked about.

All right, I’m saying that if you don’t have a meal to eat today, it doesn’t matter. Just have sympathy for Master, because sometimes, I can’t eat on time. I can’t do anything about it, and every day it’s like that. I have to finish the documents once they’re in my hands. There are urgent documents almost every day. I can’t wait, even if it’s not urgent. Even if there are no urgent ones that need be aired today, I will need to read them. Because I don’t just read, I have to do corrections or approve something. After I’ve corrected and approved them, they still have to translate them into many languages in order to broadcast it. Then the video editors also need to put them on the screen. A lot of things have to be done. Therefore, even if it’s not going to be broadcast today or tomorrow, I still have to do my part first. The sooner I can do it, the better. It gives them enough time to put translations on the screen for scheduling.

Our work is global. It’s not only a couple of people that are responsible for one part. It’s global teamwork. I really do think that it’s very amazing. They’re doing a really wonderful job. They work as a team. Can you imagine? The time zone in Taiwan (Formosa) is different than in the U.K. or in New Jersey. That’s why sometimes we have to work throughout the night, because of different time zones. If we don’t have the work ready to send out in the evening, those in other places, such as New York or Spain, will not be able to work during the daytime. If we send it in the daytime, then it’s their resting hours. Therefore, the system is truly remarkable. I really appreciate everyone, including translators and countries, such as China, Spain, Greece, U.K., U.S., Chile, and Costa Rica, etc. That’s why sometimes I work day and night. Mostly it’s like that, because of different time zones.

We’re a very big group. We have hosts. How do I say it in Chinese? Hosts. And there are translators, people who go on TV, technicians, and those who do the artwork and the settings in the front and in the background. There are different kinds of work. Every program involves a lot of things. That’s why you cannot say that it’s an easy job. I myself cannot do it alone. We are a team, and I’m just one of them. Without this part, the other parts could not function. It’s just like your kitchen work, pretty much the same. Different people cook different things. One goes shopping, and the others wash cooking pots, etc. And then another one arranges and serves the food for everybody to enjoy. Many people work together. It’s good that our group is quite unified, understanding, willing and happy to work together. I don’t know. Maybe one or two of them are not happy because of being asked to work. I don’t know. To those people, I apologize. I don’t force them to work. It’s all of their own free will.

The same with Supreme Master TV. They’re all very cooperative. We’re just like partners and are very willing to do it. Everybody works unitedly. Everybody is very willing to have the job done. Can you imagine? Supreme Master TV involves working staff in all corners of the world. They are from different countries but they can still continue to work very smoothly. Of course, Master has to check. Still, they work a lot. Each person is in charge of different work. Because I work with them, that’s why I’m very grateful. I know it’s not easy, and you have to accomplish it perfectly. Sometimes there are mistakes, which might have happened during my retreats alone. They made mistakes behind my back.

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