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The Hardworking and Benevolent Prince (Part 1 of 3) Oct. 23-25, 1994

Lecture Language:Chinese(中文)
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The Prince there and the Prime Minister of Cambodia invited me to go with them to visit a beautiful village. By the way, I gave some clothes to the poor children there and I also gave them US$20,000 to buy some fertilizer. The Prince and Princess are very good. They both love their people very much. They invited me over there so that they could thank me, because we recently helped Cambodia with more than US$60,000. The Prince and the Princess are very, very humble. They never asked us to do anything for them but for their people only. Cambodian people elected them to the office. He is the first Prime Minister. Every day, whenever he has time, he goes to see the poor. The Princess would buy some fabrics or something to give to the refugees and the poor. Wherever she went, people loved them. That is what I saw. I heard that he did not often receive guests like this. He received us because it was our organization. He went to many places with our organization. He said our organization contributed without any conditions. We asked for nothing. They treated our group and me with much sincerity and respect, not just casually. Let me tell you some history. They worship this queen who lived 2,000 years ago. This queen practiced spiritually with diligence and she attained Buddhahood. When she attained Buddhahood, she said that she would return to this country 2,000 years later. And they suspected that she was me. I heard it from an initiate. But it is strange. When I went to Cambodia, my heart beat fast and wrenched and I felt that I had known this country before. I felt like coming home. I love the people very much. They are very kind. I feel this country is very familiar. I feel that I can live in this country forever.
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