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Eating Fruit and Vegetables for Optimum Health, Part 1 of 2, Aug 23, 2018

Lecture Language:Cantonese Chinese(廣東話),English
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Hey, you guys should not eat too many sweets, OK? (Yes.) Eat fruit instead. Eat sometimes OK, but… a bite or two maybe OK, now and then. But it’s sweet, you know already that they destroy vitamins in your body, yeah? (Yes.) And also, no good for the brain.

So, take care that you eat what’s good for the body, and the mind also. Sweets and sugar, as you know very well, we have shown on our TV, they are not very conducive to our being, even though it gives us a rush sometimes, of excitement or just pleasing the palate for a few minutes. But it’s not a very conducive substance for the wellness of our physical functioning. In the beginning, it might be difficult, because these foods, they make you addicted, but you reduce them, reduce, until finally, when you don’t have it, then you just eat fruit and you forget about it, you forget about the craving. And if you eat well, then you don’t have that craving for food that much. You have to eat good food, and eat until you’re full, you’re satisfied, then you don’t crave for sweets.

And this right now is very necessary. This TV right now, is very necessary to keep the world afloat. It’s not just a TV, it is the love, the loving energy that is carried with it, but even then, we have to put it in order. We have to put it in a way that people understand, and that people can assimilate and digest. We have to put it in perfect order, so, people can accept it. We have to represent truth, beauty and virtue. These three have to combine in our shows, every show, so that people will assimilate it easily, and digest it, and make it into real quality, and incorporate it into their lives. Understand me? It’s not just the news, it’s not just all the other preparations, color, scenery, but the hosts are important as well. She should be the carrier of positive energy that is imparted to her, before she is shown into the world. She’s not only her; she carries the loving positive energy that I want to impart to her, before she goes on air. So, she has to combine all of this as well. Beauty not just only on the inside, it has to be outside too. Especially on TV.

You have to be careful. These things are to be taken in humility and gratefulness to God’s grace, to Heaven’s blessings, not to yourself. Got that? (Yes, Master.) Because your brains are limited, your mind is troublesome. Only through God’s grace, Heaven’s blessing, that you could be able to do the work well, without hindrance, or with little obstacles.

Nothing we do. Gods do, the Godses do, Heavens do, always, OK? Otherwise, if your ego is inflated, you will be in trouble, any time. And we cannot serve others if our ego is too high, because we will think in a different way. The ego makes us think in a very negative way, in a destructive way or at least obstructive way. It’s not smoothly flowing, and then we will make mistakes. Maybe small mistakes, OK, but big mistakes are troublesome. Not to ourselves only but to the world, to the people that we mean to serve well. Capisci?
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