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Between Master and Disciples

Ways to Gain Spiritual Merit, Part 1 of 4 Feb. 26, 2005

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The spiritual level opens up all the channels. Cleans all the clogs off inside your arteries or even physical veins, so it makes the blood even flow better and the information go better - everything is clearer. The higher you go, the clearer the channel, so you get more information, more correct instruction from the brain even.

So, your food is good? (Yes.) I am going to taste it. You bring some and put in my trailer to see if that food is really good. (Yes, Master.) Because if they cook for me like that, I’m really worried about you. Maybe your food’s OK, because no ego. This one’s specially cooked for Master; that’s the problem. Thinking only about a million points, don’t think of the food. Get nothing! Just bring bad karma because it’s cooked bad. Maybe your food is OK, but I just want to make sure, you know? When you cook something lousy, people eat it and they know, know your level. Don’t even have to be a very highly spiritual person.

If you do something without good result, the one who knows, that knows that your level is very low. Because the higher the level, the higher IQ. So among us, we have geniuses’ IQ. Because like, 150 or something, 140, is a genius IQ. We have lots of them!

But the appearance sometimes cheats. Some people look stupid, but they are not. Some people look smart, they are not.

One time we were talking about IQ. The other day, I was in a restaurant and we were talking about... I don’t often go to restaurant, just there to rescue these two people. Anyway, we were talking about IQ because I had some people who were with me, and one guy looked real stupid! Have you ever watched the films of Charlie Chaplin of the earlier days? He looks like that! He walks with the feet kicking around, and... like that. He looks really stupid! And he doesn’t speak very good English. And the other guy, Aulacese (Vietnamese), and born in America, and real American, you know? So he always kind of looked down upon the other guy. But the other guy is more smart! Smarter. So, I went to the restaurant there, and talked, talked, and then we were talking about IQ. And the guy, he said, “Oh, that guy looks real smart; this guy looks not.” I said, “Appearance always deceives.” Because I have the two guys there: one is about 145, and the other is only 140. But the 145 looks more stupid, and the 140 looks more smart. I’m just saying, just talking, conversation, nonsense. And then the other guy said, “What? 145!” I said, “Another, 150.” That’s what I said. “That’s a genius! That’s the IQ of a genius!” Because our group are all geniuses, that’s what I think. It’s true like that. I’m not telling a lie. I’m not even exaggerating. He said, “Really? Really like that?” I said, “Yeah! It’s like that.” Because the more spiritually elevated you are, the higher IQ you get. It goes with it. It goes with it.

So, if ever you wondered why Einstein’s so smart? He was a vegetarian, and why? He must have practiced something, otherwise, why is such a guy being vegetarian? For what? At that time even, when nobody knows even what vegetarian is!

I remember long time ago, about maybe 30 years ago or something, when I went to... At that time, I didn’t have a Master or a method or anything yet. I was all forever searching. So everybody said, “Go bow to the Buddha and you will be enlightened.” So I went to bow to Buddha. And in Germany, not enough Buddhas, so I went to Thailand where there are a lot of Buddhas. From one temple to another, bowing to different Buddhas to get more enlightened, you know? I was thinking like that.

At that time, I would go to any restaurant, and nothing said vegetarian in there. Anyway, they didn’t even know what it is! So anyway, nobody... That’s your Buddha. Where is it? Yeah, yeah, yeah... That’s your Buddha that you want to linger with. I am telling the truth or not? Tell me! Huh? (Yes!) Yes, good. So, when I said I’m Buddhist... At that time I was Buddhist, and I went to anywhere, and I said: “I am Buddhist. I need a vegetarian meal.” And I thought because there is full of Buddhas everywhere, and living Buddhas running all over the place, and statues of Buddha are everywhere - golden temple, golden Buddhas, you know, the whole country is Buddhist, so I thought they would understand. So naive I was! Can you believe it? And so I went anywhere and asked for... I said, “I am Buddhist,” proud of it, you know: “Here comes your comrade! Give me some meal, Buddhist, no?” And they just gave me all kinds of chicken and pork and all that. I said, “No, no, no, no! I am real Buddhist! I don’t eat this! I don’t eat this! No meat. I don’t eat meat!” OK, they went, and took the bowl inside, took the meat out, gave me back: “No meat!” But they left the fat swimming on top of it! And I said, “What is this?” “It is not meat, it’s fat! Pork fat! Good for you!” So I said, “No! No! I don’t eat pork! Please, no!” Whatever English they could speak, they said, “Pork’s good for you!” “No, no! I don’t eat pork.” Fine, they went inside, brought chicken outside, chicken legs. “No! I don’t eat that! What’s that?” Oh, so I could not argue, broken English all over.

So, I had to go somewhere else, somewhere else. And I just ate whatever, like (vegan) toast and (vegan) butter, or didn’t even have (vegan) butter, so just ate (vegan) toast. Language problem also. Anyway, and then one day, it happened I went into a good hotel and I explained that I am vegetarian (vegan), I don’t eat meat, I don’t eat the chicken, I don’t eat the pork. I list the whole! Otherwise, if you say you don’t eat chicken alone, they bring the pork. If you say you don’t eat pork, they bring the beef, or whatever. So I said, “I don’t eat this: Beef, no! Chicken, no! Pork, no! Big fish, no! Small fish, no! Crab, no!” But they said, “Crab?” “No, no, no! No crab either, no!” And small... what is that? They said, “Shrimp?” “No shrimp! No, no, no!” I had to write it. Whatever they added, I had to write it on my list again. “No, that’s not also. Not! Not!” So finally, “OK, OK, I understand.” And then he came out and just took some cabbage and put it in the oil - no, not even oil, just water, because worried the oil I might not eat. Then brought it to me: White rice, white cabbage, white salt. “There you are! Voila! Happy? We take care of our customers! Come back again!”

So even in those times. It’s not long ago even, not long before I gave initiation. They don’t know what vegetarian is. Why we talk about that? I went too far! (IQ.) IQ! (... in relation to vegetarianism.) Yeah, I know that, but... (Einstein!) Einstein! OK, OK, OK. OK, good, Einstein!

Because even just not long ago, they still don’t know vegetarian, what for? So, Einstein’s time must be more remote, so, the only reason he eats vegetarian, it must have been that he was in touch with some yogis, practiced some spiritual meditation, and therefore, his IQ came up. Because at that time, such things are very remote. Nobody knows what yoga is, nobody meditates, nobody’s vegetarian. So, he’s one of the very few! Of course, his IQ is high.

If I throw you back in that era now, you are all Einsteins! Yeah, because you’ll be too smart, for that time. And you’re still smart now, for this time. It’s just you are not smart enough for me, that’s the only problem. Of course here, you are not smart. But outside, people worship you. Not worship, but respect you, and know that you are special. And they know that you are good, good, and smart. Right? I’m not right? (Yes!) Outside people respect you, right? (Yes!) I mean, one or two rotten is different, because you’re enemies from the last life. But most people, they really respect and love you wherever you go. Is that not so? (Yes!) See?

I told you, you are all Einsteins. You know, big Einstein, small Einstein, mini Einstein. Because, your IQ has gone up, together with your spiritual practice. The spiritual level opens up all the channels. Cleans all the clogs off inside your arteries or even physical veins, so it makes the blood even flow better and the information go better - everything is clearer. The higher you go, the clearer the channel, so you get more information, more correct instruction from the brain even. Otherwise, mostly the brain, even also smart, tells you what to do, but your hand’s clumsy. The clog over here, so only a little bit of info seeps through, and so you do only half good.

The spiritual blockage also influences physical clearance. Yeah, therefore, if people don’t practice spiritually, they become less intelligent. Even if they were intelligent when they were younger, they grow up - if they ruin themselves with meat, alcohol or whatever, or all this damaging environment, then they become less smart.

So, it’s not like we practice spiritually just to go to Heaven. On this planet, we already can make use of it. We can help others, because we’re smarter. We become leaders, you know? And then anybody doesn’t know what to do, we come along and say, “Ah, that’s easy, that thing!” Yeah, yeah, yeah! And then in two minutes or something, you’ve offered the solution already. And they were thinking, “Oh, God! How? You look so young! Why are you so smart?” Does it happen to you? (Yes!) Yes, I know that. Yeah, more or less. If you have the situation, then you know you are smart. Because, mostly you don’t know it also. You practice and you grow slowly, and because you were stupid before, you still think you might be still stupid. You don’t think! But when the situation comes to test, ah, then you know, “Hey, I have grown up a little IQ!” It’s OK if you are not tested. But the more you are tested in different situations, the more you realize that you are really smart now.

Yeah, you are really smart! Not like crafty smart, but truly intelligent. And then you feel proud; you know that spiritual practice really works. Even your family members, your coworkers, they wonder. They say, “What happened to her?” “What happened to you?” “Something’s changed! What did you do?” You know? Something like that, no? (Yes!) Yes, yes. But if you are not in such an environment where you can test, or where people can see you or feel your differences, because they have been with you before, then they know the difference. But if you work alone or you are alone, then of course, nobody knows or notices, and then you also don’t think about it. But if you happen to rub shoulders with other people, then you know you are really different. Because, they also know you are different! They don’t know how, why, but they do know your difference, that you have grown something, that you have something now that they don’t understand and they don’t have. So, even though you are small potatoes here, but I know you are something outside. Don’t think I don’t know that!

I do respect that, I do respect your accomplishment. But I don’t want you to stop there! You come here - every time I push you, I kick you, I pull you, I rub you, I pull you, I rub you, it makes you better. And then when you go back home next time: Ah, different! Do not think small of yourself, even if I reprimand you. It’s just a process that you are going through. You are allowed to make mistakes, of course! You are disciples! Otherwise, you would have been a Master, no? OK. We allow that.

And whoever, the one yesterday, wanted to tell the parents about her practice: Yeah, you can tell them, you say, “I learn some meditation, and I eat vegetarian (vegan) because I don’t feel like eating meat anymore.” That’s it! It’s nothing, no problem. And you say you have a teacher, so what? No big deal, you know? Yeah, a meditation teacher. (Well Master, I feel Your help all the time, so anyway, even if I die with my secret, it’s OK.) You want to keep the secret, you mean? (It’s OK. It’s OK.) You don’t want to tell them? (I don’t mind either, anyway.)

Whatever... whatever you feel comfortable. Just because you said you feel uncomfortable with the secret. (Yes.) But it is uncomfortable! Anyway, it is a pressure to keep a secret. I know! To live a life that somebody else doesn’t know. I know that, I know what it is like. I truly know. Because everywhere I go, I have to let people think that I am just a normal person, going on holiday, things like that, you know? That’s what they presume. But they still smell that there’s something, something: “You are not just that; something you don’t tell...” So anyway, it feels a little burden sometimes, because I cannot invite anybody to my house. And even if I invite anybody, I take all the pictures and all the magazines, whatever I am working on - all in the closet, locked! It’s like a normal person, with Romeo-Juliet statues, videotapes, you know, TV is on, dogs barking... I buy all those paintings outside, and then I just put them on the wall. So I just buy any picture, painting, or normal good furniture, you know, so everybody comes, and then I just... if, suppose, I have to invite somebody for some reason. Rarely, just once or twice, and never again. Something like that, you know?

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