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Between Master and Disciples

May the Righteous Triumph, Part 1 of 6, Dec. 24, 2020

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I wish the world vegan. World peace and world enlightenment. That’s all I wish. Every day I keep repeating that to Heavens, make sure They hear me. To help us. Because without World Vegan, there will not be lasting World Peace. That’s why I ask people to pray and meditate only for World Vegan. And World Peace also comes along.

(Hallo Master!) (Merry Christmas, Master!) Thank you. (Merry Christmas!) Merry Christmas. Same to all of you. (Merry Christmas, Master!) Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. (Thank You, Master.) Oh man. I have to turn on the recording video. Your Master has to do everything alone. That’s why it’s kind of tense. (Yes, Master.) Super woman still tense. Doesn’t mean super woman you don’t feel nothing. It’s not like that. OK, tell me.

(Yes, Master. First, we would like to thank You for the mince pies and the cakes that You sent to us as well. It was delicious, Master.) You got them? (Yes, thank You.) (Thank You, Master.) Good, good. You’re welcome. I sent also to the brothers and sisters. (Aw.) I asked someone to send. (Yes, Master.) That’s all I can do, OK? That’s a lot for me already. For one person. (Yes.) (Thank You.) (Thank You, Master.) You enjoyed? (Yes, Master!) (Delicious!) Good. It’s good.

I’ve even got the red clothes on. (Oh!) Yeah, to match you, match your hats. Match for Christmas. We could have been happier if the whole world is happier, right? (Yes. Yes, Master.) We try what we can. You try to celebrate. I don’t celebrate anything. I’m alone. I’m too busy working. Because if I celebrate, I don’t know if I have time for anybody else. OK? (Yes, Master.) Also, I don’t feel like doing it because too much suffering. (Understand.) (Yes, Master.) Because your brothers told me that there are some questions on the box that you put your questions in? On the blog or something? (Yes, Master.) So you can go ahead, ask me now. When I’m already dressed up and… (Thank You, Master.)

(Master, may we know how You will spend Christmas?) How would I spend Christmas? I spend it for you and for the world and for doing Supreme Master TV, rushing and for preparing the conference and all that. That’s what I spend my time on for Christmas. I don’t have time to do anything else. And I am glad that we can make it, you know? (Yes, Master.) Even for the live conference for the outside people. I mean, for our brothers, sisters, as well as the viewers. (Yes, Master.) Because we have to call the tech brother or something to some area to help out remotely. I’m glad that we can do it, because nobody has to come to my place at all and we can still do it. (Yes, Master.)

It’s a miracle. I never thought it would happen. I never knew such thing exists. Only recently, I was thinking, “Oh, can I do that without anybody having to come to my place?” You know what I’m saying? (Yes.) Because normally before, always have somebody to come and prepare a camera and lighting. Of course, it’s not as good as if your professional brother came and set up the lighting and all that. Make me look more beautiful and more bright. But never mind, it doesn’t matter. I think your brothers and sisters outside there in the world, they’d be happy just to see me. And they always told me that “Oh, on the computer, the image will look very ugly, Master, we cannot do that.” So, a long time I didn’t know this could happen. (Yes, Master.)

So now I’m glad I can do it, I can speak live to people. (Yes, Master.) Without anybody having to come to my area, to my place and doing anything. I like it better, I like it this way very much. Because whatever I do, I can be alone and independent. (Yes, Master.) Even though it’s not as high-tech, it’s not as good-looking as if it’s done professionally, but you can see me on TV, right? (Yes, Master.) (Very good.) (And You look good.) Really? (Yes, Master. Very beautiful.) (You do, You look very good.) (It’s true.) It’s the (vegan) cake talk, right? It’s the (vegan) cakes and the coffee and the cocoa powder talk. (It’s true, Master.) I just sent you some (vegan) cakes and now you talk so sweet. On New Year’s, I’ll probably send something else, OK? (Aw. Thank You, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Don’t expect too much.

That’s all I can do for Christmas. OK? (Yes. Thank You, Master.) I cannot go out, you know, right? I’m still in retreat. (Yes, Master.) But I keep moving in different places sometimes, but I cannot go out directly, talking to people. (Yes, Master.) I have to move around sometimes, therefore, it was very good that I was able to talk live. Not always possible. (Yes, Master.) It depends on whether or not we have internet or Wi-Fi, or whatever necessary, and also the high-tech brother. (Yes, Master.) Even he doesn’t come to my place, but we have to be somehow connected so that he can help to send the image out into the world. (Yes, Master.) So I was very happy that I could have done that. And I’m happier still to spend time more with you, we get on better.

Good. What I mean is, that’s all you have for Christmas. (Thank You, Master.) (Vegan) cakes. It’s good. (Yes, Master.) It’s the thought that counts, no? (Yes, Master. Yes.) (We really appreciate it, thank You, Master.) Were they good, the (vegan) cakes? (It tasted good too, Master.) (Yes, Master.) The mince pies, not too sweet? (No, Master.) (No, it’s just right.)

I also called the other group of sisters and brothers and wished them all a good Christmas, well, Happy Christmas and all that, and I also sent them the same thing. (Aw.) Anyway, it was very difficult, I called them and they probably were busy eating cakes or something, nobody answered me. I keep rotating, nobody answered. I go back again, finally somebody does. Probably between the chewing they can hear me now. And then I just wished them Merry Christmas and I said to them, it would be nice if…

I would like all of us to be together. You know what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) But the price is like that, we cannot. The price, the contract. (Yes.) Maybe we can change it in the future, it depends on how much worth and merit you accumulated as well, not just mine. OK? (Yes, Master.) Who knows, if you keep working on Supreme Master TV and you will have more merit, more worth, and maybe things will change. OK? (Yes, Master.) You’ll be more mature spiritually, and more worthy in the eyes of Heavens, then maybe things will change. (Yes, Master.) I spent my worth and my merit on other things already, so you just have to take care and earn it yourself. (Yes, Master.) This is very good already that we can talk to each other. Right? (Yes, Master.) Yes, I’m happy.

And, actually I was trying to get you guys some presents. And then I asked them, “OK, what shall I buy? I never buy anything. And long time I don’t go shopping, I forgot, what should I buy for people, for Christmas, for you guys. And somebody said, maybe like a warm… what you call this? Shawl? (Shawl, yes.) (Scarf.) A scarf for winter and then hat, and all that. I said, “OK, then we can buy that.” And then the other said, “No, no, they all have it already, Master. They order everything themselves.” And I said, “OK, how about chocolate? Each one, one box.” They said, “We don’t have those boxes. And right now we are short because they sold it all. And then also, they already ordered for themselves.” I mean you. They mean you ordered already for yourselves, chocolates. So I said, “What can I buy them then?” They said, “Oh, never mind, Master, they have everything they need.” Is that true, right? (Yes, Master.) So I can only send you mince pies for Christmas, and chocolate cakes and fruit cakes and like that. Are they good? (Yes, Master.) (Very good, very good.) And you are happy with them, happy with it? (Yes, very happy.) (Yes, Master.) (Thank You.)

Good enough, right? We are still much better off than millions of people. (Yes, Master.) Many people don’t even have a house, not even a roof on their heads and don’t have anything. Many people are starving, you know? That’s why I don’t want to celebrate Christmas. And you ask me how I spend Christmas, I don’t do it. Normally, if I am with people, like with disciples, normally we have retreat, then of course I spend time with all of you. But if not, I’m alone. I don’t ever celebrate Christmas or my birthday, nothing. Because I cannot forget how people and animals suffer in this world. You understand what I mean?

Not one minute, not one second, I can forget. If I’m among people and their happy mood and their expectation is for me to celebrate with them, be joyful with them, then I will just forget for that, then I can do it. OK? But if I am alone, I don’t have any mood to celebrate anything. Truly. I just treat myself decently so that I’m still strong and healthy to work. That’s all. I have no mood to celebrate. So now you can keep waiting until another week. See what you get. OK? (Thank You, Master.) Some symbolic stuff. All right? (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You.) You’re welcome. Any other questions?


(Yes, Master, as the year 2020 is coming to an end, what would Master wish for the new year?) For whom? For yourselves? (For the world.) For the world? Oh, I wish the world vegan. World peace and world enlightenment. That’s all I wish. Every day I keep repeating that to Heavens, make sure They hear me. To help us. (Yes, Master.) Because without World Vegan, there will not be lasting World Peace. That’s why I ask people to pray and meditate only for World Vegan. (Yes.) And World Peace also comes along. The more World Vegan now, the more World Peace. (Yes, Master.) But it should be more lasting. (Yes, Master.) Well, it’s much better now, but still, it’s not as ideal as I want it.

People are more vegan now. They have more time now during COVID-19. They will sit together or they sit alone, with their family, close family, or alone and with one or two, and then they have more time to reflect. And we see the vegan trend is getting more prominent now. (Yes, Master.) I wish it will affect the whole world, and then soon we will have no more suffering animals on our planet, or suffering people from war and famine and all that. (Yes, Master.)

I would advise all the leaders to save all the money unnecessary, for war, and for other things that are frivolous spending to keep their money and just give money to the poor. Give them something to start their lives with business, with education, or with farming, with changing their lives about from meat business to organic vegan business. (Yes, Master.) It’s very easy. And then they would take care of themselves. And the more people are vegan, the less government leaders should worry, because they will not be so violent if they have enough work for them to do, to earn their money, to take care of themselves; they would never make any trouble for governments. There will be less suffering, then also less sickness and less criminals in the world. (Yes, Master.) Then it’s good for everybody. (Yes, Master.)

That’s what I wish: World Vegan, World Peace, in the name of God. In God’s mercy, may it become soon. Amen. (Amen.) That’s your answer. (Thank You, Master.) I wish what you wish. Right? (Yes, Master.) It’s the same as what you wish. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.)

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