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Between Master and Disciples

Ways to Gain Spiritual Merit, Part 3 of 4 Feb. 26, 2005

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You gain more points all the time if you know how. Even if you don’t meditate well, there are many ways to gain spiritual merit. You read Master’s books, even picture, oh, a lot of merit, OK?

I haven’t even come the whole way down to the Himalayas’ foot yet. I was in the middle way yet. And I was wearing just white clothes, like any of Indian Punjabs. That’s normal. And my long hair, just hair like everybody else. And already, people looked at me and then went home and calculated the astrology, and said, “Oh! She is a Buddha!” And then everybody else - they went to tell everybody, and then they all came, and then I was already in the middle of something there, you know?

Fine, then I left, I went to Taiwan (Formosa), sat in the middle of the small house, they house the ash of the dead people. And I sat in the cemetery, you know, ash cemetery. And still people came knocking at the door in the middle of the night, and raining and all things - thunder and storm, everything. And then said he had a dream, Quan Yin Bodhisattva told him to go there. OK, fine! OK, I went somewhere else.

I went to America, where nobody even cared. And I stayed in the ghetto area, where nobody even cared. And I just cleaned the temple, and also somebody came and knocked at the door again. Their Inner Master told them to come here at what time, to see Master Ching! And how did they even know my name? They forgot “Ching Hai”, but they said, “Master Ching.” They remembered “Master Ching.” And got to give them initiation. Yeah, it is something, you know, always, so might as well, OK, give up.

Otherwise, my intention on the planet this time is not to go out and preach and give initiation. I don’t need to do that, understand? I could sit in a cave somewhere and then help. Just like now, you are not the only ones that being liberated and helped. All, the whole world out there! So, 99.7% you met are Saints. So, it cannot be anything better than that. I don’t need to go and talk to people. But I don’t know, somehow it happened, so it’s fine, it’s fine. It’s OK. It caused a lot of problems, but it’s all right.

From now on, you know already, you know you don’t need to even see me much in order to get help. So you don’t need to see me, right? It’s OK, right? Today, you can just go home and meditate, that’s good enough. OK? Yeah? What is...I hear something... protesting over there or something? I don’t hear the enthusiastic “yes!” (We still miss You.) Is it yes or no? (No!) Why? (We like to see You, Master.) Oh, God! That’s the problem with pets, you see. Yeah, that’s the problem with pets. Yeah, that’s the problem with pets. I know that.

You see, because sometimes I go out, and sometimes... Long ago, you know, when sometimes I go, and if I see some dog pounds where they keep stray dogs, and I come in and give some donation. Or maybe pat some heads, and it’s OK, then I go. And they also benefit. Because I give money to build houses for them. Then, it’s OK. They benefit in any way. But if I take them home like my dogs, then, oh, they ask for more every day! Petting, you know, patting head, (vegan) cheese, vegetarian bone, and give (vegan) food from the table. Personal attention, and sleep on my bed, etc., etc.

Because they are my pets, that’s the problem. If they are just like any other dogs, I help anyway, but I don’t have to take care. And you are the dogs! You are the pets, you know? Spoiled... spoiled pets. I think that’s what it is. Similar like the dogs, not like you are the dogs, but you are similar to my dogs. Yeah, if they don’t know me, if they just stay in the center, I also help them. And somebody else takes them out and loves them, but they benefit meanwhile.

But because I adopt some of them and now they make me responsible. If I don’t see them long time, they become like this. Lose hair, and listless, don’t talk, don’t bark. If a little short time, OK, but long time, especially the girl who loves to sleep on my bed, she loses hair, she loses weight, she doesn’t eat, and becomes terrible if I leave... if I stay too long. See that? See the problem of adopting pets?

That’s why before, I didn’t have dogs because I know my lifestyle is so difficult to have dogs. I love them indirectly, I go to centers and give donation, wherever I see and wherever I can. But now because I adopt some of them, then it’s different, they become like mine. Then I have to take care a lot. Because, even though a lot of other people take care, but they know I am the one. They are not happy to be with just attendants or the same one who feeds him every day. They are not happy with it. They have to see “Momma.”

OK, we meditate. Can we meditate like this? No chance, huh? Yeah? (Yes!) How? (With You.) I know, but how do you sit like that? Are you OK? (Yes.) Doesn’t matter? OK, well, let’s try. If you don’t like, you go out, OK? If you don’t like, you go to the trailer to meditate, all right?

Whatever bothers you and you can change it, change it! All right? If the wife bugs you, sell the wife! If the husband troubles you, sell him! Threaten him, that...give him to residency! We have problems, everybody has problems, but don’t sink into it. It’s just one of the hurdles that we have to go through. If we can go through, then go through. If you cannot go through, fly through it, or go the other way round. Don’t just standing there and make it such a big deal. Anything concerning physical problem is no big deal. Anything concerning us is no big deal.

You don’t have enough money anymore to pay for the house, sell it. Buy a mobile home, buy a trailer, or live in a trailer park, whatever. Who cares? All right? Just temporary, temporary! Don’t make a big deal about a problem, and then come and ask me about that, even. Bring all that house and everything, carry the whole house here - heavy, heavy, you know? If the job is not good for you, you take another job. Go out, sell tofu, whatever. As long as you have enough money to live, who cares? Even many Masters, they are not rich, you know? They are not rich and famous, not all of them. So, we are not even Master! And Jesus suffered, you know? Jesus also had problems, probably when He was a carpenter, His mother and His father didn’t make enough money even, who knows. But He didn’t bother anybody about that. Now, meditate.

You gain more points all the time if you know how. Even if you don’t meditate well, there are many ways to gain spiritual merit. You read Master’s books, even picture, oh, a lot of merit, OK? Even picture, read magazine, read books, watch TV, just like seeing me, understand? Millions of points! Every time, all the time, if you do it 24 hours, anytime you can, you’ll be in the Fifth Level in no time! You just don’t utilize it.

If you don’t have money, just ask the center, say, I permitted you to ask, free, anything you need. Video, anything that you need, you don’t have money, you say: “Master tells me that. I ask from you free, because I need it.” OK? You don’t have to watch all different videos, even just one video watch again, again and again, don’t care. You gain a lot of spiritual energy, merit. You don’t know it, that’s why, you’re just too busy working, working, and you did not earn all this time.

Anything I make you do or tell you to do, it’s just to help you to go up quickly. Anything to do with me, be it a picture, to look at it, the magazines, the books, the video. Oh! All day long, you do anything with things to do with me, and you’re just gaining, gaining, and you grow up very quickly. Understand now? (Yes!) And you serve your brothers, sisters. You gain points from each other. You are each other’s treasure as well. Be nice to each other, serve each other. And, always Master in the heart, in the face, in the eyes, everywhere. Everywhere you carry my picture, you have points. You put magazine around, even you don’t read, you put the cassette, you don’t even listen, it doesn’t matter! All this will help you quick, quick, understand? Use it!

I am telling you now, honestly. You don’t have to buy new. You don’t have to buy anything new. If you have, whatever you have already, enough. Just use them! Use them all the time, 24 hours! Sleep with it, awake with it, eat with it, drink with it, drive with it, OK? Don’t have to buy anything new, it’s not that. And if you don’t have anything at all, you can even borrow from sisters. It’s fine, as long as you have me around. Anything to do with me. Watch video, the same video again and again, doesn’t matter. Don’t have to buy! And if you really don’t have it, just call and say, “Really, Master said that.” But you really have the right to demand free lecture.

What I mean is, I should not tell you this because everything you do should be spontaneous. But because you’re so slow, I really took pity on you, so I tell you that. Everything to do with the Master, yeah, directly! Especially videos. If you don’t have it, go to the sisters’ house to watch. Or buy a small computer or video or hand-pocket video, whatever, CD whatever, watch it. Anytime you can. And magazine, everything. Video is more than magazine. And picture... even to look at the picture, the person who dies and looked at the picture, gone to the Third Level immediately! Just look at the picture before he dies, that’s it!

And anything to do with Master, just dip in all day long, anytime you can, except when you are working and driving, of course, but hang a picture there, whatever you do. OK? Just make use of it. I really feel sorry for you, so I tell you. Otherwise, if I really want to sell, I would have told long time ago, or told everybody, not just this small group of people. In case you think that I really want to sell anything. It’s not that. Anything you do, anything you can, to do with Master, you will be speedy. Goodbye.

Oh, because you don’t need to watch TV, you know that? Can you hear me back there? (Yes!) You really don’t need to watch TV, just watch people is enough. Sometimes you see a couple, like you go to a coffee shop or something, and you see a couple sitting there, holding hands. And you look at them and you wonder what they see in each other. Or when you go into the zoo - some people go into the zoo, but they look into each other’s eyes, sit there in front of the tiger’s cage and look into each other’s eyes. And you wonder why wouldn’t they prefer to look at the tiger. I am not making a lecture or talk anything, it just suddenly comes to my mind.

And all this is karma only, karma only. It binds together, and then they take it so seriously, blaming each other: “You don’t love me anymore. Why?” “I love you so much, and why you don’t love me?” “And why you did this, why you did that?” And then blaming each other and nagging each other, and all kinds of things. So seriously, huh? And it’s just karma. They don’t even know that the last life she was a lion or she was a tiger or whatever, eating him up, and now that’s why he came back here and get eaten again in different way. Maybe before she was eating his flesh, now she’s eating his wallet. And all the while he loves her, things like that.

So funny life is. It’s all the creation of Maya. He makes you feel that way, makes you think that way. And all the while, you think you are the one who is in charge of your life. Make you think that you are in charge of your life, make you think that you love this person and you hate that person. It’s all like puppets in his hands. If we don’t practice spiritual liberation, we’re just forever being slaves, just like puppets, and all the while, feeling proud of it. Like, I have a good girlfriend, I have a nice boyfriend, all this stuff. Or I have a good mother or a bad daughter. Whatever, it is all the same.

What a big magician this guy is! He is also feeling the creator in him. Very small, tiny, weensy, little spot of creator in him, and he still wants to expand. And he cannot expand, and he goes seduce people into his kingdom. Yes! Yes! That’s what he does! You know, and then once you create karma, then it continues, you don’t have to do much anymore. He just has to set up the beginning. And then you owe each other, and then you come back again, and then you owe more, and then etc., just like a circle. A circle and back and forth all the time, it never ends.

Like, normally, no problem! He goes and talks into one person’s ears and tells him to kill the other person. And if that person listens and kills the other person, that’s it, the circle begins, and it will never end. Or if he goes down and eats some meat here, then he begins to count. He begins to count that you eat this, you eat that. And one thing leads to another, and it never ends.

What were you laughing at? I was laughing, and then you were laughing, why? Just laugh together, huh? (Yes!) That’s cool. If I am a football player, you would be good cheerleaders, cheerleading group. OK, that’s it! Thanks for laughing with me. The laughing is infectious, eh? (Yes.) Same with crying, anything else. So make sure the environment is happy. Because when you’re happy, people around you have also a chance. There is a chance that they will also be affected by your happiness and feel also elated. Positive atmosphere influences people, same with negative. So, choose what you do.

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