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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Intensive Meditation is Safeguarding the World, Part 1 of 5, Nov. 29, 2020

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There is only one Tim Qo Tu but maybe manifested in different maybe physical appearance in other planets, but only one Tim Qo Tu. (Yes, Master.) Just like I have three manifested bodies; three extra bodies for helping me to shoulder karma of the planet, of the people, to lessen the gravity of the pandemic, for example.

Hi. (Hallo, Master.) Hi, hi! You got some questions, right? (Yes, Master.) How are you guys doing? (We are good, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Good, good. I just wanted to tell you guys first, before I forget. You know, it’s winter, and it’s better when you wash, always, even a quick wash of hands and face, use warm water. OK? (OK, Master.) (Yes, Master.) Because if you wash and you go out in the cold, then it might be painful. (Yes, Master.) After a while, yeah? So, take care of yourself. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) I know you guys are tough, but… if we have hot water, why not? (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) I also used to wash with cold water and it’s OK, but no need. (Yes, Master.) Also use cream for your hands and face, it’s better in winter, at least. (Yes, Master.) All right. That’s my part. (Thank You, Master.) And now it’s your part because I heard you have some questions, whatever you have written on the blog, right? (Yes, Master.) OK, tell me.

(Master, could You tell us how Master’s meditation has helped the COVID-19 problem?)

Of course it helps. What do you think why I do it? I have written somewhere in a diary, let me read… (Yes, Master.) I have written here somewhere…. for myself. “Must meditate more intensely to support the three extra bodies. Top of da da da.” I don’t want to tell you. OK? “Because these three extra bodies have to shoulder some of the COVID-19 karma for the world.” (Oh. Wow!) Whew! I can’t do it alone. The spiritual power and the physical endurance are different things. (Yes, Master.) Because if I shoulder too much all by myself, then it takes longer. (Understand.) (Yes.) Takes longer means more people will die. (Oh.) And also maybe I cannot withstand it (Oh.) for the long run. (Yes, Master.)

Because I have to do other work. (Yes, Master.) And some work you don’t even know. So I need to stay stable, at least reasonably stable. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, if I don’t meditate, it would be worse. (Yes, Master.) (Understand.) That the whole world would die. Well, almost the whole world would die. (Oh my gosh.) Since you ask, I tell you. Is that good enough? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Any other question?

(Master mentioned that You would elevate all the souls of the slaughtered factory farm animals to the Fourth Level. Why did these souls reincarnate as COVID-19 viruses demanding karmic payment when they can go to a higher level?)

Those already done, then gone, but those (who were) already here before the COVID or even during the COVID, they cannot go yet. (Yes, Master.) It says that I elevate all the souls of the slaughterhouses. They will be elevated from there. (Yes, Master.)

(Master, some European countries are again under lockdown because of a third wave of COVID-19. The disciples can’t have group meditation there. Is there anything they could do to strengthen their meditation? And any other tips Master could share?)

They just have to meditate with their own family members. (Yes, Master.) Whatever is prescribed by the law, we have to abide by that, (Yes, Master.) because we have enough protests everywhere already for any reason at all. (Yes, Master.) Even in France, if you take a photograph, or you film the police, you cannot share it. It’s against the law now and they protest because of that also. They protest because of COVID-19 lockdowns. They protest because of having to wear a mask. They protest because their businesses shutdown. So many are protesting already. We don’t want to cause any more chaos, (Yes, Master.) any more problems for the governments and the police.

Just meditate at home. (Yes, Master.) Mostly we can meditate in the whole world at a similar time or at the same time, as possible. Like same time for Europe, same time for America, same time for Australia, same time for Africa, same time for Asia. Like that. Then we also can derive a similar benefit as if we go to group meditation. (Yes, Master.) That’s the second best. OK? (Thank You, Master). Also to protect your own health and safety and security. (Yes, Master.)

In Taiwan (Formosa), I let them meditate already in the centers, also in the New Land Ashram because the government permits that. (Yes, Master.) Because Taiwan (Formosa) has zero local cases for several months already, two months-plus. (Yes, Master.) So every day zero cases and we have sought the advice of the government whether or not we can do group meditation already. In Taiwan (Formosa), they let all the religious groups or meditating groups, group together and meditate as long as they keep the distance, like one meter and a half inside and one meter outside. It’s very lenient. (Yes, Master.) And also wear a mask. I wrote to the responsible person about that already, about what to do. (Yes, Master.)

I have outlined how the kitchen functions and how their food should be served. You can have that regulation. You can read them or you can also include it on our television so that other disciples can see. OK? (Yes, Master.) I have corresponded several times for different regulations according to the government regulation as well as our own extra precautions. (Yes, Master.)

Like in the kitchen, we do what and sitting has to be how far distance. And when they go out eating together, they should be distanced also etc., etc. (Yes, Master.) And also the buses they are going to take have to be disinfected four hours in advance. (Wow.) (Oh.) And then only the family members can go into the same car to go to the ashram. (Yes, Master.) But also even family members should not sit together and chat… chat… chat because it makes a bad example. (Yes, Master.) Because other initiates, will not know whether or not they are together as family members. So they see, “Oh they can sit together five people, I can also.” (Oh, yes.) So they can go together in one car, but they should not sit together and chatting. (Yes, Master.)

Keep the distance all the time as the government prescribed it. And they wear masks and they wear face shields also. (Yes, Master.) And they wear gloves in the kitchen and also wear gloves when they sit together, and all that; when they touch the lunch box; and touch everything, therefore they have to wear gloves. (Yes, Master.) Is that all your questions? (No, Master.)

(In the past, Master mentioned that You are sometimes lonely because no one understands You. So, do all the other Tim Qo Tu incarnations on other planets feel the same, and do You and Them connect and console each other?)

There is only one Tim Qo Tu but maybe manifested in different maybe physical appearance in other planets, but only one Tim Qo Tu. (Yes, Master.) Just like I have three manifested bodies; three extra bodies for helping me to shoulder karma of the planet, of the people, to lessen the gravity of the pandemic, for example. (Yes, Master.) You can see the pandemic is so grave, but we have many recoveries. (Yes, Master.) Like 40 something million recovery cases. (Yes, Master.) That is incredible. Because even before, like the flu… I saw it on the news that one person, she still suffers 10 years since she got the flu.

And that they found the vaccine so fast. (Yes, Master.) Like a half a year or something. (Yes, Master.) And now the vaccines will be delivered everywhere as much as they can produce, they will be delivered. Maybe some priority first. (Yes.) But people will have them. All people will have them in time.

I have told you before that at the end of this year it will get better. Didn’t I? (You did, Master. Yes.) But I have told you to delete it also. Because I didn’t want to ruin it. Now we can because the time has come already that we can reveal that. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s OK, we can talk about it. But before that I just told you guys, inhouse. But I did not let you go public with it. (Yes, Master.) Because many times I say things in advance and it goes haywire. (Oh. Yes, Master.) Because of the lingering negative force in humans. (Yes, Master.) That will ruin it, it will find a way to make trouble, to delay or to ruin it. All right? Did I answer your question? (Yes, Master.)

(Master we just wanted to share about an artist. His name is Ricardo Colon who said online, “I saw a huge canopy of angels over the White House.” (Yes.) And he immediately went home and began to pray again for the president. He says, “I saw these four huge angels hovering over our President Trump.”) Yes, I know, I told you already.

(Yes, Master. And he also said, “About three or four weeks ago, I kept getting this vision. I’m not into politics, I’m into Jesus. I’m only painting what the Holy Spirit has shown me more than once. Should I provide an interpretation of what we are seeing? I think not. The painting speaks louder than any words I can provide. But I will say the man you see seated on that desk is the man that for such a time as this has been elected to fulfill the mandate of God assigned to him.”)

Sure, that’s what I keep telling you guys. (Yes, Master.) He might not be aware of it, but I’m aware of it. (Yes, Master. And he shared some of those paintings online.) Oh really? (And they show images of President Trump at his desk in the White House surrounded by a Heavenly host of angels and being hugged by Jesus and angelic forms.)

I have sent some more protection. (Oh.) (Wow, Master.) And praying for him every day. As we pray, maybe things will change. OK? (Yes, Master.) The negative energy is still strong in this world because many people are still not completely out of the woods. Not because of the pandemic only, but because of their daily activities and lifestyle. (Yes, Master.)

But physically speaking, I still pray for him (President Trump) and talk to him like that. (Yes, Master.) Just like physically speaking, I have to talk to you like this. (Yes, Master.) Even though maybe your soul understood everything. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) Even though your soul, for example, if one of you guys’ soul is already on the Fifth Level, or higher, I still need to talk to you this way. (Yes, Master.) Not like, OK, you go up there and then you’re all OK, all done already. All done in the soul level, not the mind level. (Yes, Master.) In this world, we still need to work with the mind, so I need to talk to you. (Yes.) (Understand, Master.) To your mind. (Yes, Master.) Like to remind you to keep warm, keep safe, eat well, sleep good. We are not all that lucky.

You saw my cartoon? (Yes, Master) That’s the way I should do, but I am not that lucky. OK? It’s just to make fun of myself. (Yes, Master.) (We enjoyed it very much, Master.) You did? (Yes, yes. Very excellent.) The illustrator, he did a good job. (Yes.) We have to thank them. Thank a good job or good, good, good teamwork. (Yes. Yes.) No problem. I also want to show people there is no big deal. I make fun of myself all the time.

Over the years, I never spare myself. I don’t have any privilege. Doesn’t matter. I don’t care. Just physical things. (Yes, Master.) Inside things are different; I do a different job. In the physical world, we react differently, physically. (Yes, Master.)

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