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Meditating More Is to Help Yourself and the World, November 21, 2020

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Our Most Compassionate Supreme Master Ching Hai, taking precious time from Her intensive meditation retreat for the world, graciously spoke via phone conference with our Association members at the New Land Ashram in Taiwan, also known as Formosa, on Saturday, November 21, 2020. Master lovingly encouraged more meditation and continued vigilance to help protect ourselves and others from the COVID-19 pandemic.

I just want to say a few words to reassure you, because it's been a long time. (Yes.) (Thank You, Master.) Things are a little tense right now. Does everyone sit at the right distance? (Yes.) When you sit, keep the right distance. Just like how the government requires. OK? (OK.) Just to be safe. Because at this point, the virus hasn't gone yet; it is still there. You have to be mindful for any change.

When you go out, you still have to wear masks and face shields, etc. And bring hand sanitizers with you. If no hand sanitizer is available to you, you can also use vinegar. OK? (OK.) But be generous about washing your hands. After touching things outside, like doors or things in the market, you all have to cleanse or wash your hands immediately. Are you doing it? (Yes.)

I heard that even though someone did not show any symptoms, she could still be infectious for up to 70 days. Over two months of being infectious. That person was not ill and had no symptoms, but she was carrying the virus. It’s scary. Understand? (Understand.) Other diseases are not like this. The heavy karma of our world has made the disease become more life threatening.

These viruses have souls. They belong to the animals that were brutally slaughtered before. So, they are allowed to return to settle the karmic retribution. Understand? (Understand.) So, this is a very serious situation, which is very difficult to contain.

So, you must protect each other. OK? (OK.) You have to protect yourselves. Don’t think that your spiritual practice is good enough. You never know how much merit you have or how good your spiritual practice is. Also, the collective karma of the country, and the collective karma of many generations of the family. So, do whatever we can to protect ourselves. Don’t wait until you fall ill, and then it’d be very troublesome. OK? (OK.) This disease does not always disappear after it is cured. After recovering, many people fall ill again. The side effects of this disease could be very serious. Even the brain or heart could be damaged. There are also other strange side effects. So, I am telling you very seriously to protect yourselves. OK? (OK.) This is all I can advise you. Also, meditate more for everyone and for yourselves. Otherwise, it could be worse. Understand? (Understand.)

Even though your country is OK, you still have to be vigilant. OK? (OK.) Your government has done its best, so we are also obligated to do our best. If you’re sick, you’ll cause troubles to others. You will infect others and then trouble the government, as well as doctors, nurses, and working staff at the hospital. Because if many people get infected, hospital beds won’t be enough. And then, patients of more urgent diseases could be neglected. Do you all understand? (Yes.) This pandemic is horrible. It has souls. It’s good at doing tricks. It isn’t like other common sicknesses. That’s why it’s more difficult to cure. It’s difficult to treat. And it spreads so quickly. Up till now, the number of global cases still keeps increasing. So, citizens in Taiwan (Formosa) are very much blessed. That’s why in the past months, there have not been many new cases. (Thank You, Master, for Your blessing.) (Thank You.)

Don’t take it for granted. Meditating more is to help yourself, your family, your country, and the world. Every Sunday we have worldwide group meditation to pray for World Vegan, World Peace. We can make it into two days. Do you want it? (Yes! OK!) Yes or No? (Yes.) (Thank You, Master.) Good. Then, starting from now on, Thursdays and Sundays. OK? (OK.)

Thank you for taking meditation seriously for the world and for yourself. I am very pleased with you. (OK.) (Thank You, Master.) I’m also taking it seriously. I also meditate and work very hard.

Our deep gratitude, Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, for no matter how incredibly busy You are or what immense pressures You are facing on Your noble mission, You always find time to generously share Your Love and encouragement with the world. We are eternally thankful for all You do for the world! May Master be forever protected by the Mighty Godses and showered with love and support from all Heavenly Beings.

For the full broadcast of this conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date.

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