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Between Master and Disciples

The Almighty, Part 1 of 4, Oct. 1~2, 2006

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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The Indian people, they know how to respect others, respect the... And they know about practicing, vegetarian and all that. And they do not compete with each other about who’s right, who’s wrong. So if you go to India, you can find so many gurus.

Hallo! Are you Aulacese (Vietnamese)? The Aulacese (Vietnamese). (Dear Master, last July I was asked by the German television to play a role in a film that portrays my life. The TV program is: Lebenslinen.) Lebens what? (Lebenslinen.) What Linen means? “The Path of Life.” And then? (Before I played this role, I asked a few fellow initiates for their opinions, because my aim is to help more people know about Master’s teachings, if they watch the film. During my acting in the film, I prayed a lot to Master, and I also received Your [inner] instructions. After that film, I realized my mission in this life is to do something [meaningful]. The film was successful and is now done. They named the film “Why Ms. Nguyen meditates.”) Oh, very good! (This film will be aired on TV on the 6th of November in Germany.) Everyone will watch it! What time? (It’ll be 7pm.) Which channel? (Channel Bavarian Broadcasting.) Bavarian Broadcasting. 7pm, OK. Let me see how you acted! (It’s 7:15pm.) At 7:15pm. You watch it and let me know if it’s good or bad. Sometimes I’m busy, can’t watch it. Or record it for me, in case. (Yes.) Record it, so I can watch it whenever I can. (Yes.) Because sometimes I don’t have a TV. Have no... Bavarian Broadcasting, “Round or Square-casting.” Good! Congratulations! (Thank You very much, Master, for giving me that opportunity and...) Why did they want you to do that film? (They just came and asked me by chance.) Came to your house to ask for that? (It was a customer from my store.) What store? (Cosmetics store. This customer is the owner of this film’s company. She came to my store and asked if I wanted to act in a film. When she asked, I was very unintentional, I didn’t know what she wanted. I thought she just wanted me for ten minutes [of filming]. I said, “Not a problem; I’ll take the role if you want me to.” After my answer, they proceeded with the program, then they said OK.)

How long is the film? (Forty-five minutes, Master.) Is it like a documentary? (Yes, it is. They accompanied me to Âu Lạc [Vietnam] to film it.) Oh, wow! Recorded in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) even? (Yes.) Did they pay you? (Yes, they did pay me) How much? (for the period of three days.) Acting in the film? (Yes. That film cost a lot, because they made it in Âu Lạc [Vietnam]. Normally, it wouldn’t cost as much if it was made in Germany. But because they went to Âu Lạc [Vietnam], so...) They paid you less. (Yes, that’s right.) Because of going to Âu Lạc [Vietnam]). You acted the whole 45 minutes or... (I acted the whole month, Master.) I know, but you were in it through the whole 45 minutes? (Yes.) With many scenes and all that. (Yes.) With who else? (They recorded about my family. They filmed the city where I came from, my life in Âu Lạc [Vietnam] and why I went to Germany. And how my life is after the war, and the scenes of everyone...) Then why meditate, what did you say in the film? (I talked about life, there’s happiness and sadness in life. I see life after the war has no meaning, if we only take care of life outside, we won’t get happiness. Therefore, we must seek the spiritual path. With spiritual practice, people will find happiness.)

Do you speak well in German? Do they understand you? (They understand. I speak German...) Whatever you have been saying, now say it in German. (Life is so miserable after the war. And now the people live in this material world. That is, only focusing on the outer world, you cannot become happy. We have to go inward, hear the inner (Heavenly) Sound, and search for God. And through meditation, you can go to the inner world.) Why do you meditate? That is important also why. (The title is: “Why Ms. Nguyen Meditates.”) Yes, but why? You tell the reason why. (I said, because through meditation, through the Quan Yin Method...) You said Quan Yin Method? (I said so.) Didn’t they ask, what is that? (Yes, when we recorded the film, I explained a lot about You. That You are my Master, and I am very happy because of You. I have become a new person. I am happier, my life’s turned better.) Turned to be a better person. (Yes, not only this, I try my best in my life to serve people. I also wish that, thus people get to know this Method, to know Your teaching. Because I become happy through You, and I would like to pass on the message.) Spread. (Yes, spread.) Spread the teaching. (Yes, right.) Good! Have they accepted everything? Haven’t they cut anything? (They did not keep everything in this 45 minutes. Because, we worked one month long altogether, and made 30 films. From 30 films, they edited it into only one film. It was an extract about where I meditate. And Your photo is also there. But they did not keep the part about Quan Yin Method. But they showed, “Why Ms. Nguyen meditates.” I think that is very favorable that the TV viewers see this, and they will figure out the reason why I meditate. Because, I also said, through meditation I have become happier and become a different person.) But, with the Quan Yin Method? (Yes.) So, only by Quan Yin Method, and not because of society. (Yes, through Your Method, and through Your teaching. I hope that as many people as possible will follow Your teaching.) OK, good. That’s it! But do they know how to find you? Pardon? Know who you are? (If the TV viewers are interested, they can ask the Bavarian Broadcasting about my phone number and address.) OK, that’s good, yes! Congratulations! I congratulate. Yes, yes.

(Dear Master, I would like to ask You about my work, if it has any major affect on my spiritual practice?) What do you work? (Dear Master, my company specializes in importing goods from overseas and selling them in our country. I work in the packaging department. Some of the goods, like perfume and other items, don’t relate to killing. But there’s one product called “ REPEL,” this product is a kind of insect repellent, and there is also another kind of brand that is used to kill insects, like ants or other insects. Master, if I work in that department, will it affect my spiritual practice a lot?) It’ll affect a little. Can’t you change your job now? (I am trying to find another one.) If you can’t find one, just keep doing it, then slowly find another job and change it. Change only when you find a new one. Recite the Five Holy Names while packing. (Master, that product is not an all-year round product, but only for a while, one, two months only.) Understand. (My company only specializes in floor cleaner and soap or hand cream and other items. The other is very minimal within a year.) Understand! Then it affects you during that time. Can you ask not to pack that product? Can’t you? (No, I can’t.) If you can, find a different job. If you cannot, try to bear it. Recite the Five Holy Names. Because they want us to pack, not that we want to pack. Still, you must recite the Five Holy Names. Concentrate to protect yourself. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

Everybody’s inside? Or is there anybody sitting outside? Everybody in? Is there anybody outside? Huh? No. Huh? (Everybody’s in.) All in? Yes or no? (Yes!) OK. Good, good. If not enough space, you sit a little bit over here, or on top of the others. Do they have, like, a second floor tent? No, huh? What shall we do? It’s very difficult. You know, suppose we have a center, we will never have enough room for everybody. Even the biggest hotel sometimes will not be enough. I have problem looking for a hotel in Bangkok, in Thailand. None of the hotels are so big! When they hear... Before, they don’t even know how many, they say about five or six thousand. “Oh, no, no cannot! No, no, no, no.” OK, go look for another hotel, and then not enough. Look for another hotel... Oh, look around, the whole of Thailand, there’s only one. But they say ten thousand only. They don’t know how many we have. So I say, “OK!” Whatever. Do you understand my problem? (Yes!) We are not in India. If we are in India, maybe the government even builds an ashram for you, and asks you to go to speak in the parliament or advise on a state matter, maybe. But we are in a different world. The Indian people, they know how to respect others, respect the... And they know about practicing, vegetarian and all that. And they do not compete with each other about who’s right, who’s wrong. So if you go to India, you can find so many gurus. All kinds of gurus, and nobody says anything about anything. So they can have a very big ashram, nobody says anything. In a western country or other countries, our group is fairly new. New. Even though I don’t teach anything new, but it’s new to everybody. And so, it’s kind of still very... not very smooth for us all the time. In some countries, it’s smooth, or some places, it’s smooth, some places it’s not. In the smooth place, we cannot find a room. Or, there’s a lot of room, we cannot find a smooth place.

The Aulacese (Vietnamese) continue. (Master, I would like to ask that during summer, we sell vegan food. Within these months, we travel six, seven hundred kilometers, (Wow!) and I would like to ask about meditation. We normally sell on weekends, so we can’t go to the center for group meditation. After we come back from days of traveling to sell foods, can we meditate days and nights at home?) Yes, yes, OK. If you have to work for surviving, let them know. (Yes, yes.) The contact persons must consider different situations. Sometimes they have young kids and cannot go, they live alone with their kids, or live alone with their husbands and can’t go. Who’ll watch out for their husbands? What if someone snatches him when they are away? Leaving the kids behind will fear the society’s criticism. Leaving the husband behind will attract the neighbor coming to take care of him. (Master, I am not afraid of losing my husband.) OK, if you have to work, due to your working circumstance and you can’t go to group meditation, then let the contact person know that you meditate at home and how many hours. “Please help me out. I have to earn money, or I have to look after my kids. My situation is such and such, please take into account. I do meditate daily from what time to what time.” Say like that, for example; then they’ll know. (Thank You, Master.) Contact persons, please act accordingly to their situations.

Anything else? (Yes, Master! I want to ask You, my husband and I and my sister and her husband would really like to make tofu as a business, which people love to eat, but we only make it at home, we haven’t opened a shop.) OK. (I would like to ask You that if we open a vegan shop like that, when we asked, several initiates agreed to lend us money, because we are buying a house at the moment, so we dare not do it. Master, can You give us advice, if we should do it?) Do what? (Open a vegan restaurant, Master.) Vegan food store? (Yes, Master, vegan food store.) But are there a lot of customers there? (Over there?) Is it a big town? (Where I live is a big town, Master, but I know there are shops that sell only vegetables for the vegetarians. No cooking, only fresh vegetables and cheese, and they’ve opened a few stores like that.) Oh, my God! Only cheese, and they opened a few stores already! Cheese! I do not know. How much do they lend you? (I don’t know, Master.) You don’t know and still dare to borrow! How courageous! (Because we just bought a house, about five years now. We still have a mortgage, so we don’t dare to do business. How much is the debt? We don’t need to pay off the house debt now, just pay gradually by annual installments, Master.) Is selling tofu enough to pay now? (We don’t sell it often. We don’t advertise much.) I know, but what do you do at home to pay the debt? (My husband has been unemployed for one year now.) Really? (He used to work before.) How can you pay when you’re unemployed? (Even being unemployed, we still can manage, no spending on non-necessities, Master.) Got it, OK. Continue to do so, don’t add more debt, or you won’t know how to pay it all off. (Thank You, Master.) For example, if you can’t work, then how will it be? But if the fellow initiates want to do business with you, then tell them to put in shares. If they want to do business, they’ve got to share within the profit, and share within the loss. If you borrow, you have to bear all the responsibility - if the business does not succeed, no money to pay the debt, that will make people upset, understand? (Yes!) Whoever wants to do business and wants it this way, let them join. Otherwise, do not borrow money from people. Of course, initiates will lend to you. Our initiates are very generous, trusting. But you have to estimate your ability. If any initiates who want to do it, then work together. (Thank You Master.)

(I have one more question, Master. Before I got married, and no kid, I had all the experiences, (inner Heavenly) Light and Sound. When I meditated, sometimes I could smell incense, Master, just like other initiates had mentioned. But after I got married and have kid, all experiences are gone, Master!) Congratulations! (But I do know, when I had any trouble, I sat and prayed to Master, and I felt the connection with Master inside. You gave me answers. I also know I’m more sensitive than before, Master.) When you have trouble, you just call Master, no need to practice? Doesn’t matter whatever experience you have, just calling Master is enough, huh? (No need to worry, Master?) No need to worry? No problem, just let Master do it all! By the way, let Master meditate for you, and get experience for you too, OK? And when you fail at something, Master helps you out too! No problem, huh? Is there any problem? (No.) No problem! You’re still alive. (Once again, I thank You very much.) You’re welcome! (I can’t believe my whole family follow You and practice.) Very good! (Thank You Master!) Who’s in the family? Tell me. (My dad, my mom, my sisters.) Dad, mom and sisters are all here? (Yes, all here, Master.) Where? Raise your hands, let me see. (With my husband too, Master.) Whoa! What a good husband! Whoa! What a good husband! (Thank You very much, Master.) Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter, whatever you get is good enough. (Yes.) Just call Master when you come across things, no need to worry! (Thank You, Master.) You lost your experience but gained a husband, gained your parents in-law, as well as a child. Oh, dear! Gaining four, five people, what else do you want? Four, five more saints, understand? Try to bear it, honey.

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